Kanhoji Angre Lighthouse at Khanderi Island Near Mumbai

“Built by British in 1867 and soon be opened to pubic as another tourism attraction (By Mumbai Port Trust Permissions), Kanhoji Angre Lighthouse on island called ‘Khanderi’, a latest tourist spot was to be opened to public lately in 2013 / 2014 and hope by 2018 after all permissions acquired open and available to explore, is the only sea side coastal lighthouse attraction near South Mumbai. After Elephanta Caves, Yet another reason to explore and enjoy the ferry ride and speedboat inside vast blue sea which covers our city from all 3 sides..”

Lighthouse at Khanderi Island
Lighthouse at Khanderi Island

Island and Lighthouse Attraction Details

Kanhoji Angre is one of the oldest and very less accessed / explored lighthouse near Mumbai . The powerful imported lights originally fitted with imported lamps, mirrors and prism for better reflections once travelled up to 26 km inside sea (25 nautical miles), But as the local Indian filament used the distance the light travel has been reduced to 15 to 16 km only. Every 10 seconds the Red and White flashing lights rages till 22 to 25 nautical miles deep inside the coastal bay of Mumbai. We excited citizens and foreign tourist will be waiting to get all travel options and facilities getting ready for fun and tourism attraction, until permissions from Mumbai port trust comes.

Before starting to explore the main attraction and one you get down at maandwa (Mandava Jetty) you have options to relax at cottages, do some water sports at jetty, have some food and get fresh before you reach the island. The total journey from Gateway to Island will take about 1 hour and 15 to 20 minutes. The entertainment and fun starts here with a speedboat cutting the waves for next 30 minutes. The ride is awesome and one of its experience and you reach the island shore and here is that beautiful and attractive piece of 17 meter long standing lighthouse tower since more than 1 and half century old now. This isolated Khanderi island since the historic story says about the attack and loot by brave Maratha ‘Kanhoji’ on British Ships travelling via that route.

So old now, it has footsteps, muddy path, greenery, water supply and an old fort too. A quick note if planning any visit to this attraction is to carry drinking water and food along as their is no eateries or such facilities once you reach the island. Also the island is closed for tourist and public visits in monsoon, Yet the lighthouse operates always and shows the light of hope with the new solar operated instruments since 2008.

It was in late 1998 when the Khanderi island along with the lighthouse which has a beautiful fort was renamed to Kanhoji Angre’s name as tribute to a warrior admiral of Maratha in Maharashtra. In those days the cost to build the Lighthouse went to 2 Lakh rupees and lately the restoration was done by MPT with a jetty in place costed Rs.15 Crores to land directly on island and to attract local and foreign tourists who are attracted to various lighthouses around world and operates as one of preferred place for tourism.

As of date with special permissions from Mumbai port trust, Only Royal Bombay Yacht Club which is a famous sailing company took a yearly tour to this island which has currently nothing but a old fort surrounding this lighthouse. If one sees the Map of Google attached to this article, it also shows another island exactly between Kanhoji Angre island and Navgaon, This island is called Underi. Possibly and isolated unused place which might be used by local fisherman during sail and fishing here.

How To Reach Kanhoji Angre Khanderi Island

Kanhoji Angre Lighthouse Google Map
Kanhoji Angre Lighthouse Google Map

Best way to reach this island is to start from Gateway of India. First ferry starts at 8:00 Am. Upon reaching Mandwa you need to reach THAL at Navgaon fishing port which takes about 15 to 20 minutes 4.5 kilometre road ride in vehicle. At the coastal you get speedboats that will take you to Lighthouse Island Kanoji Angre in next 30 minutes.

Another nearest way to reach Kanhoji is from Alibaug at 9.5 kilometres. Few beaches and locations around alibaug coastal to explore along with the lighthouse are Awas beach, Kihim Beach, Navgaon (Thal), North Drain (RCF) and Ash Pond (RCF), Varsoli Bandara Beach and Mandava Jetty (Also Called ‘Maandwa’).

Remember, the last ferry from Mandwa jetty is at 7:30. If you miss this the long road route is the only option taking alternate public transports or hiring a vehicle finally. Repeating the note if missed, Island is closed during monsoon (June to September) and have no entry exit timings as all depends on ferry and speedboat availability.

The Khanderi island is very near to Alibaug and is also well connected to South Coastal of Mumbai harbour. Once the lighthouse project gets green signal, All the possibilities of exploring our Arabian sea as per tourist point of view will be opened. Gateway of India will have a ferry to and from Kanhoji, Exactly like the one which runs currently for Alibaug and Elephanta caves. The time taken for boat ride from gateway to lighthouse is about 40 minutes.

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