Linking HP LPG Gas With Aadhaar For Subsidy in Mumbai

“Benefiting Subsidy by Linking Aadhaar with HP LPG Gas Under the Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG consumer (DBTL) scheme, HP Cooking Gas customers gets subsidy (Discounted rates) on every cylinder of gas (Maximum total of 9 cylinders yearly) they purchase regularly, you will pay the MRP amount to HP for your gas and subsidy will be deposited to gas owners bank account. Every domestic gas consumer need to link their Aadhaar card along with bank details to local HP gas centre to get this benefit. This subsidy is available now in total 51 districts and Mumbai being in Maharashtra is one of them. Step by step process on how to link your Aadhaar card to bank account and forms to fill and submit to nearest HP centre is given below. Kindly read the updated LPG Gas subsidy process or proceed further..”

HP Gas Aadhar Bank Linking
HP Gas Aadhar Bank Linking

HP Gas Linking Requirements

Very first requirement to get subsidy benefits for LGP gas is to get your Aadhar card enrolled if not yet done, Every local station where you stay has number of centres who will help you to get your individual Aadhaar. We are not sure, yet if the card is under process and not received, the online version of Aadhaar will also do (Confirm with bank and HP service centre in Mumbai).

You need to have a public or private bank’s saving account. Kindly note that initially it was said that gas owner needs a nationalized bank account like SBI, Central bank etc to get this benefit, but as of now any bank account can be linked for this process. A very IMP POINT to be noted here is the Account should be in the name of the owner of HP LPG gas, i.e the same name should be their on HP DGCC book (The Blue Book). If you have a joint saving account with some other family member, then the primary account holder should be the gas owner.

Kindly note that yearly cap of 9 gas cylinders per owner is the limit set for subsidy, Above 9 cylinders consumer will have to pay full MRP price.

List Of Documents Required for Linking HP LPG Gas

By Bank

  • Photo copy (Xerox) of owners Aadhaar card.
  • Original copy of Aadhar card (To be shown to bank executive for cross verification).
  • A form given by bank to be filled and signed, which has you personal details.

By HP Gas Centre

  • Consumer (Gas Owner’s) Aadhar card Xerox.
  • Photo copy of first page of DGCC Gas book (the main blue book) in few cases it will be red book, or late payment receipt (cash memo), also called SV (Subscription Voucher).
  • If the address listed on your Aadhaar car is different then where you stay currently, then address proof of that current resident.

HP Aadhaar Bank Linking Process

  1. Once you have all documents ready as listed above, You need to visit your local HP gas station centre and submit the required documents.
  2. Next visit your bank and submit the bank related documents along with the bank form duly filled and signed.
  3. After couple of days (3 to 4 days) visit your bank and check if the linking is done properly.

Once things are in place and you start with your normal Mobile SMS Gas booking process, Keep check in your bank account if the subsidy is properly credited in your bank account. If not contact you local gas booking office. Here is the state wise list of HP regional offices addresses and helpline numbers in case required further.

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