Banned Tobacco Gutka Products Inside BEST Buses – Mumbai

“BEST (Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport) authorities banning any and all type of tobacco and its bi-products inside BEST buses of Mumbai. Strict rules applied and punishments/fines on passengers creating nuisance. This rule on banning tobacco also applies to staff members of BEST..”

Tobacco Gutkha Paan Masala
Tobacco Gutka Paan Masala Banned in Mumbai

Tobacco Banned Rules and Details

Chewing any type of tobacco product like Gutka, Pan Masala and spitting inside bus has created lots of discomfort to commuters. For very long there were no rules or legal actions against such nuisance creators and till date nothing legally could be done.

For many years BEST authorities have got lots of complaints about passengers chewing tobacco products and spitting inside buses at various routes in Mumbai making travel unhygienic and uncomfortable for other.

Since last few years, This strict move has surely keep Mumbai city buses clean and had made commuters happy. Such nuisance is no more tolerated and under legal boundaries of Maharashtra’s (MVA) Motor Vehicle Act 1989, Section 102 (2) and such passengers may be book on same and/or need to pay a penalty fine of Rs.600 (This amount may change from time to time). This applies to BRTS AC buses also.

Many of us knew, Not just passengers but BEST employees at first place were eating tobacco products and many still does. But the rules are strict and are applicable for employees first. No one can eat or seen travelling inside buses consuming such products, Also on bus Depots and stops effective date was 1st January 2013. Failing to do so will face legal action and will be handed over to Mumbai police.

How to Complain and Helplines

If you find any passenger inside bus eating tobacco or gutka, pan masala products which is already banned in city, you may complain to the conductor or driver of bus and they will ask the passenger to get down the bus immediately. Upon failing to listen the request he will be held and handed over to Mumbai Police.

Alternately BEST have provide toll free helpline number ‘1800227550’ if you want to lodge complain directly.

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