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UPDATE : Booking of HP / LPG Gas via SMS / Mobile is closed in few or all locations. Kindly read, But contact your dealer for area specific details. HP (Hindustan Petroleum) has taken one more step up towards technology after its online gas refill system in Mumbai. From now you can refill your LPG home gas via sms or just a call from your mobile, HP gas booking made life more easier by saving time of millions of consumers in city, read more..”

HP LPG Gas Cylinder
HP LPG Gas Cylinder

Hindustan petroleum, one of the leading providers of LPG gas (Home Consuming Cooking Gas) has launched a new way to book/refill your existing gas cylinders just by registering and sending sms or alternately giving just a phone call to the given number. Technology has blessed Mumbai gas consumers by saving lots of time and repetition calls to refill till date.

Till date consumer has to call the local HP gas branch office or visit personally their to just book the refill which was really cumbersome and time consuming, it was also an headache to the workers inside gas office to do this routine work manually and keep track on computer as not all its customer knew internet or booked online in Mumbai.  Below is step by step guide on how to refill/book your LPG gas from your own mobile.

Refill LPG Gas via SMS Steps

This is quite simple, even if you are a novice to this sms system you can follow simple steps below to book you HP gas

STEP 1 : Send an SMS to register you mobile number to HP with your consumer number and you will get confirmation of your mobile number been recorded and registered for further transactions. Here is how to sms :

SMS REGISTRATION MUMBAI and MAHARASHTRA Example : type HP <space> 02502502896 <space> XXXXXX   and send to 8888823456 .  Here 02502502896 is the branch code of VASAI BAZAR GAS, similarly you will get your local branch code from your regular local HP gas branch distributor. Next replace XXXXXX with your consumer number, and 88888823456 is the number to send sms on, this number is valid for Mumbai and entire Maharashtra state.

STEP 2 : You will receive an registration confirmation from HP GAS for the consumer number you have entered. IMPORTANT NOTE : Once mobile number gets registered for a particular consumer number, it cannot be used for another consumer number, so do not just do a trial.

Below is the sample SMS received after confirmation from IZ-52346 HP Gas  : Welcome to HP Anytime. Your distributor is VASAI BAZAR GAS and your consumer no. is xxxxxx. Send HPGAS to 8888823456 to book your refill.

STEP 3 : Now whenever you need to put up regular monthly request to refill your gas, just type HPGAS and send to 8888823456.

LPG Refill Via Mobile Phone Calls

  • Maharashtra consumer, dial 8888823456.
  • Select your language (Options from Hindi, Marathi and English).
  • Once asked, enter your Agency phone number, in above example it is 2502896 (For HP Gas Virar).
  • Dial 1 for Refill Booking and you will get the Booking number.
  • Dial 1 to register/Fix your mobile number for that customer/consumer number.
  • Then Dial 9 to end the call.

HP Gas IVR / SMS Numbers for India

  • Kerala – 9961023456
  • Delhi (Noida/ Gurgaon/ Faridabad) – 9990923456
  • Patna – 9507123456
  • Andhra Pradesh – 9666023456
  • Tamil Nadu – 9092223456
  • Karnataka – 9964023456
  • West Bengal – 9088823456
  • Lucknow – 9889623456
  • Maharashtra – 8888823456
  • Chandigarh – 9855623456
  • Gujarat – 9824423456

How To Un-Register Current Mobile Number

  • Type “HP UNREG” and send to 8888823456.
  • If you have problems related to SMS registration or need to know how to Un-register the existing number contact CSC at number 00-155233 (This number was returned via sms when trying to register already registered mobile number to other LPG customer number).
HP LPG Gas Logo
HP LPG Gas Logo

Note : The above number may change with time, please refer HP gas official website for new and updated numbers.

Also here is the addresses of regional offices around India and the process of linking aadhaar card and bank account with HP for subsidy.

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