Aksa Beach: A Breath of Fresh Air Amidst Mumbais Urban Jungle

“Aksa Beach, located in Malad, is a peaceful beach in the suburbs of Mumbai. It provides a great escape from the busy city life. The beach is clean, safe, and offers stunning views. Getting to Aksa is easy and convenient. Whether you want to have a picnic with your loved ones or spend some quality alone time, Aksa is the perfect destination. It is also a popular spot for couples looking for a romantic outing. Before visiting Aksa Beach, here are a few important things to remember..”

Aksa Beach Vendors
Aksa Beach Vendors

What is Aksa Beach all About?

The beach is surrounded by lovely cottages, resorts, and coconut trees on one side, and INS Hamla on the other. It’s a peaceful getaway from the busy city life. The beach’s seclusion is what sets it apart, making it perfect for relaxation and enjoying the soothing sound of the waves. Unlike other touristy beaches, this one is mostly visited by locals, which keeps it clean and filled with beautiful greenery, coconut trees, and charming villages.

Aksa Beach Village Entry
Aksa Beach Village Entry
Beach Front Food Stalls
Beach Front Food Stalls
Aksa Beach Vibes
Aksa Beach Vibes

This place is ideal for couples who want a romantic escape or groups searching for a lovely picnic spot. The comfortable cottages, resorts, and clean air, along with the beautiful surroundings, make for a Goan beach-like ambiance.

There are several beaches to explore along the Madh Marve route, including Madh Marve Beach and Dana Pani. These beaches offer a great opportunity to relax for a few hours. Thankfully, there have been no reports of sharks or other dangerous sea creatures in the area, so it’s a safe and enjoyable experience.

However, it’s important to note that the water currents at the beach can be dangerous, leading to drowning incidents in the past. To ensure safety, it’s recommended to rent a mat from a beach seller, which costs around Rs.40 to Rs.50. This way, you can relax and enjoy the beach vibes.

Guests have the opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather, take a leisurely walk along the coast, and admire the beautiful sunset. Photography enthusiasts will find plenty of opportunities to capture both people and scenery. Moreover, the beach offers a variety of tasty local snacks that can be bought from street food vendors.

Swimming is prohibited at Aksa Beach due to the presence of quicksand and strong currents, particularly during the monsoon season.

Best Time to Visit This Beach

Aksa Beach in Mumbai is a popular destination that you should definitely visit. The best time to go there is from October to March when the weather is pleasant and perfect for a beach getaway. If you want a less crowded experience, plan your visit on weekdays instead of weekends. However, if you prefer a lively atmosphere, weekends are a great choice.

The beach is open 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy it at any time. Just remember to leave by 7:30 pm as it can get dark and potentially unsafe. Visiting during the recommended months will also help you avoid the high humidity and temperature of summer, as well as the dangerous currents during the monsoon season.

Beach Location

Aksa Beach is located in Aksa Village, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The postal code for this area is 400095.


Aksa Beach is open 24 hours a day and there is no entry fee required.

Beach Safety For Couples and Family

A trip to Aksa Beach is commonly seen as a safe choice for couples. However, it’s important to remember a few tips to guarantee a pleasant and secure time.

Beach Current & Swimming Caution: The beach is famous for its powerful currents and constantly changing sands, which makes swimming unsafe.

Lodging: There are nearby lodges and resorts that cater to couples. However, it’s important to check if they allow short-term bookings if necessary. Here are a few of the well-known resorts.

Local Guidelines: Always adhere to local guidelines and show respect for cultural norms to prevent any inconvenience.

Transportation: Different types of transportation are accessible to get to the beach, such as buses, autos, and ride-sharing services like Ola and Uber.

Safety Measures: It is important to be cautious and follow safety precautions when visiting any public place to have a pleasant experience.

Reaching Aksa Beach from North of Mumbai

To reach Aksa Beach from Thane, you have a few choices:

1. By Car: The quickest way is to take NH48 and Western Express Highway. It’s about 45.6 kilometers and usually takes around 1 hour and 43 minutes, considering some traffic.

2. By Train: The closest railway station to Aksa Beach is Malad Station. From there, you can either take a bus or an auto-rickshaw to get to the beach.

3. By Bus: Another convenient option is to take the BEST bus service, specifically bus no. 271, from Malad West Railway station. This bus will directly take you to Aksa Beach. You can find all the buses that stop at Aksa Beach on this link. It may take around 40 minutes from the railway station without traffic.

Swimming at the beach is risky because of strong undercurrents and quicksand. It’s also a good idea to leave the beach before 7:30 pm because it gets dark and can be dangerous.

Parking Facilities

The car parking facility near Aksa Beach is conveniently situated. While the search results may not give specific details about the parking lot, visitors typically find plenty of space to park their vehicles. It is advisable to arrive early during busy periods to secure a parking spot. For more information, it is recommended to consult local resources or contact the beach authorities before your visit.

Activities to enjoy on this Beach

Are you searching for the perfect place for a day trip or a romantic retreat? Look no more because this beach is the ideal spot. With breathtaking sunset views, a tranquil atmosphere, and the opportunity to play cricket on the sand, it’s the ultimate getaway from the busy city life. Here are some thrilling activities you can enjoy at Aksa Beach:

1. Enjoy a peaceful walk: Take a calm stroll along the beautiful sandy beach and relax in the tranquil ambiance.

2. Relax by the ocean: Unwind by the coast, soak up the sun, and let the soothing sound of the waves melt away your stress.

3. Capture breathtaking photos: The beach’s natural beauty provides a stunning backdrop for photography enthusiasts to capture awe-inspiring images.

4. Explore nearby attractions: Venture out to discover fascinating places like the Global Vipassana Pagoda and Essel World, which are conveniently located close to the beach.

5. Find unique souvenirs: Take the opportunity to explore local street vendors and nearby shopping areas to find one-of-a-kind souvenirs and traditional crafts.

6. Enjoy the local food: Pamper yourself with tasty snacks and dishes offered at the food stalls near the beach, and relish the delicious flavors of the regional cuisine. Numerous street vendors sell treats like sweet corn, pav bhaji, khichiya papad, vada pav, coconut water, lemon juice (nimbu pani), and much more.

It is advisable to have enough cash available, as ATMs in the area might be quite a distance away and could potentially run out of cash. Enjoy the romantic day with your loved one and venture into the sunset together.

Swimming is not advised because of the powerful currents and changing sands. Ensure your safety by heeding warning signs and obeying lifeguard instructions.

Aksa Beach
Aksa Beach

Pictures Courtesy : Kalyan Singh.

More Places Of Attraction Near Beach Vicinity and Around

There are many interesting places near Aksa Beach that you can visit.

  1. Essel World (Closed Permanently): This amusement park is located near Aksa Beach and offers a wide range of rides and entertainment options.
  2. Global Vipassana Pagoda: Situated close to Essel World, this meditation hall is renowned for its serene atmosphere and impressive architecture.
  3. Water Kingdom: Adjacent to Essel World, Water Kingdom is a fantastic water park where you can enjoy thrilling water slides and pools.
  4. Borivali National Park: A vast national park with abundant biodiversity, the park is home to the Kanheri Caves and offers various trails for nature enthusiasts.
  5. title=”Madh Marve Beach Malad” Madh Marve Beach: Known for its tranquil ambiance, MarvĂ© Beach is just a short distance away from Aksa Beach and is perfect for a peaceful visit.
  6. Gorai beach: Another serene beach option near Aksa Beach, Gorai Beach is an ideal spot for a relaxing getaway.
  7. Manori beach and Uttan virgin beach are 2 other beaches in near vicinity.
  8. Film City: Film City, the hub of Bollywood, offers you the chance to experience the sets of many Indian movies and TV shows, completely immersing you in the lively ambiance of the entertainment industry.
  9. Aarey Milk Colony: Aarey Milk Colony is a dedicated area for dairy development, featuring beautiful gardens that create a green oasis.
  10. Mahakali Caves: These ancient rock-cut monuments, also called Kondivite Caves, are an intriguing historical site to discover. They have been around since the 1st century BCE.

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Resorts Around Aksa Beach

Here are some of the resorts near the beach:

1. Samara Gardens: Guests highly recommend this property for its delicious meals and warm and courteous staff, earning it a rating of 8 out of 10 on Tripadvisor.

2. The Resort: This 5-star hotel on the Arabian Sea shoreline provides modern rooms with free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool, fitness center, and Adventure Zone. High Tide Restaurant offers Indian, Chinese, and European meals. According to Tripadvisor, guests love the very nice and clean rooms, good staff, and nice beach. The property has an impressive rating of 9 out of 10.

3. Mirage Hotel: Situated in the heart of Mumbai, this 4-star hotel receives praise from guests for its friendly and helpful staff.

4. ESKAY Resort: Known for its spacious and clean rooms, this 3-star hotel in Borivali West, Mumbai, offers a comfortable stay.

5. Sai Palace Grand Malad: Highly recommended by guests, this 3-star hotel in Malad West, Mumbai, stands out for its courteous and helpful staff.

6. Residency Sarovar Portico: Offering spacious and clean rooms, this 3-star hotel in Goregaon West, Mumbai, ensures a pleasant stay.

7. Royal Grand Resort: Guests appreciate the friendly and helpful staff at this 3-star hotel in Malad West, Mumbai.

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