Celebrating Eco Friendly Holi Festival in Mumbai With Safe Colors

“Although Holi being one of the best festival in Mumbai to have fun with water and varieties of colors, its better be safe then sorry by playing it safely with Eco-friendly home made and organic colors. The meaning of the festive is to put an end to old grudge’s and misunderstanding between friends and relatives by putting colors, water with pitchkari’s etc and looking forward for a new healthy relationship, Yet its not a good idea to use hazardous oil paints, plastic and rubber balloons and synthetic colors as that may end the relations forever. Below is a guide to celebrate and enjoy peaceful, Eco-friendly and safest holi in Mumbai city to keep those memories on forever and be away from skin allergies, eye damage and toxins..”

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Holi Festive in Mumbai
Holi Festive in Mumbai

How Mumbai Celebrates Holi

Majorly celebrated by Maharashtrian community (As Called Marathi’s) The fun starts before some 7 days of actual holi day which is Rang Panchmi Day. Although the trend of burning small trees in the name of ‘HOLIKA’ for these 7 days has been seen reduced, some far villages in suburbs does it till date. Then comes the last day (i.e a day before colorful playing day) when Mumbai localities form their group and goes out to purchase long huge trees to be burned at night which resembles the mythological story of goddess ‘HOLIKA’.

Married women keep fast for that day and ends the same while doing pooja and other rituals around the tree which is burned or ready to. On the other end the young blood are found high on liquors, dancing around the tree fired. Kids have their own fun time, they purchase colors and balloons from shops and starts throwing color water via pitchkari’s on locals walking around. These fun goes around late night and early morning as no one has job next day during rang panchmi and the time of full of fun and celebration.

How To Play Holi Safely Eco Friendly Way
Do you know you can make holi colors at home which are organic and natural and most important safe for you and your kids ? Whatever you teach them in early years when they start playing holi in Mumbai with neighbourhood, they will consider the same to be playful, safer and way to enjoy and celebrate. So better teach them safer lesson which are Eco-friendly too. Below are some simple steps to make home made colors.

Last year few young girls, teen and adults played holi with talcum powder and face creams to save their skins from those synthetic gulal, oil paints and varnish which damages the skin and wipes out all the face glory that were taken care and maintained upon spending huge amount at beauty parlors.

Keep the name handy ‘RANG DULAAR’ is the name of those safe organic gulal sold in Mumbai markets at cheaper rates, these colors are made up of dyed natural colors, rice flour by Vanstree which is special farm at Karnataka by NGO women farmers. These safe colors can be found at Sahakari Bhandar, Namdharis, Bombay Stores and Twenty Four Letter mantra which are all leading stores in Mumbai. Get your Gulal, Pichkaris and water balloons all made up of Organic products and enjoy the fun of this festival. The Approximate cost per Kg of organic colors is Rs.100/- and of Herbal Colors which is best and natural is Rs.500/-.

Making Holi Colors At Home

Making Water Colors

Orange : Take Hot Water and Add 500 gm of Tesu Flowers.
Blue : Take Hot Water and Dip Grate beetroot and Black Carrot for few hours.
Pink : One day before holi festive rang panchmi, Mis 500 gm rose petals into hot water.

Making Dry Colors

Pink : Make a mixture of Sindoor (Vermilion) and Maida.
Yellow : Use Besan with Turmeric Powder.
Green : Use Maida with Henna Powder.

Making Oil Colors

Red : Use mixture of Coconut Oil With Sindoor (Vermilion).
Yellow : Coconut Oil with Turmeric Powder.

Dos and Don’t Of Eco Friendly Holi

  1. Very first thing to do while playing holi is to protect your eyes and skin. Avoid wearing any type of contact lenses and for skin better come out of home by applying good amount of Lotions, Sun Screen, Coconut Oil on your skin areas like Face, Hand and Neck which are targeted by synthetic colors during play. It is also highly recommended to wear full sleeved cotton clothes in white.
  2. Avoid Playing Balloon, As on holi day and next major eye injuries are due to same, it can cause blunt injuries and also perforations of eyeball which can lead to infections and in some case loss of vision too. Ophthalmologists of city even reports eye surgeries after this festive day celebration.
  3. Use Sunglasses to protect your eyes from balloons, water jets, dye and those dangerous colors.
  4. Save your face, If Color Enters your eyes, use lot of clean water to wash it with clean hands without using handkerchief and without rubbing it.
  5. Keep away from danger playing, drunk groups and mobs. Typically people target making other wet in area, society and lanes before one day of Rang Panchmi, i.e the previous day when Holi tree ‘Holika’ is burned.
  6. Use and Promote use of Safe Organic and Herbal colors as detailed above and use home made colors too.

Holi Rain Dance Video On Celebration Day

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