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 Kurgaon Tarapur Pin Code - Palghar Zip Code | Postal Code

     Kurgaon Tarapur Pin Codes and Post Offices
Palghar District Pin Codes

Kurgaon Tarapur Pin Code | Zip Code | Postal Code is 401502, city Palghar. Total 1 post offices with 1 location under this zip code having 1 localities (Residential & Commercial Buildings) and 1 Road / Margs at Kurgaon Tarapur Palghar.

Kurgaon Tarapur Pin Code Details

  • • Station / Area: Kurgaon Tarapur.
  • • Pin Code: 401502
  • • City: Palghar.
  • • State: Maharashtra.
  • • Country: India.
  • • Post Office: Kudan Tarapur. See also: All Post Office Address in Palghar District
  • • Area Covered (Square Kilometer): 37.3.

Pin Code 401502 Area, Locality and Post Offices

 Post Office Address for 401502
  •  Kudan Tarapur Post Office: Dahisar Road, Near CIFS Colony, Dahisar T. Tarapur, Palghar, Kurgaon Tarapur, Palghar, Maharashtra, India, 401502.
 401502 Area is Kurgaon Tarapur, Below Locality

See All 401502 area locality.

  •  All Localities, Kurgaon, Kurgaon Tarapur, Palghar, Maharashtra, India, 401502.
  • ** Disclaimer: Data Sourced from India Post Official. We updated, corrected as much possible, Still inaccuracy and errors are expected.

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