Bhayander Creek – Also Called Vasai Creek of North Mumbai

“Connecting Mumbai suburb location with Thane district locations far suburb stations like Naigaon and Vasai Virar, Bhayander Creek (Also Called ‘Vasai Creek’ and ‘Bhayander Ki Khaadi’ in Hindi) are 2 island creeks about 2 to 4 km long with ever flowing Arabian sea. Lets see what surrounds this creek from all side and how important is it for Mumbai lifeline local train commuters..”

Bhayander Creek Bridge and Sea View
Bhayander Creek Bridge and Sea View

About Bhayander Creek

If you travel towards Virar Vasai location from Mumbai via local trains, you will experience a beautiful view when you are on this creek’s new bridge. Their are two new bridges on this western railway route specially developed for Byahander creek as the old one which was typically constructed during british ruling era is out dated and of no use as of today. Yet before talking more about the new bridge of this creek, Let me tell you that the old bridge is still very valuable as it is said the pillars used to construct are much more valuable due to a material referred to ‘SESAM’ or some called is ‘SESA’ is used and its one of the rare valuable.

Going further about this creek, their are 2 Railway bridges and 2 road bridges which you can see if you properly take a view towards east when inside train, Out f which one of the road bridge used to cross creek is old and one is new. Beauty of this creek is the spectacular sunset view and some other awesome view during monsoon high tides. The creek is also referred as BASSEIN CREEK as in west it connects the Bassein Village Fort and in east it goes through the Thane district which can be seen when you pass through Ghodbunder road. In the north is thane district stations Naigaon, Vasai, Nalasopara, Virar and Other till Dahanu connecting Gujarat (Western Route) and in South is Out city Mumbai. On the islands of this creek are small fisherman villages which can be seen, Towards bhayander the creek is crowded during Ganesh Visarjan day and towards Naigaon their are mangroves. One need to get down at Bhayander or naigaon to enjoy this creek from near. This creek also experiences many suicide cases as reported in leading news media channels.

Creek Videos

Long Bridge Creek View

Local Train Chase on Creek

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