Mumbai Slangs – Famous Lingo Called Bambaiya Tapori Language

“Every city has its own Slangs, and in Mumbai it is famously called ‘Tapori or Bambaiya (Mumbaiya) Language’ which is not so polite if you understand hindi, But Mumbai Local people knows it well and many a times uses commonly at pubic places, markets etc in city as sometimes he/she enjoys the rough talks..”

Mumbai Slangs Tapori Styles
Mumbai Slangs Tapori Styles

Below are the most common Hindi slangs of Mumbai used by Mumbaikars while traveling in Local Trains, Bus and Market areas, and is not considered stylish as lots of words are not polite while used.

Mumbai Slangs(Tapori Words)Meaning
Ek Dum Jhakaas BiduYou Going Perfect
Bole TohI Mean
Waat Lag gayiI Am Screwed (Kind Of Problem Created)
Bhai Ekdum Eksat Hai (Shoe Retailers Slang)Good Quality Stuff
Kya Thakela Maal Chipka DiyaYou Gave a Bad Quality Stuff
Chal E ZanduMove away you idiot
Pani CumGenerally Referred When asking for Tea at street side tea stalls, Which means ‘Give me good Quality Tea’ with ‘less water (i.e Pani Cum)’. Otherwise referred to a person as ‘Not so cool’.
KhajoorIn Real ‘Khajoor’ means the fruit ‘Dates’, Here it again means referring a person like a stupid with no sense.
ShaaneBad Tone of Referring a person as ‘Smarty’.
FattuReferred to a Scared Person.
Vatakle IdharseMove Out of here You AssH..
SaltaleSolve it Here Only
Chipka DalGive it.
HaataBack Off
Kya Haal Hai BossHow are you dear
Kidhar Ja Raila HaiWhere are you going ?
Abe ChindiWord Chindi is kind of teasing and saying you are behaving cheap.
Buskya yaarCommon Dear (Or Exa: Common you know it dear)
Khali WaliActually words from a hindi song, But in Tapori slang it is used to say ‘Move Away’
Locha Hogaya or Lafda HogayaMessed up Or There is some problem
Chava Lagraha haiYou looking handsome
Kalti MarleLets Move Quitely From Here
Jhol Kiya Kya ?Did you used some wrong way of doing thing ?
On Mumbai Street boys talk looking at beautiful girl (Slang : Mast Item Hai Re)Wow what a beautiful babe.
Hilgaya yaarI was kind of amazed or astonished (Depends on how and what they use it.)
Abe SaaleCasual way of calling when other friend is not ready for something.
Chal Hawa Ane DeMove out of my way or be away, Kind of threatening (Typical Tapori language)
ChayylaA word used when are angry or made fool of yourself (Typical Slang).
Bohot keeda hai tere meinMeaning goes like : U messing up unnecessarily.


Chal milte haiCya OR See you later
Pakka (A word Commonly used in market or between friends)Means : Confirm right
Alibaug ka samajta Hai kya ?You think i am a fool ?
Kaat Dalega samjha kyaWill kill you
ChakkaasA word used when he feel very good about some thing, like seen a movie he says ‘Kya Chakkas movie tha re’
Fulltoo haiHe is drunk
Dimaag Ki Nas Mat KheechDont irritate me okay
Fattu haiHe is afraid or panicked
Kharcha Pani Du Kya ?Typical Tapori Language (Means : Do you want beating from me ?)
Waat lagayi re.I made a mess
Khopche Mein Lu KyaDo you want a slap from me
Raag Mat deAn action word to make someone afraid
Wo Line De Rahi HaiThat girl is intersting and giving positive signals.
Sumdi mein vatakleMove away from this place quitely
Abe DhakkanYou Fool
ChamatA Slap
Dhed Shane (used like ‘Wo Dhed Shana Hai’Acting Smart (Means : That guy acting smarter ha..)
Abe langoorAgain this one word slang means, You Fool / Idiot
Hul De Raha Hai Kya ?Are you scaring me ?
A ChoteHey Small Brother
WatakleHey Small Brother
Cutting ChaiHalf Cup of tea
Chal Nikal LeScaring other guy by saying ‘Hey You move out from here.”
Vulgar Slangs (Read Only If You Are Age 18 and Above)Meaning
GanduA vulgar word, just like one uses ‘You F*c*er’
Chutiya Samjha Hai Kya (Vulgar Language)using this bad word, trying to prove that i am smart and not fool me around ok.
Bumboo Lag GayiScrewed badly
College Campus LingoMeaning
PingingTrendy word use in replacement of ‘texting’ in mobile sms conversation.
BlabberTalking continuously on a topic, Chattering whatever comes in mind
RADLike we says, Its cool.. Now said its RAD. Actually a short word for ‘Radical’
NubeUsed to mock a person who does use much of his / her wit.
Fizz OutAn Alternate word for ‘Chill Out’
EMOAn Alternate word for ’emotional’. Like “His is getting very EMO about her’
THE PITSUsed when referring a worst condition.
ZonedRefers to state of mind. Its like i was zoned out after such long lecture in college..
SpazzedAn old English word some times used in some idiotic situation happened. E.g : Every one was looking at him as though he was spazzed (a crazy situation happened)
FacchadShowing oneself a newbiew or fresher. E.g Even i am a Facchad i was well recognized by all.
Generic SlangsMeaning
Waanda HogayaThere’s a minor problem
Jhol HogayaThere’s a Big Problem
Raada HogayaA huge problem, This slang is also used when kind of fight broken out.
Ekdum Hill jayga TuYou’ll be surprised
Chal Apun Kalti Marta HaiI am moving out of this situation
Shendi mat LagaDon’t make me fool
Chal Shane Hawa Ane DeJust get out of here, You smart fool
Aare Galat Faimi Hogayi Lagta haiA very casual Hindi slang (Possibly a Urdu word) meaning being ‘Seems like some kind of misunderstanding happened’
Tu Roz Fultu Hota Hai ?Do you drink daily?
FAT Gayi ?Are you Afraid ?
Du Kya Karcha Pani ?Shall i bash/punch you ? In Arrogant tone
Khopche mein le re iskoTake him in silent corner, Basically slang used during oral fight saying ill bash you
Kya Zakaas Item Hai ReWhat a beautiful Women
Raag Mat De (OR) Badi Badi Chod MatDon’t Bluff
LOAD nahi lanekaDon’t take tensions
Kya Zagmag / Dinchaak Kapda Pehna HaiWow you wearing a shiny clothes
Hata Sawan Ki GhataI Don’t care it anymore
Jyaada PAKAA MatDon’t bore me anymore
SUMDI me karDo the work Quietly without anyone noticing

Note : Their are more of slangs which are vulgar and swear, I didn’t mind listing it here but that will affect the ranking on Google. YET YOU ARE FREE TO WRITE IT VIA COMMENT BOX BELOW…. Bole toh Likh Dalo Na Mamu… :)


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