Recreation Leisure and Entertainment Options in Mumbai

“Wide options for recreation in Mumbai, Both Indoor and outdoor. Get out feel free and enjoy some refreshing options and have fun in Mumbai. These recreation activities, Places like Beaches, Movies, Theatres, Amusement Water Parks, List of Gardens and Park for children and adults will keep you engaged for few days. Some of best Discos and Pubs for those prefer that as an recreation activity too. This are the best options for Leisure and Entertainment in Mumbai city..”

Discos For Recreation in Mumbai
Discos For Recreation in Mumbai

  • Both rocky and Sandy Beaches : These Beaches are great entertainment for kids and are a real leisure for all those tired and want a relaxing time within city.
  • Rides and Water Parks for Recreation : Best Summer Recreation option for all age and not just children and youngsters. Water parks and resorts are in abundance, Some of the famous once are Essel World and Water Kingdom in suburbs and many more around city and Thane, Palghar districts.
  • Theatres for Entertainment : Movie Theatres have always been proved as one of the best recreation options around world. Relax and enjoy the movie of choice you like and get disconnected to outside world for next 2 to 3 hours is really rejuvenating sometimes.
  • Discotheque : Discos in Mumbai are for youth who prefer more of energy pushes by dancing on floor rather just relaxing. Every age has its fun and recreation choice and Mumbai city gives some of the famous rocking places for all.
  • Pubs and Night life : Mumbai is known for its Night life if you have that time and money to enjoy. Varieties of pubs, bars and lounges all over city and suburb, Specially at locations like Bandra, Andheri and Powai enough to give reasons for few sleepless nights.
  • Clubs Options in Mumbai : Various clubs, Private and Public and restricted entries are another option of recreation in Mumbai. Play games that all enjoy or enjoy some classy golf is the matter of choice.
  • Gymkhanas Options : Recreation Gyms (Exercise, Relax and recreate yourself with enthusiasm) is what is available at every locations in Mumbai city. Last 2 decade saw the up-trend of Gymkhana memberships which is a perfect way for fitness and recreation.
  • Gardens and Parks : Outdoor Recreation Options like parks and gardens ideal for both kids and parents together to be close to nature and a perfect outdoor leisure. Mumbai city is blessed with nature parks like Maharashtra nature park, Colaba garden and many more. Just be there with family, friends and kids and get a wonderful chance to be with mother nature.
  • Picnic Spots : Be it a One Day Picnic or an overnight stay with your gang. No better way to leave all day to day tensions and just have fun chitchatting and hanging out with no tensions. Mumbai has some beautiful locations and waterfalls for a day well spent.
  • Other Entertainment Options : Latest movies in city is fast to catch up, We already detailed about the list of theatres and here is something for movie lovers too.
  • Recreational Places : Lots of Attraction Places : Many attraction places and things to do, places to see inside city. This places will sure brings entertainment and fun for children like Taraporewala fish aquarium and lots more for all age group..
  • Adventure Options in Mumbai : Adventures to Recreate and check oneself with the health and energy level inside self. Some of them are extreme sports and water rides is what can brings fun with that weekend recreation.

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