Mumbai Slang 2023 – Famous Lingo Called Bambaiya Tapori Language

“Every city has its own Slang, These are famous or regularly used Lingo and Mumbai has it too. Special College Lingo with meaning also added below. The comment section has citizens helping with new & old slang I missed as of 2023.

Before a few decades, it was just famously ‘Tapori or Bambaiya (Mumbaiya) Language’, which is not so polite if you understand the Hindi language.

Mumbai Local people know it well and many times use it commonly at public places, markets, etc. Many of them ignore and many in the city simply enjoy that rough talks..”

Mumbai Slang Tapori Styles
Mumbai Slang Tapori Styles

Mumbai Colleges Lingo 2023

Let’s start with some fun. ONLY IN MUMBAI

Banana is Kela
Single is Akela
Tired is Thakela
Bored is Pakela
Stuck-up is Atkela
Angry is Satkela
Hung-up is Latkela
Lost is Bhatkela
… And Dead is Tapkela. So funny slang right ?

College Slang Or Lingo as decoded below is something that comes and moves ahead with the trend. Every year, Some other word pop-ups from Chillax guys in Mumbai colleges get popular between groups and gradually spread around other colleges.

Below are some of the latest college lingo and short words and their meaning used in some top colleges of South Mumbai and suburban.

  • Sick: Is Amazing now, Yes complete meaning took the roller coaster and has formed a reverse lingo in colleges. Wait for more below.
  • Maggu : A studious bookworm type guy.
  • HMU: It’s a short code, Full form of HMU is ‘Hit Me Up’. Basically telling someone to come online on some chat or WhatsApp app and ping to get a conversation started.
  • YAAS: A Cool way to say ‘Yes’.
  • Okurr: An example, A pal calls up another and says ‘Will pick you up in my car to college’ and in reply, he says ‘Okurr’ which means ‘Ok and Thanks’.
  • Khajjal : A Confused guy. A Hindi sentence that fits in the word is ‘Abe kya Khajjal jaise dekh raha hai’.
  • Fiyahh : Referring to Controversies.
  • OTP: We all get an OTP via SMS on our phone, But here it is not ‘One Time Password’, Full Form here is ‘One True Pair’ referring to a couple seems to be a perfect match for each other, Ek Duje Ke Liye type.
  • Infi: A short word for ‘Infinite’.
  • IDK: Common on chat conversations ‘I Don’t Know.
  • OMW: Full form ‘On My Way.
  • LIT: This one is so different from the lingo it refers to. It means ‘Exciting’ or ‘Awesome’.
  • Totes: Totally.
  • WTV: Stands for ‘Whatever’.
  • YKW: Means ‘You Know What?’, Usually used while telling someone about something.
  • Salty: This Slang refers to a Looser.
  • Polt: Politics
  • Lukkha: This one is very old and commonly used in Mumbai, Not just in colleges. Lukkha refers to a person without work with lots of time to waste. It also refers to someone’s negative look wise.
  • WYD: Asking ‘What You Doing ?’.
  • Adding ‘ax’ to words: A Cool way of using slang and making it a new college lingo. Like ‘Chillax’,’Bantax’,’Kultax’.
  • Kultesh: Comes from the Hindi word ‘Kulti’ which also means move away or simply go. Used in sentences like Chal yaar Kulti Marte Hai, In Short word, the lingo becomes Lets ‘Kultesh’.
  • Chummeshwari: Refers to a performance or to a person directly. When someone performs outstanding, They say ‘Chummeshwari Performance’ and when referred to a person directly, It’s a compliment saying you look Cool and I Like.
  • Harkuchi : Huge or Large in Number.

City Slang Tapori Gully Boy Language

Below are the most common Hindi slang of Mumbai used by Mumbaikars while traveling in Local Trains, Buses Market areas, and other public places and is not considered stylish as lots of words are not polite. But that is Mumbai and such Tapori language is used for decades now when the city was called ‘Bombay’.

THANK YOU !!! All Friends Who Commented & Helped With More Missing Slangs.

  • Gully: Street.
  • 12 ka Bhaav (Referred for other people as ‘Barah Ke Bhaav Se Gaya’): That guy will have it today (Fight/Scolding/Loss).
  • Faltu (Used as ‘Faltugiri’): Stupid / Stupid Behaviour.
  • Yeda / Yedi (Used as ‘Yedechali’): Idiot / Fool Person / Stupid behaviour.
  • Ghachka (Used as ‘Ghachak Gaya’): Expired / Died.
  • Bhai: Brother (Used for Bro).
  • Bohot Hard: Really Tough.
  • Bantai: Friend.
  • Lukkha: Workless Wanderer.
  • Shana: Smart Guy.
  • Faad de: Give your best.
  • Pantar Log: Buddies.
  • Fakkad: Foodless but Happy.
  • Machand (Machaand): A noisy group competition full of energy and shouts.
  • Ghanta: Multiple meanings as this word is used casually in many ways (Proving you wrong, Referring to male organs, and more..) Exa: Usko Ghanta Maloom Hai: He Doesn’t know anything.

Special thanks to all the friends who commented below and added weight to the slang. Bole toh, Thank you Ha Bidu log.

Mumbai Slang(Tapori Words) Meaning
Ek Dum Jhakaas Bidu You Going Perfect
Bole Toh I Mean
Waat Lag gayi I Am Screwed (Kind Of Problem Created)
Bhai Ekdum Eksat Hai (Shoe Retailers Slang) Good Quality Stuff
Kya Thakela Maal Chipka Diya You Gave a Bad Quality Stuff
Chal E Zandu Move away you idiot
Pani Cum Generally Referred When asking for Tea at street side tea stalls, Which means ‘Give me good Quality Tea’ with ‘less water (i.e Pani Cum)’. Otherwise referred to a person as ‘Not so cool’.
Khajoor In Real ‘Khajoor’ means the fruit ‘Dates’, Here it again means referring to a person a stupid with no sense.
Shaane Bad Tone of Referring to a person as ‘Smarty’.
Chamdi Womanizer
Fattu Referred to a Scared Person.
Faadu Superb
Chindi Stingy
Vatakle Idharse Move Out of here You AssH..
Saltale Solve it Here Only
Chipka Dal Give it.
Haata Back Off
Kya Haal Hai Boss How are you dear
Kidhar Ja Raila Hai Where are you going ?
Abe Chindi Word Chindi is kind of teasing and saying you are behaving cheaply.
Buskya yaar Common Dear (Or Exa: Common you know it dear)
Khali Wali Actually words from a Hindi song, But in Tapori slang it is used to say ‘Move Away’
Locha Hogaya or Lafda Hogaya Messed up Or There is some problem
Chava Lagraha hai You looking handsome
Kalti Marle Lets Move Quitely From Here
Jhol Kiya Kya ? Did you used some wrong way of doing thing ?
On Mumbai Street boys talk looking at a beautiful girl (Slang: Mast Item Hai Re) Wow what a beautiful babe.
Hilgaya yaar I was kind of amazed or astonished (Depends on how and what they use it.)
Abe Saale Casual way of calling when another friend is not ready for something.
Chal Hawa Ane De Move out of my way or be away, Kind of threatening (Typical Tapori language)
Chayyla A word used when are angry or made a fool of yourself (Typical Slang).
Bohot keeda hai tere mein Meaning goes like U messing up unnecessarily.


Chal milte hai Cya OR See you later
Pakka (A word Commonly used in the market or between friends) Means : Confirm right
Alibaug Se Aaya Hai kya ? (Today Alibaug is a Rocking Place, Don’t know how it started, But this phrase was used in the ’80s when Alibaug was considered to be an isolated place.) You think i am a fool ?
Kaat Dalega samjha kya Will kill you
Chakkaas A word used when he feels very good about something, like seeing a movie he says ‘Kya Chakkas movie that re’
Fulltoo hai He is drunk
Dimaag Ki Nas Mat Kheech Dont irritate me okay
Fattu hai He is afraid or panicked
Kharcha Pani Du Kya ? Typical Tapori Language (Means: Do you want to beat from me ?)
Waat legacy re. I made a mess
Khopche Mein Lu Kya Do you want a slap from me
Raag Mat de An action word to make someone afraid
Wo Line De Rahi Hai That girl is interesting and giving positive signals.
Sumdi mein vatakle Move away from this place quietly
Sumdi me komdi Get work done without noticing anyone
Hawa Tight Shit, Scared of something.
Game Bajaneka An Awful way of referring to having ‘S*X’. Also as heard in movies, It means to Kill someone.
Sitam Cha/Dha Rela Hai Gaining Fame, Gaining Popular.
Hila Dala Bidu He Stunned me, He Was Awesome.
Ekdum Rawas Usually used while referring to an Attractive Lady with Beautiful Vitals.
Dhinchak Stylish.
Rapchik Se*y or Attractive.
Abe Dhakkan You Fool
Atrangi Weird
Lallu Idiot
Chamat A Slap
Dhed Shane (used like ‘Wo Dhed Shana Hai’ Acting Smart (Means: That guy acting smarter ha..)
Abe langoor Again this one-word slang means, You Fool / Idiot
Hul De Raha Hai Kya ? Are you scaring me ?
A Chote Hey Small Brother
Watakle Hey Small Brother
Cutting Chai Half Cup of tea
Chal Nikal Le Scaring other guys by saying ‘Hey You move out from here.”
Vulgar Slangs (Read Only If You Are Age 18 and Above) Meaning
Gandu A vulgar word, just like one uses ‘You F*c*er’
Chutiya Samjha Hai Kya (Vulgar Language) using this bad word, trying to prove that I am smart and not fool me around ok.
Bumboo Lag Gayi Screwed badly
College Campus Lingo Meaning
Pinging Trendy word use in replacement of ‘texting’ in mobile sms conversation.
Blabber Talking continuously on a topic, Chattering whatever comes to mind
RAD As we say, It’s cool. Now said it’s RAD. Actually a short word for ‘Radical’
Nube Used to mock a person who does use much of his / her wit.
Fizz Out An Alternate word for ‘Chill Out’
EMO An Alternate word for ’emotional’. Like “He is getting very EMO about her’
THE PITS Used when referring to the worst condition.
Zoned Refers to state of mind. It’s like I was zoned out after such long lectures in college..
Spazzed An old English word sometimes used in some idiotic situation happened. E.g: Everyone was looking at him as though he was spazzed (a crazy situation happened)
Facchad Showing oneself a newbie or fresher. E.g Even I am a Facchad I was well recognized by all.
Generic Slangs Meaning
Waanda Hogaya There’s a minor problem
Jhol Hogaya There’s a Big Problem
Raada Hogaya A huge problem, This slang is also used when a kind of fight breaks out.
Ekdum Hill jayga Tu You’ll be surprised
Chal Apun Kalti Marta Hai I am moving out of this situation
Shendi mat Laga Don’t make me fool
Chal Shane Hawa Ane De Just get out of here, You smart fool
Aare Galat Faimi Hogayi Lagta hai A very casual Hindi slang (Possibly an Urdu word) meaning being ‘Seems like some kind of misunderstanding happened’
Tu Roz Fultu Hota Hai ? Do you drink daily?
FAT Gayi ? Are you Afraid ?
Du Kya Karcha Pani ? Shall I bash/punch you? In Arrogant tone
Khopche mein le re isko Take him in the silent corner, Basically slang used during oral fight saying ill bash you
Kya Zakaas Item Hai Re What a beautiful Women
Raag Mat De (OR) Badi Badi Chod Mat Don’t Bluff
LOAD nahi laneka Don’t take tensions
Kya Zagmag / Dinchaak Kapda Pehna Hai Wow you wearing a shiny clothes
Hata Sawan Ki Ghata I Don’t care it anymore
Jyaada PAKAA Mat Don’t bore me anymore
SUMDI me kar Do the work Quietly without anyone noticing
12 Ke Bhav Se Gaya (By Satish Poojary) Refereing to a guy with pity of losing something or being caught and will be punished for something.
Yedechali / Yedechale (Asked By Melo sharing) Stupid Behavior (Faltu mein masti)
Yeda / Yedi (By Asjad Khuwaja) Yeda (Mad Man/Male), Yedi (Mad Girl/Female)
Gachka/ Gachak Gaya (By Abhishek Tiwari) Expired / Killed / Dead.
Vantaas ki Goli khaa OR Vatakle (By Gandhar Karane) Go away from here.

Note: There is more slang which is vulgar and swearing, I didn’t mind listing it here but that will affect the ranking on Google.BUT YES, YOU ARE FREE TO WRITE IT VIA COMMENT BOX BELOW… Bole toh Likh Dalo Na Mamu… :)

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23 Replies to “Mumbai Slang 2023 – Famous Lingo Called Bambaiya Tapori Language

      1. Hi Vikrant,
        Usually used in the reference below :
        1. When a boy is a newbie.
        2. When a boy is a fresher and enthusiastic teenager. Like “Tera kaam (any work) karne ke liye ek Kaula ladka bhejta hu”.

  1. Please remove “Alibaug ka samajta Hai kya?” Or modify its meaning to “I’m not as good or sweet as Alibagh people”

    1. Pissing off someone. (either by beating or just roasting)
      e.g. : ‘Apun ne toh uski yed bhaga dala’
      ‘Uski to yed bhag gyi’

    1. Pissing off someone. (either by beating or just roasting)
      e.g. : ‘Apun ne toh uski yed bhaga dala’
      ‘Uski to yed bhag gyi’

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