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 Virar to Andheri Fast Trains - Mumbai Local Trains Timetable 2023

Mumbai Local Trains

"Virar to Andheri timetable which are Fast local trains, running on western railway route.."

Disclaimer : Although we update train timings regularly, We do not guarantee for the timings detailed.

Virar to Andheri Timetable (Fast trains)

Most fast trains are slow till Borivali and only few stops at Nalasopara.
06:00 # Stops at Nalasopara, No Halt at Naigaon, Mira Road, Dahisar and Between Borivali and Andheri.
06:51 # Stops only at Vasai Road, Bhayandar, Borivali and Andheri.
07:48 # Stops at Nalasopara, No Halt at Naigaon, Mira Road, Dahisar and Between Borivali and Andheri.
09:37 # Slow till Borivali.
09:51 # Slow till Borivali.
13:34 # Slow till Borivali.
13:46 # Slow till Borivali.
15:35 # Slow till Borivali.
15:52 # Slow till Borivali.
16:29 # Slow till Borivali.
17:06 # Slow till Borivali.
17:30 # Slow till Borivali.
19:15 # Slow till Borivali. (NOT Running on Saturday and Sunday)
19:48 # Slow till Borivali.
22:44 # Slow till Borivali.

Stations Name Between Virar and Andheri

(Time Difference in Hour:Minutes)

Virar Starting Station
Nalasopara 6 Minutes
Vasai Road 11 Minutes
Naigaon 15 Minutes
Bhayandar 21 Minutes
Mira Road 26 Minutes
Dahisar 30 Minutes
Borivali 34 Minutes
Kandivali 38 Minutes
Malad 41 Minutes
Goregaon 44 Minutes
Ram Mandir 46 Minutes
Jogeshwari 49 Minutes
Andheri 54 Minutes

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