Gateway of India Catamarans Ferry Timetable and Schedules

“Catamarans Ferry Timetable & Schedules for Gateway of India, Mumbai that ferries passengers to Elephanta caves and Mandva, Alibaug. This timetable is mainly useful for all those tourists out for Mumbai Darshan specially for Elephanta which takes half hour ferry boat ride, Below are also operators contacts..”

Gateway Of India

Gateway Ferry Timetable

Although Schedules may have minor changes from time to time, Contact numbers of Ferry operators are available for calling and getting the exact timetable for weekdays, Weekends and Holidays. Basic understanding of timings are cleared with below details.

Ajanta Catamarans

Gateway Of IndiaMandwa JettyAlibaug
6:15 Am7:30 Am6:55 Am
7:15 Am8:30 Am7:45 Am
9:15 Am10:30 Am9:45 Am
10:00 Am11:15 Am10:30 Am
11:30 Am12:45 Pm12:00 Pm
12:30 Pm1:45 Pm1:00 Pm
2:00 Pm3:15 Pm2:30 Pm
3:00 Pm4:15 Pm3:30 Pm
4:00 Pm5:15 Pm4:30 Pm
5:00 Pm6:15 Pm5:30 Pm
5:30 Pm6:45 Pm6:00 Pm

Contacts of Ajanta Catamarans
  • Alibaug Number : 02141-224437
  • Mandwa Number : 02141-237550
  • Gateway of India Contact : 022-22026364 / 022-22023585

Maldar Catamarans

Gateway Of IndiaMandwa JettyAlibaug
8:30 Am9:30 Am8:45 Am
10:45 Am11:45 Am11:00 Am
1:15 Pm2:15 Pm1:30 Pm
3:30 Pm ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday Only)4:30 Pm3:45 Pm
5:45 Pm6:45 Pm6:00 Pm

Contacts of Maldar Catamarans

  • Alibaug Number : 02141-222797
  • Mandwa Number : 02141-237464
  • Gateway of India Contact : 022-22829695 / 022-22823841

PNP Catamarans

As Listed in Gateway of India details.

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