Newspapers in Mumbai – List Of Most Read Leading Newspapers

“Most Read and leading newspapers in Mumbai are listed below. Other newspapers being circulated in a particular location / station only. But for any general information, Only leading daily are detailed below. This list includes major English daily of Mumbai, Suburban and Navi Mumbai and also few of the most read regional languages daily like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu in city..”

Newspapers in Mumbai
Newspaper Stall in Mumbai

News daily, Circulations of most read and only leading newspapers are also in varieties, Most covering Mumbai City news, Crime, Properties, Politics, Economics, Bollywood gossips, Movies details, Sports, Advertisements and many more informations related to health, wellness and relationships.

Few newspapers like Mid-Day and Mumbai Mirror are very handy to read, while others are bigger in length and width. Of all this Newspapers available in Mumbai with circulation daily in numbers like 3 to 5 lakhs and oldest like Times of India, Economic Times and group daily news have much larger base and circulations in English and other local and regional  languages like Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati giving news and updates about a situation.

These newspapers are available at every other corners of city on street side stalls and also at railway stations etc from morning 5:30 am till late afternoons. If you missed, You can get the same from nearest Railway book and newspaper stalls any time in a day. Few news agencies has 2 editions, one early morning and other in afternoon.

Everyday local stalls deliver these newspapers at home and few years back, Sellers were also seen inside local trains too. The trend of reading news via paper media has not changed and is not soon to go, Even if GO GREEN is the need of time. Although, many news readers have shifted to online free version of same by reading via mobile phone, tablets and kindles while travelling, Not all are satisfied and are only satisfied when they feel it in their hand.

These leading news papers and other local papers cost anywhere from Rupees (Rs) 2 to Rs. 6 and few of them charges extra rupee or two in weekends. Major leading English news papers brands have yearly schemes with circulations available throughout the year via discount coupons that has to be submitted to local vendor. Yearly schemes are very cheap and as low as Rs.400/- to Rs.900 for complete 1 year subscription, which saves about 30 to 40% if you pay daily. Fun is that the Raddiwala (Scrap dealer) gives a good amount of newspaper bundles which gets collected at home, But sad at the cost of our nature as thousands of trees get chopped for the same need.

English News Papers

  • The Times of India
  • Economic Times
  • Financial Express
  • Indian Express
  • Mumbai Mirror
  • Mid-day
  • DNA (Daily News and Analysis)
  • Business-Standards
  • Hindustan Times
  • Free Press Journal

Hindi News Papers (Including Urdu Daily)

  • Hindi Mid-Day
  • Tehalka News
  • Navbharat Times
  • Humara Mahanagar
  • Aaj Ka Anand
  • YashoBhoomi
  • Dopahar
  • Saamna
  • Hindmata
  • Mumbai Sandhya

Gujarati News Papers

  • Gujarat Samachar
  • Mumbai (Bombay) Samachar
  • Divya Bhasker
  • Sandesh
  • Gujarati Mid-Day
  • JanmaBhoomi

Marathi News Papers

  • Loksatta
  • Maharashtra Times
  • Navshakti
  • Navakal
  • Vartahar
  • Saamna (saamana)
  • Sakal
  • Sandesh
  • Lokmat
  • Divyabhaskar
  • Mumbai Mitra
  • Sandhyanand
  • Punya Nagri
  • Samrat
  • Ratnagiri News
  • Mumbai Chaufer

In Regional Languages

  • Kannada Times
  • Karnataka Malla
  • Udaya
  • Vani

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