Currency in Mumbai – Coins and Currency Notes Used

“Like any other country people visiting in Mumbai (India) needs to know about how Mumbai currency is used and what are the rates, values and conversion rates in market. Lets have a look at types of coins and Money currency notes used in Mumbai..”

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Outdated Currency Without Issued Year Printed

IMP NOTE !!! As per Reserve Bank Of India Rules, Currency notes which do not have YEAR of PRINT (See below Image) will be invalid after 1st April 2014, So pull out all your notes and check if it has YEAR of print and is valid. So, How to identify if your banknote will be valid after April 1st 2014 ?

The Reserve Bank has decided to withdraw all currency notes issued
prior to 2005, including Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations, to curb black money and fake currencies.

Indian Currency With Issued Year Printed

Indian Currency With Issued Year Printed


Indian Currency

Indian Currency

Mumbai Currency is counted and valued in ‘Rupees (unlike dollars in United States), While writing sometimes it is written as ‘Rs.‘ Below are types of currency notes and coins and an approximate currency conversion ration as of 2009. And like its ‘cents‘ in USA for lower value than a Dollar, here it is ‘Paise‘. Typically Rs.1 = 100 Paise (Like $1 = 100 cents).

Types of Currency Notes

  • Most commonly used and currency notes found in market during shopping, banking and business transactions are of value Rs.1000/- , Rs.500/- , Rs. 100/-, Rs.50, Rs. 20/-, Rs.10/-, Rs.5/-. Previously Rs.2/- and Rs.1/- currency notes were also used here, but now hardly seen.

IMP NOTE : Now a days fake currency rackets are found in India for major currency note of Rs.1000/- and Rs.500/- and in few cases Rs.100/- too. This duplicate fake notes looks similar to the original one. Two of the major fake currency notes series in Rs.1000/- notes are ‘2AQ‘ and ‘8AC‘ (Source Internet). Kindly take care while dealing with this series notes.

Types of Currency Coins in City

  • One can easily find coins worth Rupees. 5/-, Rs.2, Rs.1, 50 Paise (25 paise are no longer accepted). Recently it was also in news that Coins worth Rs.10/- be soon introduced in Market and already Rs.5/- new coins are out which has golden color.

Facts about Indian Currency

  • Do not accept Indian currency notes which in two piece. One banks accepts such notes.
  • In case of emergency it is also found that people write some small note on blank park of currency notes (Funny..)
  • This notes are circulated about millions of times before reaching your hands, So wash hands properly after you touch it and before eating somethings with hands.
  • Do not hold currency notes in mouth for any temporary reasons as it is unhygienic.
  • In Mumbai market when in Hindi language it is said ‘Chutta do’ means they are asking for change.

ATM Delivering Currency Notes

Latest rules applied on all bank ATM’s which allowed any customer to withdraw money from any other banks ATM is an useful point to be noted, So for example if you have an Account in ‘Bank Of America’ with a branch here, you can use the Debit / ATM card to withdraw cash from any other banks ATM without any service changes. Kindly refer you banks terms once for withdrawal of currency and ATM related international rules to confirm.

Do Not Carry More High Currency Notes

I though this will be an important point to be notes when talking about currency in Mumbai. If you are a tourist and are planning to use public transport like local trains or bus, it is advisable ‘NOT TO CARRY’ lots of hard cash currency notes as public transport are very crowded and risk of theft and pick pocket is very high.

Currency Slangs in Hindi

Local Currency Slang (Hindi) Meaning in English
Ye Nakli Hai Its a Fake Currency
Note Badal ke Do Please Change and Give Another Currency Note
Chutta Hai Kya ? Do you have Change ?
Chutta Nahi Hai I Don’t Have Change
Example : Aur Ek Rupiya More One Rupee
Hazar Rupiya Thousand Rupees
Pansau Rupiya Five Hundred Rupees
Sau Rupiya Hundred Rupees
Pachas Rupiya Fifty Rupees
Bees Rupiya Twenty Rupees
Dus Rupiya Ten Rupees
Pach Rupiya Five Rupees
Do Rupiya Two Rupees (Available in Coin)
Ek Rupiya One Rupee (Coin)
Aathana Fifty Paise (Like Half a Doller is 50 Cents)

Another helpful note that will be handy when you are on shopping malls , local vegetable market etc is that how they pronounce Indian currency here. At every location in Mumbai city you will find people speaking English so this can not be a major problem, yet not all sellers are educated here, So when dealing with currency notes and coins in market this local slang are  sure going to help you.

Currency Converter :
Yahoo Currency Converter for up to date currency conversion rates.

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