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“Date, ’23rd June 2018′, PLASTIC BAN in Mumbai and around Maharashtra which brings it as the 18th state of India to do this. Since March 2018, Government, NGO’s, Business and Alert active citizens have already shown positive move says NO to Single use plastic products. Still, not every individual is aware of the exact restrictions, rules, fines and punishments.

Queries like which type of plastic is banned and what is allowed in Mumbai ( and Overall Maharashtra) by individual, retailer, manufacturers and others. Below, i tried to detail in the simplest form of what is allowed and what is not. I think it’s already time’s up and every citizen should know about plastic ban rules and should strictly adhere to it for a better future of environment and we people. Below are plastic ban rules to know and follow..”

Compostable Plastic
Compostable Plastic

Items Listed Under Maharashtra Plastic Ban Rule

Items Banned

  • Plastic Bags (All types of Carry bags, Particularly Single use plastic items).
  • Decoration items which contains plastic and thermocol.
  • Cups, Spoons, Glasses, Forks made up of Disposable plastic.
  • Plastics used for packaging of various food items at various stores etc. Some exemptions listed below in allowed item list.
  • Thermocol items like Bowls, Containers, Glass, Plates etc usually used in parties usually in use as one time use and throw.
  • Those plastic made pouches major used to hold liquids like water etc
  • Plastic wraps which are used to store products or used for packaging etc.
  • Polypropylene bags which are non-woven
  • Just for information, those thin bags which we get from Vegetable vendors are worst for environment. They are enemies of humanity and other creatures and is hated by mother nature too. Post 23rd June 2018, Any kind of banned plastic movement by any individual or organization, not limited to Manufacturer or retail chains (Local or imported, With or without handles) will be prosecuted. An exception to Manufacturers of milk dairies and plastic bottles who got an extension date of July 11, before which they have to arrange and have a buy back mechanism.

    Items Allowed

    • Milk Pouches over 50 microns (i.e any pouches under 50 micron is banned)
    • People allowed to use 0.5 litres PET bottles (Plastic bottles) which is needed.
    • Manufacturers can use plastic wrapping and covers for their materials.
    • Retailers may use plastic ‘FOR PACKAGING ONLY’ of items like Food grains, Pulses, Masala etc like products which are not purchased by individual in bulk. This is exempted for end user convenience as most regular / monthly budget of home is for small quantities only.
    • There are plastic bags and sheets which are used by most plant nurseries, allowed.
    • Agricultures, Medicine industry and Solid Waste related are allowed plastic usage for packaging materials.
    • Say No to Plastic Bags
      Say No to Plastic Bags

      Major local and international giants like Reliance Fresh, McDonalds has already taken a green and eco friendly route and have started using true green (100% compostable) material for all the packaging and parcel needs. These true green compostable bags when disposed to environment gets converted to invaluable compost / manure under composition conditions which helps enhance quality of soil too.

      These bags are quality tested with Indian Standard IS/ISO 17088. For more details about such eco-friendly bags, See

      Plastic Ban Implementation, Fines and Punishments

      Plastic Bottles Garbage Inside Water
      Plastic Bottles Garbage Inside Water

      This ban applies simply to every one. This decision of banning plastic is major and applies to all varieties of plastic items. All major institutions, Government and Non-Government organizations, Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Sports Complexes, Party Halls, Entertainment venues like Cinema halls and Shopping Malls, Industrial Units, Commercial and Residential Complexes, Small and Big Offices, Holy Places. A strict watch will be kept at major tourist locations, beaches, regular local markets and more..

      BMC put an extra step ahead and effort by calling on people to gather and submit plastic items and they will personally collect the same from individual society. The only requirement will be of the quantity of plastic which should be at least 10 KG. Call on BMC toll free Helpline No. 1800-222-357 and they will happy to help.

      Food Grade Virgin Plastic Bags
      Food Grade Virgin Plastic Bags

      BMC, NGOs and other organizations like Shopping Establishment Department, Market and License Department with more than 200 Inspectors are given permissions to take strict action post 23rd June 2018 and apply fines and punishments according to the detailed law. CCTV will be a major useful thing to check on banned plastic movements. Major markets in Mumbai will be checked randomly, Railway station’s entry and exit points will be kept an eye on for individuals carrying plastic bags. Hotels and Restaurants will be on steady watch too. Major movements of transportations, trucks and other commercial vehicles will be watched closely.

      Penalties And Punishment

      Any type of violation post the applicable date will be taken strictly and will be punished equally, be it an individual or a vendor. First time offender will be attracting a fine / penalty of Rs.5000. Same violator will be charges Rs.10000 for the second time, and for the consecutive 3rd time Rs.25000 or jail up to 3 months if fine amount is not paid.

      For some of the exempted plastic items to manufacturers and few others, it is compulsory to label that used plastic material with tags like “This Plastic Used For Manufacturing Unit and Use Only” and similar quotes. This first step will surely show and improvement and a major step ahead to ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, Jai Hind.

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