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“Maharashtra’s ‘Amchi Mumbai’ Marathi Food delights is what Mumbai’s below listed restaurants is all about. Special Maharashtrian cuisine is what this restaurants attract people around Mumbai of all caste and not just Marathi’s, Also check the typical Marathi food menu that list the cuisine names and approximate cost..”

Marathi Thali
Marathi Thali

Marathi Food Location Vile Parle

Vile Parle is one of the known residential locations for Maharashtrians in Suburbs of Mumbai, Its a very next station towards south after the Airport station Andheri. majority of the Marathi speaking are upper middle class and rich job and business people here as family members of many such homes has some of other working in IT and NON IT firms abroad who just dreams of getting back home for Authentic Marathi home food and other corners and restaurants of Vile Parle famous for maharashtrian cusine.

Gajalee : This is one of the very famous eat out joint at Hanuman Road for this Non-Veg seafood Cuisine lovers and its special delicacy. From live crabs to select and other fish dishes along with Veg menu’s this restaurant is known for its visits by Marathi Celebrities and local residents.

Babucha Vada : Vada Pav (The Indian Burger) is the known street side snack food stared by Maharashtrian community for just Rupee 1 in past decade is now Rs.8 and Rs.10 with inflation. When at Vile Parle near Tilak Vidyalay, one must taste the famous Babucha ‘Vada Pav’ crowded every evening on street.

Vijay Stores : Another known store among local Marathi’s for its collection of snacks, fruit concentrates and Marathi spices. This store has many such items known specially for its Marathi cuisine taste and is a preferred location between locals at Vile Parle.

Maharashtrian Cuisine at Thane

One of the densely populated maharashtrian community locations of central Mumbai is Thane District, see Thane Distance. Definitely one of the best place to eat out to taste food delicacy like Puneri misal and more at eat out hot spots as listed below.

Hotel Malvan at Panchpakhadi : Located at Shreepal Apartments, Hotel Malvan is Restaurant and Bar at famous Panchpakhadi location at Thane West known for seafood and Tandoori cuisines are from its speciality the malvani Food (Malvan is one of the villages in Maharashtra). Restaurant starts at 12 Noon till Mid Night with a break between 4 to 7 Pm.

Mamledar’s Misal Pav : Located at mamledar’s office (local council/municipal), exactly opposite Thane Police Station, Mamledar is known for its Misal Pav which is a spicy dish full of gravy combined with various stuff with Pav (The Indian Version Of Bread). This Restaurant is their since more thane 5 decades in Thane now very busy the whole day from Morning 8:00 AM till 9:30 PM. Misal is another Marathi special cuisine dish after Vada pav, both special as snacks.

Gokhale Upahar Gruh (Griha) : Also famous as ‘Ubha Gokhale’ between local residents of Thane, this small joint snack house at Gokhale Road which is famous for its Misal Pav, Fasting food items like Sabudana Vada, Bhajiya’s, Thalipeeth, Kokum Juice and vada Pav etc. Still small to accommodate many of people together this place got famous for stand and eat the food, people just need good tasty food and are ready to stand and enjoy the beverage.
Dadars Famous Marathi Food Restaurants
Towards South Mumbai is Dadar station well connected to Central and Western Mumbai and is another residential hotspots for Maharashtrian community. We know couple of the famous restaurant very famous for Marathi Food and delicacy near station and around kirti college in West.

Tambe Arogya Bhavan : Near Dadar, just opposite station in West is the famous N C Kelkar Road and is where this small authentic Marathi food restaurant is located bit hidden in crowded foothpath and those street side sellers. The low cost (cheap rates) food affordable to all class, especially those lower middle class who can carry as low as 20 Rupees to fill that hungry stomach. Now that doesn’t mean its is meant for them, since its an age old restaurant, not so decorated or feel good ambiance place, its can still afford this price with the best of Marathi specialty food like ThaliPeeth, usal Pav, Loni, Batata vada, Shira, Kanda Bhaji (Onion) and lots more.. See special Marathi food menu to get complete list.

Mama Kane’s : Another oldest, already celebrated its 100th year as eateries of Dadar in west is called ‘Mama Kane’s Swacha Uphargriha’ is one of those who introduced Vada Pav to Mumbai and is still know for all its home made Marathi delicacies. Since 1910 stated by a migratory from Konkan village of Maharashtra, after multiple business trials, This food joint is now one of the oldest with starting Punjabi and Chinese menu. The Special maharashtrian’s Konkan food delicacy is what you can enjoy along with food listed like thalipeeth, Misal etc.

Panshikar Sweet Food Shop : Known for its specialty in varieties of Sweets including some delights of Marathi Sweets, Panshikar is a known name now not just between locals, but also in far north suburbs locations like Vasai and Virar and Central suburbs like Thane in Mumbai, as many people come to Dadar regularly for Job. Pansikars sweet shop is located at Senapati bapat marg inside Gananath cooperative society, quite near to dadar station in West. Famous Marathi Sweets all season and during diwali festival is what this food shop is known for.

Marathi Cuisine at Girgaum

Girgaum (Also Pronounced as ‘Girgaon’) is one of those locations in south of Mumbai, which experienced major Marathi people is past few decades, which gradually moved to suburbs, central suburb, Navi Mumbai and far noth suburbs of city. But still few restaurants and eateries in Girgaum taste the same authentic Marathi food since it started, the list of such food still available are Thalipeeth, pitush, sabudana vada, Puneri misal, Dana Khichdi, Zunka Chatni, Podi, Bhakri and more such.

Some of the known places and brands are Kolhapuri Chivda, Vinay Health Home, The main office of V P Bedekar and Sons famous for its special Marathi pickles and other varieties of spices. Their are more such known eateries inside Girgaum which we want to list with your help, So if you stay in south Mumbai or any other location in city. Kindly Comment with your liked special Marathi food place, may it be a small corner, restaurant, store or known shop for some other delicious items.

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