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“One of the oldest Railway Station, Grant Road has many attractions and speciality markets like Chor Bazar, Lamington Road and lots more. Lets understand and know all such places to see and visit here..”

Grant Road Market
Grant Road Market

South Mumbai’s Western railway route starts at Churchgate station and 3rd station from their is a station, a very old and famous location called ‘Grant Road’ (Pincode 400007). Typically the history of Old Mumbai and its commercials of ‘Then Called Bombay’ is lying between these four adjacent stations, Other 2 being Charni Road and Marine Lines. So what is the speciality of this place and what comes in Mind when this 2 words station name ‘Grant Road’ is called ? Major couple of famous things when it comes tourist attractions point of view, which are Kamathipura (The Famous Red Light Area of Prostitution), Chor Bazaar (The Second Hand Goods / Products Market) which is also called ‘Thieves market’ and the very famous Electronic market hub of Mumbai, ‘Lamington Road’ right ?. Yet for a citizen of south Mumbai who are already in their 80’s and 90’s, Grant road is something different and has lots more memories compared to below detailed here in this article. Lets have an overview of this famous old Bombay’s location and some hotspots places to see around ..

Places to See in Grant Road

As a tourist you might be very keen in knowing what’s so special about this place and what are the places to visit when in an around Grant Road location ? So here i am with my very own personal knowledge and experience along with some memories and experience of my dad who was born in 1950’s in south Mumbai. It will sure give you an overall idea of this places for tourists which they will sure find attractive with some interesting insides. To list, the top 3 recommended places any tourist or any local citizen should explore (Those Curious age of school and college days) who wants to know what our Mumbai is all about.

Chor Bazaar : In Hindi any local citizen will say, ‘Grant road gaya aur Chor Bazaar nahi Dekha toh kya dekha’. Its one of the biggest second hand products flea market of Mumbai. Another speciality is the name ‘Chor’ which means ‘Thieves’ and which brings the fact that many of the good sold here are stolen goods too. We have written all detailed post about this market for your interest.

Laminton Road : City’s biggest electronic good articles market, A digital world one can say where we get all electronics in cheaper rate compared to other retailers and branded showrooms in Mumbai. There are many regular electronic shops adjacent to each other selling major products like computers, laptops and every things an IT industry needs. Any smart citizen will purchase whole sale and retail electronic goods from this place to save a good amount of money, Just that the visit is required. Many corporates in Mumbai has business tie-ups with these shops for its regular requirements, repairs and yearly maintenance commonly known as AMC. Laminton road location is very adjacent (2 minutes walk) to Grant road railway station in East so no need to detail you about how to reach.

Very Old and The Only Gol Deval Temple, Right in middle of Busy Streets of Grant Road, Mumbai.

Kamathipura : Yet the very unlike business of prostitution is here at Falk Lane location called ‘Kamathipura‘ (Also called the famous ‘RED LIGHT AREA’). This lanes of Grant Road are a welcome to AIDS for those sex illiterates who visits here for cheap cost pleasures. No irregular visitor will ever like to walk over this lanes where other regular day to day needs shops are also their, Yet i will tell you a better way to check this area out. Take a private cab / taxi or any bus from grant road station towards Gol Deval temple and ahead, it will pass through this famous prostitution market and you will get to know the reality in a get quick view.

Kamathipura Prostitutes Mumbai
Kamathipura Prostitutes View (Red Light Area of Mumbai) Grant Road

Other Attractions

Others Famous Places and Identities : Some of the other very famous spots, locations and identities of this station are : Old Cinema Theatres in Grant Road East which are Dream Land, Alankar, Moti at Gol Deval, Imperial, Silver Cinema, Super Cinema, Shalimar, Nishat and Royal Cinema. All these were once very famous for showcasing the Bollywood retro movies of 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. Yet with the trend of multiplex getting into Mumbai city, these cinema halls started facing huge loses and to stay up to the cost, now run major very few old Bollywood movies and major Bhojpuri movies. Rarely in few of this listed talkies will you find the latest movies running. More details of old theatres in Grant road can be found here.

The very famous August Kranti Maidan (Ground), Bhatia Hospital and Nana Chowk in West, The very old Fire Bridge, Gowalia Tank and Historic location Ban Ganga Water Tank, Gamdevi which has Gandhiji’s Mani Bhavan, Tejpal Hall, and Tower Of Silence (All in West Side Of Grant Road) and in East few locations to see if you have enough time are Khetwadi Lanes in East Famous for Ganapati Festival, Kumbharwada resident which ha some very old time building and lanes giving a nostalgic experience of old Mumbai, Null Bazar (Market), The famous Harkisandas Hospital and at the end the very long and huge Connects to Sir JJ Road with JJ Flyover on other side of which is Central Mumbai station connected.

See also : Grant Road Picture Gallery.

Of course there will be more to this location which is not at par of my knowledge, But yet if you have something to say, Kindly use the comment box below.

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