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“It’s time to talk about ATVM card recharge / refill / top up process, As already detailed in previous article about local trains Smart Cards and ATVM machines and also have given a live demo that has already helped lakh’s of local citizens and foreign tourist travellers using smart card detailing on how to get journey ticket from this vending machine. Below are details on Smart Card top up and a sample print of the recharge receipt for your reference. Kindly note that the words ‘Recharge’, ‘Top Up’ and ‘Refill’ all refers to same.”

Smart Card Recharge Receipt
Smart Card Recharge Receipt

Recharge or Top up Details

  • Recharge of these smart cards can be done from any stations on Western Or Central railway route of Mumbai.
  • Keep the note of the ticket counter which has special notice written, A counter dedicated to Coupons and ATVM card recharge.
  • Top up of these cards are done in Multiple of Rs.50 (Indian Currency Approximate to 1 Dollar, United States Currency), Maximum refill up to Rs.500 at a time.
  • Validity of your smart card upon recharge is 1 year from that date.

If you see the above picture of receipts when you refill your card, you will notice that a special offer from Railway has been given to passengers using smart cards, the offer being the Bonus Rs.25 on every Rs.500 recharge. More details printed on the receipt are as below :

  1. The receipt has a unique ID on top right for railway reference.
  2. Background has water mark kind print spread all across ticket that shows logo of Indian Railway with words printed.
  3. Top line says ‘Rs.500 SMC Recharge Receipt with a (number).
  4. VTS No. A alpha numeric combination of number.
  5. Card Number : is your Smart Card Unique Number starting with WR which means valid in Western Railway Route.
  6. VLD From : Details the validity FROM and TO Date (Generally 1 Year) from recharge.
  7. Previous Travel Value : This is the balance in your card before you applied for top up.
  8. Recharge Amount : Is the Amount you paid for refill.
  9. Bonus Travel Value : Is the Rs.25 Special Bonus given to Smart Card Travellers.
  10. Total Travel Value : Combination of balanced amount Rs.11 + Bonus Rs.25 + Actual Rs.500 = Rs.536/-
  11. Note : Bonus Value Not Refundable.
  12. Date and Time with Short Code Location Detail of Recharge. In this Case Borivali.
  13. Note : To Preserve this Receipt, Which is actually not required if you confirmed the refill in your card done properly.

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  1. what happens to balance in old card after one year expiry. can i get it transferred to new card?

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