Blow Whistle For Girls Woman Safety in Mumbai

“Blow Whistle and alert all is the idea behind woman safety in Mumbai. A great idea to save a helpless Woman, Let the girl be alone travelling in crowd or is walking in an isolated location where hardly one can listen when she screams. A unique idea i found on an online video where Mumbai woman can keep a handy Whistle while travelling in city, Particularly in any insecure isolated location, and when needed just blow it. The voice of screaming and crying can sometimes not reach so far as the sound of whistle, So (CITY BAJAO) ..”

Important Update : Its 2018, and as of day no one is Blowing Whistle as the initiative was started for woman / girls safety.

Woman Blowing Whistle
Woman Blowing Whistle

Woman Safety, Just Whistle – City Bajao

I already wrote some information about Woman security in local trains and other travel related. That will be sure helpful, yet if one thinks practically what a woman needs at very time she is assaulted or groped or teased ? Its an emergency help to be reached and call someone around to save herself from the goons and those road romeo’s.

‘CITY BAJAO’, which means just ‘Blow the Whistle’ and make a signal of help, Also make this practice a very common by which the people around understand that some girl or a woman needs emergency help and is on trouble, Some anti-socials are abusing etc. We want this post to reach every single female of our city (And all over India), So please share on FB, Twitter, Pinterest etc. How to make this simple solution workable and people be aware of the ‘signal of help’ ? Simple, START DOING IT and to all my Mumbaikar brothers i request pay close attention to help and LAGAO CHAMAT to those boys who misuse the method.

Without woman / girls actually taking initiative of CITY BAJAO (Whistle), we men will not know if you need help and are feeling insecure in any situation and location, Nither do the Bollywood style ‘Bachao Bachao’ or ‘Bhagwan Ke Liye Mujhe..’ works. So its you ladies who need to spread the word and awareness, Gift some whistles to lady friends and start blowing. If i am able to reach 1 Successful lady who has started doing whistle blow i will feel the effort of writing got worth.

Whistle Demo Video On Shree Fb Amitabhji ID

SHARE / REACH :: If you have already started using whistle during your travel in city, Comment below HOW YOU FEEL, HAVE YOU ACTUALLY USED IT ?. We Mumbaikars are with you.

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