INS Vikrant and INS Viraat Ship Museum – Mumbai

UPDATES : INS Viraat getting renovated soon, INS Vikrant Vessel has been dismantled and Rest below is just History (See Dismantled Section below). Then the war vessel, Now the historic ship of India, The INS Vikrant is at Ship Museum in dockyard south Mumbai. Lets understand this monument and why its one of the winter tourist attractions of Mumbai..”

INS Vikrant
INS Vikrant Ship at Naval Dockyard Museum Mumbai

INS Viraat (not Vikrant) as Tourist Attraction of Konkan

Updates (February 2019):

Since we are talking about the war ships, A small piece of information and updates about INS Viraat, Another giant vessel which will get new lease of life. Lying at Naval Dockyard of Mumbai (Colaba), INS Viraat will be soon ready for renovation and once done, will be shifted to Nivati beach located at Sindhudurg (Kokan).

The idea is to retain the prestige of such respected vessel by retaining the exteriors and renovating the interiors which gives a fresh new life and a great tourist experience to people in Konkan, Mumbai and others around India who can visit the vessel after being ready for hospitality and tourist attraction.

INS Vikrant was planned as one of such museums, But due to lack of fund and possibly other related, It took its last breath in the sea of Mumbai and was scrapped with no existence today. MMB (Mumbai Maritime Board) has finally planned and confirmed that the giant Viraat will be converted to a brand new 5 star hotel and will have much more like a museum and a marine adventure centre too.

More to the addition as a tourist attraction, apart from the Naval museum, there will be a helipad, restaurants, rooms in all category from budget to luxury, swimming pools, Halls for meeting and conferences, aquarium and more.
About INS Vikrant Ship

INS Vikrant is a historic and huge aircraft carrier ship, now docked at naval dockyard Museum Apollo Bunder at Colaba (South Mumbai). This ship, famously known as a vessel of 1971’s Indo-Pak war was purchased for Indian Navy from Great Britain 10 years before the war begin. A piece of luck for Mumbai tourists and locals open for exhibition and as one of the giant tourist attraction of Mumbai is now at this ship Museum at one of the oldest docks in world since 1736, which is now a premier ship repair yard with state of art machinery used for repair and maintenance of huge ship and submarines. More about INS Vikrant here.

Attractions Of Ship Museum Of Mumbai

  • The feeling of the breath taking huge massive ships length and width that holds so many things on it, including navy charters and helicopters.
  • A complete layout of India Pakistan’s year 1971 war, Basically the pictorial representation of 1971’s massive war.
  • One annual festival month and special navy week days (and some Sundays) if lucky enough you can see the old time documentary film on INS and how this ship was used in real time.
  • Those little shops selling articles like coffee mugs, key chains and INS logo hats are cool attractions and fun for those likely to spend Rs.20 to 60 for same.
  • Navy operation pictures of black and white era including details on the way Air operation was carried out.
  • Museum also displays the details of the old steam turbines which Mumbai people will hardly get any chance to see anywhere, but Colaba.
  • It also have snack and eat corner serving basic snacks tea, coffee etc.
  • The giant hangers that can carrying thousands of people at a time and those arresting gears mechanical systems that slow downs the landing aircraft on this ship deck.
  • Visit the flight deck section and you will see the rare old yet huge looking helicopters and fighter planes with sea hawk which were once the best known fighting aircraft’s in Indian navy history.
  • The huge INS vikrant also displays the articles used during war and some of them not to be missed are the Bombs, varieties of missiles, water diving suits and other equipments, the classic model of submarine and more.

Who Can Visit During Vikrant Festival

The Navel festival (Also Called ‘Vikrant Ship Expo’) is a 9 Days long festival where one can promote their brands inside Exhibition spread across 4000 square meters, Approved and authorized / supported by Western Naval Command and Naval Dockyard of Mumbai. During 2011 festival, above 1 lakh visitors came from all over Mumbai and beyond.
According to their website, People who can visit the Museum during the festival days are general Public, Invitees, Family of Naval Officers, The Family members of Dockyard Staff and vendors. We will try getting the schedule for 2012 and 2013 soon.

Museum Entry Charges

Adults : The ticket rates (in rupees) or the one time entry charges is Rs.40 for individual.
Children: If the kid is under age 14 the charges are half which is Rs.20, Not sure yet their might be discounts for school students visiting this navy museum as picnic and information trial.
Camera Allowed : Yes, with extra charges.

Timings and Contact Details

Ship Timings For Public : The museum can be accessed by Mumbai people and for tourist attractions in ending weeks of November and December every year. Another timings for SUNDAYS being (10:00 AM to 05:30 PM).
Contact : Contact the Dockyard Museum on +91-22-22752162, if you want to visit on other days or need a special visit permissions.
Parking Space Available : Yes

Museum Address

Below is the address with map and guide on how to reach naval dockyard if you are coming from far suburb or outside Mumbai.

INS Vikrant Museum
Off Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg,
Naval Dockyard,
Tiger gate,
Near Gateway Of India (Apollo Bunder),
Colaba, Pincode : 400001
Land mark and Nearest Station : Churchgate Railway Station ( Western Railway Route) & CST Railway Station ( Central Railway )

Museum Map

Ship Dismantling
Around August 2014, Supreme court finally ordered the end of countries first aircraft which was converted to a beautiful Museum after 1997 once ship was decommissioned. Yes, finally November of 2014 is seeing the Giant ship getting dismantled by around 200 odd workers which will take next few months for Vikrant being Unseen forever. Personally myself along with other Mumbaikars feel sad that the only icon winner vessel of 1971 war was declared ‘inability to maintain’ by our state government.
So in future, people will mentioned it as ‘Once Upon a Time’ we visited this huge ship personally and during those days people will once be able to see the artefacts remains which have currently been moved to Museums like Maritime History Society of Mumbai and also at Goa’s famous Naval Aviation museum and others.

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