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“World largest Diamond Market and trading center, Bharat Diamond Bourse (BDB) Operational at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) Mumbai. With about 9 towers, 2500 diamond trading offices spread over 1.6 million square feet area, This bourse (trading hub) has all state of art facilities ideal to be biggest diamond trading complex of India.

Let us know more about this Diamond Bourse of Mumbai and explore more details about Facilities, Custom Offices and Agents Inside, Office Codes you must know and Address and Contact Details.”

Bharat Diamond Bourse BKC Diamond Market
Bharat Diamond Bourse BKC (Diamond Market)

About BKC Diamond Market

India is now the 3rd largest country when is comes to diamond purchasers/consumers after United states and Japan, and one of the biggest manufacturers of diamonds that are exported world wide.

Bharat Diamond Bourse (Famously Called ‘Diamond Market’ is now operational at Bandra Kurla Complex, G Block has huge dedicated space for diamond traders of Mumbai and around India and abroad with 20 acres of plot which is about (1.6 million square feet) huge and perfect hub to be called world’s largest diamond trading center of Mumbai.

Prior to this, Antwerp diamond center in Belgium was the largest.

After almost a decade struggling to get up and running, this beautiful diamond bourse with 560000 square feet of landscape garden is operational by 2 major organizations which are ‘Members of Diamond Exporters and Traders of India’ and ‘Mineral and Metal Trading Corporation of India’.

BKC Diamond Market is a pure non profit organization focused as an service oriented company formed to cater the diamond traders of Mumbai, Surat and from around India. These traders are specialized and known as leading exporters of precious gems/metals and other jewellery.

This Bharat Diamond exchange hub of Bandra is now a centralized hub for all traders/exporters operating in this Diamond trading industry. It has all the required support, facilities and services to enhance the diamond market focused to be on 1st position as leading manufacturers, consumers and exporters of diamond stones and gems.

Bandra Kurla Complex is a Glittering Gem in itself a Lavish business and commercial location of Mumbai. Prior to Bharat Diamond Bourse, Pancharatna building at Opera House (Charni Road) was the main diamond trading hub of Mumbai, Which is still operational.

When it comes to safety and security of such a beautiful and important commercial center of Mumbai, This trading hub is protected with one of the biggest commercial insurance of about Approximate 500 crores which do not include any individual insurance policies that will be separately owned by individual diamond traders inside bourse for their rented premise.

This 3 major insurance are in place which are insurance against fire emergencies, theft and burglary, and public liability policy from one of the leading insurance firm called ‘United India Insurance Company’. More than thousand people are already employed at this diamond trading centre working 24 hours in separate shifts to take care of the bourse.

Facilities at Diamond Bourse

Talking about facilities, their are Offices of diamond exporters, traders, custom officer, banks along with other commercial’s like restaurants and other services operated round the clock.

All ground floors area of 9 towers are planned to rent out to other financial and non financial commercial offices that benefits with banks, restaurants and other miscellaneous services that can help workers/employees at BDB BKC.

More than half million people are already employed in diamond trading business with all traders around India.

Talking about more facilities, This Diamond market is located inside BKC and so are the round a clock services, security and accomodation options for visiting diamond dealers and rich businessmen from around the world.

3 Stars, 5 Stars, and 7 Star Hotels are right inside this place which brings in convenience for various category visitors. This is lacking at the newly built Surat Diamond Bourse (Gujarat State of India).

The location of this market is right inside Mumbai city at just 5 to 10 minutes from Railway station, well connected to National Highway, Which Surat Diamond Bourse is at 15 Km distance from City area.

Cargo Customs Clearing Offices

Since diamond is one of the very precious metals, This Diamond trading bourse of Bandra have dedicated customs and clearing agents offices inside this Diamond trading hub.

Approximately 12000 square feet area given to customs Office and separate 7000 square feet of bourse area for clearing agent, which makes it a dedicated, special & precious cargo clearing zone (Customs Area) of Mumbai only at Bandra Kurla Complex.

Since 2009, crores of varieties of diamond jobs like Cut and Polished diamond, Gold Jewellery with precious stone, Rough Diamond gems and others have been Imported and Exported through this customs office that is inhouse and helpful for various Diamond Importers and Exporters of India having offices at different states and cities of India, Operating through Bandra’s famous & largest Diamond Bourse.

Diamond Market Address and Contact

BKC Diamond Market

Block G, Bandra Kurla Complex
Bandra (East),
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India,

Contact : +91-22-26522220 (Kindly Note that 91 is India ISD and 22 is Mumbai STD code), Official Website
Latitude and longitude of the Bharat Diamond Bourse

Latitude : 19.06441858916905 degree, Longitude : 72.86454140339653 degree.

Understanding Diamond Market Office Codes

Since its a huge premises and every office has be given a code combined with other codes like Tower Code, Core, Floor Number and Finally the main trader/organization office premise number.

  1. Decode 1 : Tower Alphabet (It can be any letter between A to J, Excluding ‘I’).
  2. Decode 2 : The Core, 3 core being ‘West’, ‘East’ and ‘Centre’.
  3. Decode 3 : The Floor Number.
  4. Decode 4 : Diamond Traders / Organization premise number.

Example : BE3002 ( Which Means Tower ‘B’, East Core, 3rd floor, Office Number 002)

How to Reach This Diamond Bourse

By Train : The nearest station being ‘Bandra’ which is also a terminus in Mumbai, Get down on EAST side and options like private auto, AC buses are ready available from station.

By Road : On Western Express Highway which is connected to EAST location follow the sign boards and get into main Entrance of ‘Bandra Kurla Complex’. Note: Do not take the Flyover bridge.

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