Adopting Pets – Yearly Fair For Dog Puppies Kittens Adoption in Mumbai

“Yearly fairs and events for Pet adoption of dog or kitten (cat) may be a better option for both the current owner and person who adopts. Its not the pet, But the love is actually given to be taken care of. But before adopting a stray or any other breed dog or cat in excitement, Know some real facts which needs time and dedication to prove your love towards pets, Else do not adopt or you will land up giving back or looking for a new owner within next 6 months. Below is how one can adopt a beautiful new life for his / her home in Mumbai via the Yearly pet fair by WFA (World For All) with their 2 days yearly event called ‘Adoptathon’.”

Pet Adoption in City
Pet Adoption in City

Yearly Pet Adoption Event ‘Adoptathan’

WFA (World For All), an NGO who started this unique concept of adopting a pet in Mumbai in 2011 and started working towards betterment of stray dogs who can be a good pets for some home. WFA’s event (yearly fair called ‘Adoptathan’) got success at their first fair at Bandra and since then every year the response and calls for adopting a stray & kittens has been increasing from just 1 call a day to about more than 50 to 70 calls daily to enquire about adoption process and available pets.

The response and growth of this organization for such a beautiful work is such that now monthly they do about 60 sterilizations and attend about 100 to 120 calls for pets medical challenges and emergencies of these stray dogs and kittens. Now the figures have reached as high as 60 Adoptions per months, Which means 2 pets getting shelter every day which is just great.

In the year 2012 the fair at ‘Bandra Hindu Association Hall’ on Sunday 25th November observed about hundreds of various dog breeds and strays, cats which were available looking for new home and better life. Ruchi Nadkarni who founded WFA and Tanya Swetta from id8 media solutions had done a blessing work for Mumbai strays. Every day many such animals are rescued from lanes and streets of Mumbai which are mostly sent to BSPCA pet care shelter homes. Such pet fairs in Bandra and other places by more NGO’s and animal lovers helps to share load of such shelters and also is one of great jobs in humanity. Fair welcomed more then 1500 to 2500 visitors in last few years of ADOPTHATHON event.

Fair 2013 : On 23rd and 24th of November 2013 Pet fair event was at Bandra Hindu Association Hall again located at Bandra Linking Road with usual timings between 10:00 Am to 6:00 Pm with listed about 150 pets ready for adoption (Dogs and Kittens) and few more stalls.

In these 2 days fair, Bollywood celebrities were present to show their support and love to this noble cause. Entry fees of Rs.50 for visitors and the only requirement of carrying a valid photo id proof and resident address to take away a cute and beloved new member for addition at your home.

WFA Contact : +91-9819689890

Requirements and Process of Pet Adoption

Usually pets are sold by one owner to other or were available for sale at famous commercial locations like ‘Crawford Market Pet Section‘. Depending on Dog, Cat and other pet breeds charges from Rs.2000 to 1 Lakh were fixed by owners. Sometimes after spending money and getting a pet at home people are not able to cope up with them for many reasons related to taking care, cleanliness, feeding or one or more of the family member opposing keeping them any more.

Here in such fair dedicated to pet adoption, One do not need to spend any single rupee, But the adoption process has some requirements by WFA organization. A basic interview is been taken by them and many questions are asked in the screening process which gives an idea of prospects home, location, members age, behaviours and love towards animals, financial capabilities, dedication in terms of time and care and more like resident address and other proofs. The interview is just a way to ensure that the adoption process goes successfully and the pet lands in correct caring hands for a better life.

Adoption agreement has to be signed after reading terms and understanding that this dogs and kittens are stray and they also explains and give details about the general requirement of pets and monthly expenses that do occur extra upon adoption.

Basic Monthly Expenses Of Pet in Mumbai

This is one of the very important factor which many miss out due to adoption / Purchase excitement looking at the cuteness of puppies and kittens. But upon spending couple of months, taking care like feeding and potty cleaning & training, just like any human child. One may get frustrated and feels like burden of care and pocket heaviness for extra expenses occurring.

Although it is explained during adoption process, Below is a check list and guidelines for reference :

  • Timely Vaccination (Every Six Months, Yearly) is a must. Starting from very first injections which saves the pup from many diseases. Also important as it saves the owner from getting affected by pet diseases. The most important vaccination of Rabies may cost anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.1500 per injection. One of more injections and pills for de-worming etc.
  • Cute Dog accessories or related to pet you adopted. Like milk pan, Biscuits, Daily food packets, Neck rope, Shampoo, Nail Cutter, Powder and more.
  • The requirement of most important asset ‘TIME’ is what one needs to understand. Pets need outdoor walk couple of times in a day for better health. They do need care and cuddling and that may lead to some extra time consumed.
  • Adopting a pet in Mumbai and anywhere and then giving excuses of not having enough time is something which is not expected, So do think about same before getting ahead. Many who are single keep their pets in closed home for about 12 hours and take them out at night once upon reaching home from job, which is not recommended.
  • Pet food is easy available in city and at every other location near you. The point here is the total expense that occur on their food like biscuits, milk, Veg & Non Veg food they consume.
  • Potty and other training of pet is a big headache and one needs to hire a trainer for initial few months.
  • Pet license is must. Check with your owner and society rules if your house is on rent or even owned before you go ahead and adopt one.
  • Are you a Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian as not all dogs like to go for Vegetarian diet.
  • Do you have a vet shop around in Mumbai location where you stay ? Check out few and visit them as and when required. Also keep note of Pet helplines in Mumbai.
  • Does any of your family members have any kind of allergies related to pet. In any case if you bring one, take care of pet hair fall and other hygiene factors.

Bollywood Celebrities and Pet Adoption
Many of our Mumbai’s famous Bollywood celebrities loves and have one or more pets at their home. In fact they can afford, adopt and keep dedicated maid for pets compared to many of local citizens in Mumbai. So do care as below listed celebrities with pets at home already do at their resident.

  • Amitabh Bachchan has some 2 to 3 dogs at Juhu Bungalow.
  • Imran Khan
  • Sohail Khan
  • Dino Morea
  • Diandra Soares
  • Kalki Koechlin
  • Tusshar Kapoor
  • Vanita Omung Kumar

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