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“KidZania Theme Park is second best gift to Mumbai after a recent opening of Imagica, 10th September 2013 at 4:00 PM, the grand opening of fun, entertainment and edutainment day for kids, toddlers and children of all age as Kidzania, Which is opening its Mumbai’s First Kids theme park at 3rd floor of R-City Mall Ghatkopar. Excited kids and parents are all set to get inside the mall’s indoor theme park at 4 PM to get all the Entertainment, Fun, Socialization option and Education (i.e Edutainment). As of day Shahrukh Khan is 26% shareholder and as posted on FB “Starting today 4 pm. KidZania Mumbai opens. Bookings and related information is on our web site Wish i was there!!”. The ticket cost is relatively very high and suits the upper middle class and elite group of people, Yet lets get more details about same..”

KidZenia Mumbai
KidZenia Mumbai

About KidZania Theme Park

Originally Kidzania is a private Mexican based company already established around world with 11 to 13 centres with same concept and 14th one now in Mumbai. As the name attracts, Kidzania is a complete indoor fun and education theme park with about 80 and more activities full of fun. A child can actually have a feel of becoming like their professional dream hero by wearing the theme clothes of Doctor, Engineer, Nurse, Fire Fighters and lots more. The idea is to make kids smarter by letting them follow their own instinct and interest of working as an Adult being inside the artificially made themes and planned and organized activities. For example, If a kid is fascinated seeing a Pilot on TV or seeing a relative, flying aircraft’s and talking about various work activities related, they get a chance of actually dressing up like a professional pilot and seating inside the park’s toy aircraft cockpit to get all the feeling of the fly. Similarly their are many such themes, Some of them listed below. More over this park also allows celebrating kidz birthday parties, and also specially invites schools for a different way of education and visit. We currently don’t know about any discounts and offers for schools students.

Various Themes and Activities For Kids

According to various interest and professions that currently adults are into, Themes are planned that will help children educate and understand the kind of real feeling with fun. This helps parents know kids interest too along with whole bunch of fun to see them wearing and looking smarty in that get up. List of some of the activities / themes here inside Ghatkopars R-City are Air KidZania, Arts and Crafts Studio, Beebop’s Car Wash, Big Bazaar Super market and many many more similar.

Their is also a section called ‘Kids Corner’ with 3 sub-sections namely ‘Urbano’, ‘Vita’, ‘Bache’, ‘Chika’ and ‘Beebop’. Each of this corners has planned for its own way of developing creativity and personal development for kids. As mentioned by them online it is something like this.

Urbano : Related to Personal Traits, which has ‘Craziest Dream’ activity that helps explore technology and to develop new technologies for betterment of mankind. Similarly their is ‘Inspiration’ detailing famous inventors and Intrepid explorers. ‘Great Challenge’ corner is to convince VITA corner that French Fries is Good for them, and the ‘Proudest Moment’ is a personality and moral boost section with proud about first time kid invented something. With a bonus of personality test this section seems to be really helping development inside child.

Vita : This corner is a section for personality development all related to kids personal traits and interests. Parents get benefited by understanding the likes and dislikes of their children in this corner. Personality test detailed two sections where they can like ‘I AM’ and ‘I AM NOT’ which will be helped list lots of things that are inside the mind of this small wonders of world.

Theme Park Ticket Rates

Ticket prices differs from days to days of week. Holiday prices are same as Weekend, Below are the visiting days and hours details. Also note that ticket rates may vary with time compared to this article date.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Weekdays) : Rates for kids (Age Between 4 to 6 years) is Rs.800. For toddlers of age group 2 to 4 years is Rs.600 and Adults age considered 16 and above costing Rs.600 as well. Free entry for age below 2 years.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Weekend Rates) : Kids (Rs.950), Toddlers (Rs.700) and Adults (Rs.700) and Below age 2 years free.

Timings : 4:00 Pm to 9:00 Pm.

Address and Contact : KidZania, R City Mall, Ghatkopar (West), 3rd Floor, North Wing, LBS Marg, Mumbai – 400086.

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