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“Do you feel their is Dog Menace are more then required stray dogs near your building, lanes etc ? These Dogs are actually our friends and plays a vital role in balancing the Eco-system around. Some times hunger in these dogs creates menace and needs a solutions like stray dog feeding and sterilization to control this menace and make them our friends and an extra security in building / society premise. Below are some of the helplines for stray dogs in Mumbai city. Below are some of the known Animal welfare associations and NGO’s that can help you for same..”

Stray Dogs in Mumbai
Stray Dogs in Mumbai

Why Stray Dogs Create Menace

As everyone knows dogs are best friends of Humans, Be it a stray or one of the PET of other breed. Most of these dogs always seek love and pamper from humans around, they want to be around like our friends.

Natural unrestricted process of reproduction in Dogs which is faster compared to humans brings in more puppies which creates need of more food around. The new skylines and other buildings and housing societies have restrictions for stray dogs, Unlike the homes just 2 decades before, Less building and more low lying houses and Chawls for whom Stray dogs were just part and parcel of life.

Except few dog lovers who feeds them regularly, No one cares about these beautiful and obedient species as the wasted food is directly thrown inside huge garbage canes which are inaccessible by stray who depends on Human wasted food to survive which was very common and still can be seen at village locations. If someone noticed, Dogs inside villages with low lying homes, Bungalows and Chawls with ample greenery around look more healthier then those around concrete building area.

So, less food options and faster reproduction process has created a wide gap between Human and stray dogs which makes them aggressive as they have to depend on very less quantity. The hunger and competition among them creates the ‘MENACE’.

We need to be little more friendly towards these dogs, adopt stray as pet, Visit pet care centres and get more knowledge and be a regular stray dog feeder to balance our Eco-System.

Sterilization Helplines for Dog Menace in Mumbai

Some of the very known Animal welfare associations, NGO’s and Communities who are actively working towards helping stray dog sterilization and rehabilitation are listed below with helplines. Every single dog sterilization in Mumbai cost about Rs. 900/- and government is helping all such organizations by subsidizing and discounting on Sterilization process bringing the cost down to Rs. 350/- per dog. Its not easy for these helpers & NGO to keep the mission successful alone in this Mumbai city, So we should personally help them with whatever possible funds from your society / personally.

Organization NameCity Locations CoveredHelpline Numbers
Welfare Of Stray DogsComplete Mumbai02264222838
Save Our StrayBandra to Dahisar (Western Suburbs)919820141310
In Defence Of AnimalsGreater Mumbai till Deonar and Dahisar (Suburbs)919320056581
In Defence Of AnimalsNavi Mumbai till Panvel91920056585

IMPORTANT !!! : Stray dogs are very much an important part of our balancing Environment. Not much expected from anyone, Just DO NOT THROW THE WASTED FOOD DIRECTLY INSIDE GARBAGE CANES OF SOCIETY, Have a fixed small place where one can keep the extra food which can be consumed by these dogs and automatically the menace will be reduced.

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4 thoughts on “Stray Dogs Helplines – Mumbai | Dogs Sterilization and Menace Help

  • October 2, 2019 at 12:59 am

    First thing is that none of your helplines are working right now.
    I live in vikhroli east, and we have one stray dog in our area which is supersick and needs your help.
    He’s neck has grown larger and he’s in pain.
    Please contact as soon as possible.

    • November 18, 2019 at 9:32 am

      There is a stray dog in my building Jogeshwari East jvlr, she is super sick. She is bleeding.. I seriously need a help i am not able to arrange anything please help me i seriously need to save her from pain.. Call me on 8369002571

  • October 9, 2019 at 10:19 am

    One dog in our building is super weak…please help him….he is not at all well

  • November 4, 2019 at 3:50 pm

    Stray Dogs in Sector 21 rabale
    Talavli gaon
    Dear respected Officer,
    5 November 2019
    Timming 2 20am im writing this

    This is regarding increasing problems due to Stray Dogs in talavli gaon area, Rabale. It has been observed that number of stray dogs are increasing and causing too much problem for residents of area. They are barking and fighting all the night making it a nightmare to sleep in the night.Also, it is getting very difficult and unsafe to walk out in society area as there are probable chances that these dogs will attack and bite. Day by Day this problem is getting worse and making area unsafe for public especially during evening/night.The dog menace has increased horribly in our society as many children have been attacked earlier. Last night i was also attacked by the group of 25dogs, i had counted each dog at 2am at night they are very scary thankfully with the help of security guard i was saved, but fell down and got hurt badly on my knee.

    Request you to kindly help us and mobilize the dog catcher team in this area in order to make area safe and nuisance free.

    Please help us… citizen life is more important…
    I did complain a month back also but no response from bmc why is it not necessary or what no reply or no action
    In case some day they will bite a person how much costly it will be


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