Kalamb Beach at Nalasopara – Virar Vasai Location Beaches

Kalamb beach is at Nalasopara Village in thane district, far north suburb of Mumbai City. Like Rajodi, Kalamb is one of the famous off suburban clean beaches of Mumbai. See Kalamb beach pictures and details about other uncrowded and clean beaches near Nalasopara and Vasai-Virar locations..”

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Kalamb Beach

Kalamb Beach

Reaching Kalamb Beach

Kalamb Beach is  adjacent beach to Rajori beach and Arnala beach, So you can reach there From Nalasopara (Also Pronounced as Nallasopara) Or other best option is to get down at Virar station and get a private auto to the beach. Just need to follow the same route as Rajori Beach. Checkout the categories section on right to see other near beaches in Mumbai suburbs.

Kindly note that the charges of auto is not on auto meter, they charge lum sum amount, approximately Rs.150/- for just an average charge idea.

Specialty of this beach

Kalamb is the third beach connected to Arnala at virar, The second one in series being Rajori beach. Since virar beach is a very famous tourist destination and an ideal location for one day picnic, it has more crowd, fun options and eateries around compared to Kalamb beach which hardly has 1 or two private street site stalls that sells Chinese dish.

Specialty being, a very peaceful and safe beach with pin drop silence, Good for a weekend break and also as one day picnic or just a casual walk. Very less explored by tourist this beach has thin clean sand and small shells, few colourful stones if you like to collect few. The most beautiful scenic is the sunset view of wide sea.

Hotels and Resorts Near Kalamb

There are very less Resorts Near Kalamb Beach, currently we got only one name i.e  “Sagar Resort”.

Google Satellite Map

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