Kamathipura in Mumbai – Revamp and Famous Prostitution Red Light Area of Grant Road.

Only the Location Details and History and Basic Details of Present of Prostitution Business in Area

“One must know the story of Kamathipura, An old and famous known red light area of about 39 acres located at Grant road (East) was also known for Asia’s biggest prostitutes once in Mumbai which is now reduced to few. The name being given due to ‘Kamathis’ (Workers) of Andra Pradesh. Kamathipura was formerly called ‘Lal Bazaar’ during British time..”

Kamathipura - Red Light Area Of Mumbai
Kamathipura – Red Light Area Of Mumbai

About The Location

Being the oldest prostitutes area in south Mumbai since 1795 (British Government time), Kamathipura once had 50,000 sex workers during 1992, now hardly have 500 of such workers seen standing at street side in dresses as seen in pictures above. The drastic reduction in numbers is due to the frequent raids by Mumbai police for betterment. When one drives through the lanes which is also called ‘Falkland Road’ the view is obvious and some what not so pleasant when with family. It is also heard that they do this professional business with license allotted individually to few. ‘Lal bazaar’ was once tagged as ‘Tolerated Area’ since prostitution was illegal during that era.

There is also ‘Cursetji Shuklaji Street’ in Mumbai’s kamathipura which was also called as safe gully (the word Gully is a hindi word for a lane). It was called safe because it was home to European prostitutes in Mumbai in the same adjacent location of well known Red Light Area of Grant Road. Since then and still now, Kamathipura is still congested with unhygienic condition and garbage around streets with old narrow lanes where this sex girls shows off and attract customers.

As a word of precaution, One must know that visiting red light area frequently is an invitation to STD and aids.

Revamp of Kamathipura

The red light area is looking forward for revamp with the green signal and positive response from both landlord and tenants for betterment of location. This 39 acres of huge old structure which has about 25 such buildings where these commercial sex workers reside and do business will also get a new / revamped residence (Do not really know about the business after development).

Total of about 600 to 700 buildings with few thousands of tenants will be seen as a beautiful township with all modern facilities like schooling and hospitals etc and the face looks of Kamathipura which has total 16 lanes will be changed totally to be seen as a legitimate residential location and not just as sex zone of Mumbai.

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