Lalbaug Location – Some Important Facts and Details in Mumbai

“Lalbaug at Parel, A very famous location in central Mumbai known for Ganesh festival and Lalbaugcha raja of Mumbai. But there is more to Lalbaug location and below are some of the historic details about this area of city which saw mills replacing towers..”

Lalbaug Location Pictures
Lalbaug Location Pictures

Lalbaug Location Speciality

  • Lokmanya tilak started Ganesh ustav (Sarvajanik Gapati Festival) and Lalbaug is one of the many famous ganapati mandal knwon for huge ganesh idols and crowd pulling to their pandal. More about Lalbaugcha raja which is also known as ‘Navsacha Ganpati’, the fulfiller of all wishes and prayer by Mumbaikars.
  • Adjacent to Lalbaugcha raja is Ganeshgalli mandal. This Ganapati Pandal is since 1928, that is before Lalbaugcha raja came into existence. This Ganesh Mandal is know for the heighten ganesh idols during festival and the charity it does during every major festivals.
  • Lalbaug is also known for one of the old tamasha theatre named ‘Hanuman theatre’. TAMASHA is one of the famous Marathi folk dance that is done live on stage and was then a great attraction for Mill workers in locality.
  • Lalbaug location got its name from the 14th century saint called ‘Lal Shah Sahib’. whose dargah is at Tawaripada near his younger brother ‘Chand shah Sahib’ dargah. It is very close to south Mumbai, as currey road in central railway is well connected to western railways ‘Lower parel’ station.
  • This location has major Maharashtrian (Marathi language speaking) crowd and has all the daily required amenities like schools, hospitals etc near around in the area.
  • Lalbaug in parel was one of the top locations for many operating old mills in Mumbai. This area was competing with other famous business developed locations in Mumbai.
  • Now major property redevelopment work is under process at this area. Old chawls are been demolished and redeveloped with new skylines tallest towers in city.
  • ITC grand central hotel is one of the posh star hotels located here.
  • B.R Ambedkar road is the main road across central of Lalbaug.
  • Famous well known areas around Lalbaug location are Meghwadi, Navroze baug, Ganesh Gully, Lal Baug market, Ganesh talkies, Islam mill, Tejukaya mansion, Jam Mill, Peru chawl. See Wiki for lalbaug for more..

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