Celebrating Christmas in Mumbai – 2017 Celebration Details with Videos

“24th December, Christmas night and celebration 2017 in Mumbai city is not less then anywhere else around the world. Starting with evening prayers in famous churches till late night celebrating this festive is to be seen. City Glitters with special decoration lightings major at Gaothans and community special residential locations like IC Colony at Borivali and Khotachi Wadi, South Mumbai and Other hot spots like Bandra. Lightened trees in cool winter eve, Shopping Cards, Food recipe items, Gifts, Planning trips, Visiting Granny home and lots more to celebrate and have fun this Christmas night with warm welcoming the new year by Christian community and other citizens too..”

Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration

Christmas Trees In Mumbai

Most awaited 25th of December, the birth of Jesus Christ is a day of cheer for all Christian Community of Mumbai, which is also declared as public holiday in city. Christmas Means “Christ” + “Mass”, i.e Mass celebrations of Lord Jesus Christ. Mumbai is one of the best place to enjoy metropolitan community which enhances the cheers of any festival and so do Christian People and Others like Gujarati’s, Muslims people who being family friends and society members wishes Christians saying “Happy Christmas” or “Merry Christmas” with the birthday treat of Lord Jesus. With cakes and wines they dance and have lots of fun with the gift giving santa claus.

Christmas Lighting in City

Walk into busy market during this festive and you will see hanging lights, star shaped lighting candils (lanterns), bunnies, stand alone santa claus lighted dress. And the move to individual gaontans (old gulli locations with small cottage homes) where major Christian community resides and one can see lighting on trees, homes and also one the sweet little decorated home in outdoor varanda of such bungalows or homes.

Like in diwali, Christians don’t do traditional diya’s during Christmas, they opt to enlight with star candils which is used for Christmas decoration. Every other home seems full of joy and light in sky in that winter evening of December in Mumbai city with outdoor lights such as LED light, Rope light, Curtain lights Theme light, Christmas tree light available in major Christmas decoration stores like Archie’s

Types of Decoration Lights in City

Christmas Decoration Material Shop
Christmas Decoration Shopping Place in Mumbai

Their are various Christmas lights used for decorating home, seen in various part of city. some of those lights are as :

  • Bubble Lights
  • Rope Lights
  • Net Lights
  • Christmas Tree Lights
  • String Lights
  • Yard Lights
  • Indoor usable
  • Solar Lights
  • LED chain lights
  • Soft Blue lights which looks beautiful at night.

Christmas Gifts & Cards Sold

Chrsitmas Decoration
Chrsitmas Decoration

This is the festive occasion to send best wishes and bring happiness within family and friends and since few decades Christmas cards have worked wonders in city. One can see santa claus cards, Snow card, Christmas tree cards and best wishes cards all over Mumbai stores during Christmas. This various size, style and designed cards are attractive and available at all gift shops in city. If you want to purchase cards in bulk, their is a street locations near CP tank in south Mumbai which are famous for cards (Major Wedding cards), Crawford market and near area is of course a great deal for Christmas card purchase in bulk.

Famous Churches For Christmas Prayers in Mumbai

Celebration is unlimited, Yet the main theme and rituals are first in any festival, So here are some of the oldest and famous churches you can visit during Christmas festival one can visit and get blessed.

Special Christmas Shopping Markets in Mumbai

Now, their is no particular place called ‘Christmas Market’ in city, Yet referring this means the place where one can purchase Christmas festive related products like Candles, Christmas Tree, Decoration Candils (Lanterns) and Sparkling Stars, Picture and frames of Lord Jesus, Snow white dress etc. For same, couple of famous places are Bandra Hill Road and Linking Road, Crawford Market (Marine Lines) and Dadar market in west near station for low cost garlands, few stores in locations like Santacruz and Vile parle etc, were you can do Christmas shopping in Mumbai.

How the Festive is Celebrate here

In Black blazers and Snow white gowns, beautiful couples, children and family friends and relatives comes out for prayer in evening at nearby churches, following which the celebrations starts with cocktails and mock-tails like beer and wines, cakes and food stuffs with that jive dance all over Mumbai where Christian community exists. Lots of fun for small children with indoor games arranged played late night. Sound of crackers bust around and city is full of joy during Christmas evening and new year night.

See the famous party locations in city and few listed food joints if planning for outdoor fun.

Other community people like Hindu and Muslims also wishes ‘Merry Christmas’ to their Christian friends, this is one of the beautiful thing about Mumbai city.

Decorations With Celebrations

Decoration Pictures of Christmas are worth to be taken in most places of Mumbai like, Santacruz, Colaba, Vile Parle, Mahim Church and Bandras Mount merry which is where most of Christian community resides from centuries. Vasai and Virar Christmas celebration is also well known as lots of people staying inside Bassein (Vasai) Gaon (Village) are Christians.

Christmas decoration materials can be major found at most of famous Archies shops and other shopping malls in city which are Decorated as very well for every other occasions too. Also the markets of Mumbai which has lots of small shops are decorated to sell decoration materials for Christmas in latest varieties for products like Christmas Greetings, Wall hangings and Balloons, tree bells (also called Xmas bells) etc.

Decorations and Shopping Market Videos

Lets See a Latest Video of Christmas Shopping Market

9 Videos during Christmas festive season that gives the feel of Mumbai and few far interiors that shows the celebrations an decoration done in their own way. Below videos have Nativity Yard inside a Village at Far north suburb, A Small lane opposite Crawford market people visit to buy all such decorating stuff in cheaper rates compared to retail shops locally, A must visit location during Christmas which is Khotachi Wadi, Enlighten Malls, IC Colony Borivali and more..

Also See : Hiranandani Winter Light Fiesta (Special Christmas Day Lightings) at Hiranandani Powai & Thane, 31st Night Locations, Last Year Hotspot Locations too.

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