VVCMC Helplines Contacts – Vasai Virar Nalasopara

“Some of the very Important Helplines number of Various departments of Vasai Virar location of North Mumbai. Helpline contacts of VVMC (Virar Vasai Municipal Corporation) and many other legal government departments operating like the Water and Construction Department, House Tax Department, Water Supply, Illegal Construction, Cleaning Department, Street Light, Birth, and Death Certificate Department, and more..”


Below are a few ‘EMERGENCY ONLY’ helpline contact numbers for various locations and wards of VVCMC (Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation). Call VVCMC main helplines first and only during emergency when no other options, Call on other listed numbers. Location wise Office addresses are detailed to help find the correct person to call when required.

Note: Although, I try to keep things updated. Contact numbers may have changed at the time you read this article.


VVCMC Virar Main Office Contacts

  • Toll free number: 18002334353.
  • Fire: 101. Location wise fire emergency contacts are mentioned below.
  • Virar Head Office Contact Number : 0250-2525105 and 0250-2525106.
  • Property & Water Tax: 8828137832.

Emergency Contacts For Disaster Management

For any emergency and disaster like Earthquakes, Food Poisoning, Insects menace, Building fallen, Fire, Flooding, Sea Disaster related to Boats, Twister, Tsunami, Windstorm, Cyclone or Storm, etc.

  • Main Contacts: 0250-2334546 & 0250-2334547.
  • Nagarpalika: 0250-2525101/02/03/04/05/06.
  • Fax Number: 0250-2524107.
  • Vasai Taluka Homeguard: 9764011790, 7798504410.
  • Birds & Animal helplines: 9320004343.
  • Snake Catchers (Serpa Mitra): Ankit Niwase (9822543014), Bharat Patil (9822521451), Deep Wankhade (9766234034/8626078564), Ninad Raut (9766314803), Satam (7715051243), Vishal Kolhekar (9890985959/8108102849), Chandan (8080388409), Rahul (9028733287), Sandeep (7738519101).

Location Wise VVCMC Helplines

  • Bolinj, Virar West: 9665002820.
  • Chandansar Road, Virar East: 9665003272.
  • Nalasopara Railway Station: 9665002847.
  • Nalasopara Achole Road : 9665003364.
  • VVCMC Nalasopara West: 9665003511.
  • Nalasopara Pelhar (National Highway) Office : 9665003845.
  • Vasai Waliv Naka Office: 9665003887.
  • Vasai West Manickpur & Navghar Office: 9665004484.
  • Vasai West Parnaka (Vasai Gaon Office): 9665004055.
  • Vasai West Deewanman: 0250-2334546 and 0250-2334546, Firman Direct Contacts (9370846003, 9270901105, 9284177965, 9226171842).
  • Additional Commissioner Contact: 9987333123.
  • Deputy Commissioner Helpline: 8830524059.
  • Fire Officer: 7720018101.
  • Others Helpline Contact: 9766652144.

Fire Station Contacts

VVCMC Fire Station Location Helplines Personal Contacts
Nalasopara East, Achole 0250-2464811 & 9822321684 8007450101, 8446402095, 9987739384, 9209279420, 9226017880, and 9763501790.
Nalasopara West, Sriprastha 0250-2402101, 8669974101 and 7775042200 8380022101, 7276811989, 9960451505, 7709968145, 9545721615, and 9689989044
Vasai West, Suncity Deewanman 8669971101 and 8805915101 9834702729, 8268250802, 9049512339, 7039700183, 9834622749, and 9029777535
Virar West, Bolinj 8888864283 & 8669979101 9209577145, 8830791754, 8668791394, 9359473830, 8806954501, and 8169026815
Virar East, Phoolpada Road 8975360101 & 8669976101 9226772111, 7028583535, 893882101, 9022205779, 9867782292, and 9757379539
Vasai West (Vasai Gaon) Tamtalao (Tamtalav) 8888864275 & 8669967101 8149705699, 9657633371, 9011383855, 9970554886, 9890015642, and 8329057583
Vasai East (Navghar) 8888864297 8080903037, 7972067439, 9209875521, 9892834493, 9029180745, and 9699143737

Vasai Virar Transport Helplines

  • Officer (Upayukt): 9960685085.
  • Officer (Sahayak Upayukt): 8888864277.
  • Administrator: 9423941619/7066044330.
  • Virar Depot: 8329795596.
  • Nalasopara Depot: 7769947836.
  • Vasai Depot: 8329197927.

See Also: VVCMC VVMT Bus Routes and MSRTC bus Routes.

ST (State Transport) Bus Depots Contacts

  • Palghar Depot Helpline: 9867796893.
  • Arnala (Virar) Helpline: 8796526022.
  • Vasai Depot Helpline: 9623465411.
  • Nalasopara Depot Helpline: 9323765844.
  • Saphale Depot Helpline: 9511830021.
  • Dahanu Road Depot Helpline: 9970052809.
  • Boisar Depot Helpline: 9273396940.
  • Jawhar Depot Helpline: 7709511898.

Other Emergency Contacts

Bolinj, Virar West

Main Control Office Contact: 0250-2550102.
Water Department & Construction Related : 8888864281, 8888542279, 9049800879, 9890018878, 8149683647.
Electricity Helpline: 8805576336, 8412095541, 8446535317, and 8552034445.
Garbage & Cleanliness Related: 8888864304 and 9321330879.
Plants and Tree Related: 8412095541, 9711371762, 9834962776, 9834384593.
Transportation & Other vehicles like JCB etc: 9890579998.

Virar East

Main Control Office Contact: 0250-2402179/2563.
Water Department & Construction Related: 7888006117, 9225136222, 8788846038, 9552935465, 9665262369, 9181656408, 9823532485.
Electricity Helpline: 7770048111, 8976623806, 9209744323
Garbage & Cleanliness Related: 8888864305.
Plants and Tree Related: 9834962776 and 9209268616.
Transportation: Not Available.

Virar East, Chandansar Road

Main Control Office Contact: 8956129966
Water Department & Construction Related: 8888864281, 99604839654, and 9665512044.
Electricity Helpline: 7276746784, 9890103541, 7709399450, 9325580771.
Garbage & Cleanliness Related: 8888864304.
Plants and Tree Related: 7798350137, 9834962176, 9767975987, 8087333034.
Transportation: 9890579998.

Nalasopara East

Main Control Office Contact: 8888191140.
Water Department & Construction Related: 7219011112, 9970699913, 9167973795.
Electricity Helpline: 8390383264, 9923272970, 8999091404, 9158950888.
Garbage & Cleanliness Related: 8888864317.
Plants and Tree Related: 9923272970, 9137162603, 9209268616.
Transportation: 9890579998.

Nalasopara East, Dhaniv & Pelhar Area

Main Control Office Contact: 8788493972/7499282512.
Water Department & Construction Related: 9975563111, 9561334488, 9960483965, 9823823440, 7776063555, 7776842633, 7038401114.
Electricity Helpline: 8977276141, 9689821742, 9890978553, 9762578282.
Garbage & Cleanliness Related: 8888864306
Plants and Tree Related: 8999447049.
Transportation: 9890579998.

Nalasopara West

Main Control Office Contact: 9130185923.
Water Department & Construction Related: 7888006117, 9975182523, 9850166377, 9828294657, 8983975032, 9225136222, 9764897900.
Electricity Helpline: 9273847452, 8976623806, 9209744323, 9226707167.
Garbage & Cleanliness Related: 8888864305.
Plants and Tree Related: 9923901218, 9137162603, 9209268616, 9890282739.
Transportation: 9890579998.

Vasai East Waliv

Main Control Office Contact: 8454907763.
Water Department & Construction Related: 7888006117, 8446839309, 7744877748, 9850196322, 9607366660, 9869062589, 8551041599.
Electricity Helpline: 9028659932, 8308695755, 9503837290, 9767982276.
Garbage & Cleanliness Related: 9881536114 & 9850283245.
Plants and Tree Related: 7775989642, 9765726773.
Transportation: 9890579998

Vasai West Navghar / Manikpur

Main Control Office Contact: 0250-2334258/2334354.
Water Department & Construction Related: 9833123349, 9320036565, 8888864287, 9850652428, 8600392969, 9970289307, 7666340607, 9890162657, 8888864307.
Electricity Helpline: 9224702021, 9545270001.
Garbage & Cleanliness Related: 8888864317.
Plants and Tree Related: 7387429083, 9834962776, 9765726773.
Transportation: 9890579998.


Main Control Office Contact: 0250-2323343/2325051.
Water Department & Construction Related: 8888864287, 9421545657, 8806778967, 9665512044, 8668624797.
Electricity Helpline: 9224702019, 9637345359, 7208498489, 8983141943.
Garbage & Cleanliness Related: 8888864311.
Plants and Tree Related: 7972186775, 8104471709, 9765726773.
Transportation: 9890579998.

Vasai Virar Villages Helplines

Coastal Lifeline Guards & Cleaning

Rajodi Beach: 7757848425, 7744812499, 8087575489.
Bhaskar Aadi: 8983180121, 8408862462, 9284536501.
Bhuigaon Beach: 9763784149, 9284458281, 8108500535.

More Vasai Virar Helplines

Helplines for Housing Society in Virar, Hospitals Contact Numbers at Virar Vasai Area, Aadhar Card Seva Centres, Places to see.

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11 Replies to “VVCMC Helplines Contacts – Vasai Virar Nalasopara

  1. Sir , driver have a licence and beach she si going number to number so any reasons taking photo and blame that ur not in line what RTO police do that pls take action … without fail …

  2. My bike was seized on 10-4-20 when I went to buy groceries from star Bazar at Nallasopara west at around 12 pm onwards. I approached at Hanuman temple circle where I had been asked by police officer, where I m going. I had informed that I wanted buy some groceries from star Bazar and at that moment he allowed me to go. When I reached at star Bazar there was a long queue around 60 members, since I m diabetic I thought I will better try in d evening when there will b less crowd and decided to move back home. While returning to home at the same location they seized my bike, stating that I violated the rules.
    I urged them and made several apologies but they took my bike and issued me a notice paper. I have to respect it and act accordingly.
    Now concern is that my bike is in safe condition or not. How could I get the information to check it. Can u guide me

    Naresh Machha
    [email protected]

    1. Hello Naresh,
      On the day you commented, I received information on social media that Vasai Virar seized vehicles by police personal are in process of giving back. Kindly contact the nearest police station with ID Proof, vehicle papers and any receipt if given to you.
      Hope that helps.

  3. Hello
    Request you to please provide me the address of the office senior police inspector in case I have to escalate a grievance I stay in Nalasopara west N awayat road nalasopara west , Thank you.

  4. Vehicle MH-48-F1824 Blue Vagon-R(LPV)
    Sir This vehicle no registered on Bhavani tours and travells driver name ajay(not sure) refueled vehicle at my CNG Station, western express highway kandivali East. After refueling he ran away without paying meter.
    Please help me to find out the person.
    Thankyou. My self Naveen#8898374512

    1. Hi,
      I reside at Gala-Shirdi Nagar, Nallasopara east.
      This is to complain against water supply department, where we are not receiving water every alternative days, and now we have not recieved water from last 2 days.

  5. Great initiative of the bus making rounds to catch people doing walks etc… in sunder nagar, after Central Park, Virar west every evening people gather to play cricket around 5.30 and sometimes it continues till 9pm onwards.. total flouting of section 144, please ask team to make a visit

  6. I’m a resident of vijay vihar complex, there are few stray dogs here who are not allowed in any of the buildings to take shelter or even access to food given in the garden attached to building Regal Accord ,please do the needful and strays are very young they can’t leave the place as they are born near Regal Accord. I request you into look into the matter and make some arrangements. They are totally wet right now because of heavy rains. since morning they didn’t even have food. and there is no shade in the garden and also it is risky for them to be in garden with strong winds the trees are breaking.

  7. Increasing Risk of Dengue
    Hello, Me the resident member of bhavna apartment located in 100 ft. Road opposite evershine estate, Vasai West would like to inform you that there is increasing dengue disease and there are chances of many more to get infected with this disease…I request you to kindly take the necessary actions get some cleanliness and spray the necessary chemicals so that it doesn’t spread anymore…
    Please pay attention to this complaint its my humble request to you!!
    Thanking you!!

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