Saptakunda Waterfall Waghora Near Ajanta Caves

“Another less known yet very beautiful monsoon attraction near Mumbai city at distance of about 450 km, located at Aurangabad is the 7 pond waterfall called Saptakunda (Sapta Means ‘SEVEN’ and Kunda means ‘Pond’), a huge waterfall just behind Ajanta Caves also known as ‘Waghora Waterfall’, which has 7 level of individual circular small ponds via which the water flows before it reaches ‘Waghora River’ beneath. And so this can be called as the not much explored waterfall (Monsoon Picnic Spot), Very near to this UNESCO listed tourist attractions called Ajanta Caves.”

Saptakunda OR Waghora Waterfall
Saptakunda OR Waghora Waterfall

The Pondy Saptakunda Waterfall

As explained, this waterfall is known by both the names ‘Saptakunda’ as well as ‘Waghora’, So better not get confused while travelling or exploring online articles. The very reason this scenic location is still unexplored or unseen or say skipped by major tourist is that it is on other side of Ajanta caves hilly cliff and needs and unusual mountain route to reach. So next time when you visit this historic location near Mumbai, or even if you are first timer, don’t miss to see this place, specially in and few months after Monsoon season to enjoyed the filled view of ponds.

The beauty of this place is the naturally created ponds at every level of this waterfall. During summer, all this ponds are dry and can be seen empty and in rainy days the scenic is an amazing gift from mother nature with hilly green mountains around with rushing water towards the river below. To reach this spot, one need to explore and unusual path and climb the mountain from other way. This point is called ‘Panoramic View Point’ from where Ajanta caves is completely seen. Another beautiful view is this waterfall, so the effort of hiking is worth this view. Get to the nearest location to view the beauty of every pond of this waterfall which finally connects the Waghore river.

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  1. For some reason, i am not able to locate this waterfall on Google maps near Ajanta caves. Can you please help?

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