New Bird Park at Essel World Borivali – Mumbai Suburban

“First of its kind interactive bird park at Essel World Borivali (Mumbai Suburban) is open to public. With 3 major category of birds inside park which are Aquatic, Flying and Terrestrial, about total 400 birds in such categories & species can be seen in their natural habitant of trees, plants, rainforest, lakes and more. Lets know more about this new bird park of Borivali in details like timings, entry fees (ticket charges), booking, contact details and more..”

Bird Park Map
Bird Park Map

Park Overview

Looking at the bird park map at Essel world which gives a overall idea of how the park is planned so that such hundreds of exotic birds stay in the natural condition suited individually for all categories of birds inside. Below is list of things, facilities and services inside the park premise.

  • Its a huge 1.5 acres area of first of its kind exotic bird park at Essel world.
  • Ticket counter of this park is exactly on left of Entry point.
  • A dedicated Ostrich section just ahead of entry point will make you feel wow about the huge legs of couple of Ostriches.
  • Feeding Deck surrounded by walkway called ‘Rainbow Walk’, Possibly because of the colourful birds section that can be seen from the pathway.
  • Adjacent to feeding deck are Interactive kiosk, rock deck, bird water feed point and photo point where you can take lots of selfie surrounded by varieties of birds inside park section.
  • Immediate right to the entry point is a beautiful little pond for ducks and so is called ‘Duck Pond’
  • Their is also a huge Woodpeckers stadium on other side of park.
  • At an extreme corner is a special birds kitchen dedicated to delicious and much required food by all the birds inside park. Experts take care of feeding, cooking and other related to this colourful feather souls.
  • The pathway adjacent to duck pond takes to another lakelet which has a stunning photo point to the Rainforest on other wise of lake.
  • Same walkway goes to a food corner if you want to munch and have some cocktails for a break.
  • Back side of Woodpeckers stadium is the very important water filtration plant of Essel world bird park.
  • Complete park is covered with tall lush green trees. During monsoon its a view not to be missed.
  • Apart from the park attractions mentioned, there are couple of Interactive kiosks to help and guide you throughout bird park, A Shopping nest, An Emergency Exit available at opposite side of Entry & Exit point, A Bird health care point near Entry with clean toilet facilities and drinking water section near it. Adjacent to it is a baggage counter so that you can keep all your heavy stuff and walk free inside park to have great fun.
  • Talking about clicking pictures, Yes photography is allowed inside and few dedicated Photo points are mark for great views which can be seen inside map.
  • Perambulator (Kids Trolley) and Wheel chair facilities for elderly also available.

Types and Varieties of Birds inside Park

Flying Birds
Flying Birds
Aquatic Birds
Aquatic Birds
Terrestrial Birds
Terrestrial Birds

Essel world and also may say Mumbai, is now first of this kind of birds park in the Suburban heart of city. If you have already visited Essel World and enjoyed the rides inside and had some splashes at Water Kingdom, You know about the fun and entertainment options this huge park area have.

Talking about the species and varieties of birds inside park, As said 3 major types of birds can be seen which are Aquatic birds, Terrestrial and Flying. As detailed at their official website, few of them are Blue Gold Macaw, African Grey Parrot, Rainbow Laurakeet, Cockatiel, Toucan, Sun Conure, Chattering Lory, Golden Pheasant, California Quail, Ostrich, Carolina Wood Duck, Crowned Crane and Black Swan with total numbering more than 350 to 400 birds in 50 different species.

Rainforest Habitat Area

Rainforest habitat is another section to be seen as rarely does we citizen of Mumbai will get to see a lily flower with long leaf measuring about 3 metres. Millions of year old ‘tree ferns’ can be seen inside this section which is said to be a rare be seen around India and rooted to Jurassic era. A pink colour flower plant called ‘lagerstroemia speciosa’, which is also known as Pride of India is another attraction inside Rainforest area. Also are different varieties of cactus planted inside and around Ostrich section to give a real look and create a natural habitat for them.

Interactive Activities Inside Bird Park

As said, this is an interactive park and you can directly interact with those birds. You can feed them with food provided by authorities (Which may charge extra), Bird lovers in Mumbai will have great time photographing those colourful feathers. Yes, you are allowed to take pictures of those birds when seating and eating on your hand or you are surrounded by various species at Woodpeckers stadium area with birds seating on your head, shoulder and hands, So exciting it is.

So below are some of those birds you can be around :

  • Blue And Yellow Macaw
  • Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Crimson Rosella
  • Cut Throat Finch
  • Golden Pheasants
  • Carolina Duck
  • African Love Bird

Excited ? Here are few things to note when inside this park for these activities :

Wear proper shoes (Although allowed, Ignore any other kind of footwear). Always carry enough drinking water when around any such parks or forest area, you might get dehydrated in no time without noticing due to excitement. If you want to know all the much details about every bird inside park, Hire a guide (May charge extra). Keep you camera lenses clean, battery charges.

How to Reach this Park

Reaching : Simple refer out Essel World article as linked on this page to reach the bird park.
Ticket Rates (Entry Fees) : Adults (Height above 4.6 Feet) Cost Rs. 390, Children / Kids (Height above 3.3 to 4.6 feet) Cost Rs. 190 and Senior Citizens (Age Above 60 Years) Cost Rs.190.Note : Ticket rates may change from time to time, this are just the start up offers. Kindly refer their official website, Facebook page, Twitter Handle and Instagram for same.
Park Timings : 10:00 Am to 5:00 Pm.
Restrictions & Park Policy : No outside food allowed, Valid Senior Citizen card or Any Photo ID proof must for Senior citizens.
Booking Contact Numbers : Registration Office (+91-22-65280305), Park Office (+91-22-28452711), Customer Care : (+91-22-65280305).

More Locations in Mumbai For Bird Watching

You might also like to know about other Bird watching locations in Mumbai, An annual bird race event that happens in city around February, and those special locations inside city where you can watch flamingoes.

2 More attractions of city to be mentioned are Maharashtra nature park and Mumbai zoo. If you still not done with nature and greenery, National park at Borivali is a must visit.

All Photos Credits and Courtesy : Essel World Official Bird Site.

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