BMC Pet Dogs License in Mumbai – Online E-License Form

“I distinctly remember it was October 2010 when i wrote about BMC pet license getting on-line (E-License) for Dogs and possibly for other pets owned by Mumbai citizens. TAX on pet dogs is liable under section 191A according to Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act 1888. It seems like the on-line process for getting dogs license is yet not started, Still the application form in this article can be used and the license status can be seen on-line (Sample Image below). Below are details on Cost / Charges, Process, BMC License form, Wards (Zones) and step by step guide.”

Cutie My Dog
Cutie My Dog

Why Dogs License ?

Under Section 191A of Mumbai Municipal Corporation Act 1888 tax on Pet dogs has been applied and is collected by issuing Dogs licenses to respective owners. Another reason to issue and renew such licenses being Dog and Rabies goes hand in hand and getting such adorable yet unlicensed pet inside a residential complex has a risk to owners if dog bites spreads deadly rabies and one has to take 5 costly injections with the wound and pain. Yes, Not all stray dogs around and inside housing societies are vaccinated but the nearest once being the pet at home has to be vaccinated compulsory. Once ‘Medical Office Health’ MOH approves and issues the license, Your pet is safe for all.

Pet Card Certificate By Veterinarian
Pet Card Certificate By Veterinarian

Pet once adopted / purchased / transferred from other owner has to be vaccinated by local veterinarian doctor who will issue a certificate having complete details like doctors clinic address, pet owners address, contact details, breed, date of birth, vaccination and de-worming schedules. This card & Xerox (Photo Copy) has to be carried along with the license application form duly filled with required details to get a BMC license valid of next 1 year as a proof of a rabies free safe pet at home and in your housing society. Legally, No one can take any objections for your beloved family member dogs. When i wrote about this on October 2010, Approximate about 27000 such pet owners were recorded which now has grown to 50000 according to latest count and news.

Offline and Online E-License Form and Process

So you are done with vaccination and getting a veterinarian certificate, Next here are steps to apply for BMC Pet Dogs license inside Mumbai circle.

STEP 1 : Check if Online License process has been started at MCGM website. Fill up the form and submit with the required documents (Possibly Pet Certificate, Owners Details etc).

STEP 2 : If E-Licensing not available, Download this TAX and LICENSE APPLICATION FORM (Also available at your local BMC Ward / MCGM Office) which has below details :

  • License No. (If renewal and already have one).
  • Year.
  • Applicant Category (Individual / Institution). Since major Pet dog is a home owner, Select Individual.
  • Ward Name (If you don’t know, Here are Mumbai Wards Details).
  • Owners Name.
  • Applicant name (If not owner himself).
  • Complete Address of Pets Owner / Institution.
  • Pet Dog Details : Name, Breed, Colour, ID mark if any, Age, Date when owner brought / Purchased OR Transferred by another owner, Veterinary Doctors name, Date of ARV Vaccination, Stray Dog Adopted, If brought from Outside Mumbai city, If Puppy took birth at owners place.

STEP 3 : Submit and get your license, Keep handy a photo copy at home.

Pet Dogs License FAQ

Q.How long the licensing process takes ?
It can be aquired on the same day of form submission OR as guided by your local BMC ward office.

Q.What are the Charges / Cost / Fees for new license and Renewal ?
For a puppy with age 1 year and below, license fees will cost Rs.100/- and If your dog is above 1 year age then the total age (Years) multiply by Rs.100. Example (5 Years x Rs.100 = Rs.500). Same applies for license renewal process.

Q.What is the validity period ?
1 Year from the date of issue.

Q.Is it compulsory to get a valid BMC license for Pet Dogs ?
YES, The residential / Housing society you stay with your dog may take objection and feel unsafe of having a un-vaccinated and Unlicensed pet dog in premise, So getting a valid BMC license and also doing the needful for yearly renewal is very important.

Q.Do every Mumbai Citizen Who own a Dog have a BMC license ?
Surprisingly NO. The main reason being the fear of going through the hassles and documents which might take a day full or 2. But once E-licenses (Online Pet License) is ready, hopefully most to every owner who is aware of the importance will do the needful.

Q.Any extra charges / fees ?
Nope, Initially a one time Rs.150 extra were charges for the license book issued. Kindly check with your ward office if it still applies.

Q.How can we see Online Status ?
While writing this article, i was able to reach MCGM dog license status page (Currently page not available & removed, Snapshot below) and tried pulling out license status data, Below image for same.

MCGM Pet License Status Page
MCGM Pet License Status Page

DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO OWNS A PET AT HOME ? Share this article and spread a word of generosity to help for better prospects of our city.

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    online is not working for me , please help

    • January 17, 2020 at 9:55 pm

      Same here it does not work i applied for it like 2 months back but i have never recieved any response on it .
      Dear Citizen,

      Your documents has been successfully submitted against Dog License Application :0792136856.

      Documents uploaded are subject to verification by MCGM.

      Please save this Application number for future references.

      Kindly pay the amount due from below path after receiving intimation email from MCGM .

      MCGM Portal -> Online Services -> Online Payment to MCGM option.

      NOTE: This is an Electronically generated mail,please do not reply on this Email


      & and document of information which i filled it which has a lisence # but i never make the payment for it

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our License no 0792137020 is expired on 2020.03.31

    We are trying to renew your License. But its showing payment is pending.

    We didn’t receive any email regarding payment.

    Kindly send the payment link again or let us know what we need to do?

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