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“It’s Been Years of MCubed Children Library in Bandra which started in 2011. The name derived from the 3 M’s of ‘Maharashtra Mitra Mandal’, a dream come true of the wonder with more than 10 thousand books and magazines in varied categories for kids and adults too.

Lets know more about the on going events and workshops throughout the year at Bandra D’Monte park road and also know more about what all books & magazines are available, membership charges and more..”

Children Library in Bandra
Children Library in Bandra

Children Books & Membership Details

Kindly Note : Membership fees detailed as detailed below may change from time to time, So request to contact library authorities for updated Membership charges and other details.

Books & Magazines inside Library

Ground floor of Princess building has 3 big rooms dedicated to this library that houses tens of thousands of books, which keep on increasing. This is one of the only such children libraries in Mumbai. Books & Magazines for children & also for adults and more of everything available to kids around Bandra and nearby locations. Just for a note, you might also like to know about Digital library in Andheri.

Kids section inside is the most attractive covering major space of this library. Yellow, Green and Blue colourful shelves, cosy seating, Soft seats in various shapes and that perfect height of bookshelves for easy access by children is what makes this room inside this library unique. Funny paintings of monkey, crocodile, giraffe and other animals keeps the environment lively. Just pick-up a book and seat at any corner, the feel good environment peaceful to make one feel calm and consume some rich brain food via all this books & magazines.

Inside Mcubed Library
Inside Mcubed Library

Books range from famous cartoons characters to Indian stories like Amar Chitra Katha and lots more for junior kids and teenagers. Information about our famous freedom fighters to noble book writers to many funny characters of world are all underlying inside bookshelves. Not just that, Encyclopaedia and informative books on world travel, other science and history around world are also available.

A special adult section for all those who want to join the forces with children inside library. Books and Magazines in English, Hindi and Marathi language in all categories like psychology, travel, stories (Fictions & Non), art and science, spirituality and much more are available to free kids readers and members of library. Major members are from Bandra, Yet few more comes from little distance too just to gain all knowledge and enjoy the feel of Mcubed library.

Variety of Magazines are also available for children as well as adults to be picked up according to individual likings. 90’s famous comic characters like Chandoba and Champak and latest sensations like Chota bheem makes rounds for kids inside this library at Bandra. For Adults there are readers digest and books from the famous travel channels like Nat Geo, Outlook and Sanctuary Asia on the list.

Events and Workshops

With ever increasing books, This children library also have ongoing events and workshops here in Bandra, The fashion queen suburban of Mumbai. Books and Film club, Quiz, Paintings and Other shows, Author interactions, Workshops on Craft and Art, Meeting favourite authors, Learning Marathi and other related to Maths are some of the listed events and workshops that goes around the year. Few Bollywood celebrities also are often seen to join the cute groups.


4 Different ways one can be member of this beautiful Mcubed library in Bandra west. First is by paying Annual membership fees or Rs.2200 (Rs.1000 Refundable Deposit), Or a 6 Months membership of Rs.850 (Rs.250 Refundable), Or Opt for Reading only membership inside various sections and rooms of library at Rs.200 every month or finally one can simply gift 2 months membership to others at Rs.450.

This membership allows to take away any book for reading at home (Anywhere outside library) for period of 14 days. And for children with weaker financial background, library has kept no charges and is absolutely free of cost.

All this things makes this children library at Bandra a perfect place for knowledge and interaction where not just kids, but adults too can participate and interact with ever increasing knowledge.

Library Contact Address & Timings

Library Address
Maharashtra Mitra Mandal (MCubed Children Library Bandra),
Princess Building,
Near Bandra Gymkhana,
D’Monte Park Road,
Bandra (West),
Mumbai 400050.

Timings & Contact

Open all days between 10:00 Am to 8:00 Pm (Only Closed on Independent day & Republic Day).
Contact : +91-22-26411497.

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** All Pictures credits Mcubed official website.

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