Inside Mumbai Local Trains and Platform Photos

“Feel Mumbai local trains with pictures of things inside and also outside premise on platform. Individual things inside train like Fan inside, Good carrier, Indicator, Windows, Switches, seatings, Ceiling and Floor, Handles.

Also various things seen outside local train on platform and railway premise like main indicator with train timings, stations, destination, slow or fast. Also seen here is various direction boards like platform number, station master office, Water vending machine and more..”

More Photos

The pictures above says lots of things related to Mumbai local trains, Both inside the coaches and outside station premise.

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In last few years, drastic change and good development is seen in and around Mumbai railway premise. Stations and Platform area is clean, Proper dustbins are in place, Indicators are clear and can be seen from distance, directions boards and other indicators are available.

Huge water vending machine has replaced the classic taps which were nonfunctional and not hygienic then. Local train railway staff are helpful and prompt as and when required.

More pictures will be added and sure will give you the feel of Mumbai local train.


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