A Mumbai Christmas Celebration: Joyous in Indias City of Dreams

On the night of 24th December, the city of Mumbai comes alive with the spirit of Christmas and the festivities of this year. The celebrations in Mumbai are no less grand than anywhere else in the world. From the evening prayers held in renowned churches to the late-night revelry, the city is a sight to behold.

The streets of Mumbai are adorned with special decorations and dazzling lights, particularly in Gaothans and other residential areas like IC Colony in Borivali and Khotachi Wadi in South Mumbai. These locations, along with popular spots like Bandra, add to the glittering ambiance of the city.

As the cool winter evening sets in, the city is illuminated by beautifully lit trees. People engage in various activities such as shopping for cards, preparing delicious food recipes, exchanging gifts, planning trips, and visiting their grandparents’ homes. There is an abundance of joy and merriment as the Christian community, along with other citizens, warmly welcomes the new year.

Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration

Christmas Trees In Mumbai

The 25th of December, the highly anticipated day of Jesus Christ’s birth, brings joy to the entire Christian community in Mumbai. It is also recognized as a public holiday in the city. Christmas, derived from the words “Christ” and “Mass,” signifies the mass celebrations of Lord Jesus Christ.

Mumbai, known for its vibrant metropolitan culture, adds to the festive spirit of any celebration. Christian individuals, as well as others like Gujaratis and Muslims, who are friends and members of the community, extend their wishes to Christians by saying “Happy Christmas” or “Merry Christmas.” They join in the birthday celebration of Lord Jesus with cakes, wines, and the presence of Santa Claus, exchanging gifts and indulging in joyful dancing and merriment.

Christmas Lighting in City

When you enter a bustling market during this festive season, you will be greeted by a vibrant display of hanging lights, star-shaped lanterns, adorable bunny decorations, and standalone Santa Claus figures adorned in illuminated attire.

As you venture into the quaint gaontans, which are old alleyways with small cottage homes, you will discover the heart of the Christian community. Here, you can witness the enchanting sight of trees and homes adorned with twinkling lights, as well as the charmingly decorated outdoor verandas of these bungalows and homes.

Like in diwali, Christians don’t do traditional diya’s during Christmas, they opt to enlight with star candils which is used for Christmas decoration.

In the winter evening of December in Mumbai city, the streets are filled with homes adorned with various outdoor lights such as LED, Rope, Curtain, and Theme lights. These lights are readily available in major Christmas decoration stores like Archie’s, adding to the festive atmosphere of the city.

December evenings in Mumbai are filled with the warm glow of outdoor lights such as LED, Rope, Curtain, and Theme lights. These lights are easily accessible in major Christmas decoration stores like Archie’s, making every home in the city a beacon of joy and merriment.

Types of Decoration Lights in City

Christmas Decoration Material Shop
Christmas Decoration Shopping Place in Mumbai

There are a multitude of Christmas lights utilized for embellishing homes, observed in numerous areas throughout the city. A few examples of these lights include:

  • Bubble Lights
  • Rope Lights
  • Net Lights
  • Christmas Tree Lights
  • String Lights
  • Yard Lights
  • Indoor usable
  • Solar Lights
  • LED chain lights
  • Soft Blue lights which looks beautiful at night.

Christmas Gifts & Cards Sold

Christmas Decoration
Christmas Decoration

During the festive season, it is customary to extend warm wishes and spread joy among family and friends. For several decades now, Christmas cards have played a significant role in achieving this. In the city, particularly in Mumbai, one can find an abundance of Santa Claus cards, Snow cards, Christmas tree cards, and best wishes cards. These cards come in various sizes, styles, and designs, making them visually appealing. They are readily available at all gift shops across the city.

If you are looking to purchase cards in large quantities, there are specific street locations near CP tank in South Mumbai that are renowned for their wide selection of cards, particularly Major Wedding cards. Additionally, Crawford market and its surrounding areas offer excellent deals for bulk Christmas card purchases.

Famous Churches For Christmas Prayers in Mumbai

Celebration knows no bounds, however, the central theme and customs take precedence in every festival. Therefore, here are a few of the most ancient and renowned churches that you can explore during the Christmas festivities to seek blessings.

Festive Shopping Markets in Mumbai

Currently, there is no specific location known as the ‘Christmas Market’ within the city. However, this term refers to a place where individuals can acquire various Christmas-themed products such as candles, Christmas trees, decorative lanterns, sparkling stars, pictures and frames of Lord Jesus, snow-white dresses, and more.

For same, couple of famous places are Bandra Hill Road and Linking Road. And if you are looking for affordable garlands for Christmas in Mumbai? Check out Crawford Market (Marine Lines) and Dadar market located near the station in the west. You can also find some stores in Santacruz and Vile Parle for your holiday shopping needs.

If you’re looking to embrace the Christmas spirit in Mumbai without breaking the bank, make your way to Crawford Market (Marine Lines) or Dadar market near the station. Moreover, there are a handful of stores in Santacruz and Vile Parle where you can discover fantastic bargains on holiday gifts.

How it is Celebrated in Mumbai

InIn the evening, black blazers and snow white gowns adorn the beautiful couples, children, family friends, and relatives as they gather for prayer at nearby churches. Following this solemn moment, the celebrations commence with a delightful array of cocktails and mocktails, including beer and wines, accompanied by delectable cakes and food.

The festive spirit fills the air as the Christian community in Mumbai comes together, dancing with joy throughout the city. Indoor games are organized for the little ones, providing them with endless fun until late into the night. The sound of crackers bursting adds to the jubilant atmosphere, making Christmas evening and New Year’s night a truly joyous occasion for all.

See the famous party locations in city, if planning for outdoor fun.

In Mumbai city, it is heartwarming to witness members of various communities, including Hindus and Muslims, extending their warm wishes of ‘Merry Christmas’ to their Christian friends. This beautiful gesture highlights the spirit of unity and inclusivity that thrives within the diverse community of Mumbai.

Decorations Goes hand-to-hand with Celebrations

There are numerous locations in Mumbai, such as Santacruz, Colaba, Vile Parle, Mahim Church, and Bandras Mount Merry, where you can capture stunning photos and videos of Christmas decorations. These areas have been home to the Christian community for centuries.

Additionally, the Christmas celebrations in Vasai and Virar are well-known, as many Christians reside in Bassein (Vasai) Gaon (Village). If you’re looking for Christmas decoration materials, you can find them at popular stores like Archies and shopping malls throughout the city.

The markets in Mumbai are also decorated with a wide variety of products, including Christmas greetings, wall hangings, balloons, tree bells (also known as Xmas bells), and more.

Lets See a Latest Video of Christmas Shopping Market

Experience the magic of Mumbai during the Christmas festive season through these 9 captivating videos. Immerse yourself in the unique celebrations and decorations that can be found both in the heart of the city and in the far interiors. One video showcases a Nativity Yard nestled within a charming village in the far north suburb, while another takes you down a small lane opposite Crawford Market, where locals flock to buy affordable decorating items. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Khotachi Wadi, a must-see location during Christmas. Additionally, explore the beautifully lit malls, IC Colony in Borivali, and many more enchanting spots.

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