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Marathi Thali
Marathi Thali

Marathi Food Location Vile Parle

Vile Parle, located in the suburbs of Mumbai, is a popular residential area for Maharashtrians. It is situated just south of the Airport station Andheri. Many Marathi-speaking residents here belong to the upper middle class and are affluent professionals in various industries. A significant number of families have members working in IT and non-IT firms abroad, who often yearn for authentic Marathi home-cooked meals and explore the famous Maharashtrian cuisine offered by the local eateries and restaurants in Vile Parle.

Gajalee : This Non-Veg seafood restaurant is well-known among lovers of Hanuman Road for its special delicacies. It offers a variety of dishes, including live crabs and other fish dishes, as well as a Veg menu. It is frequented by Marathi Celebrities and local residents.

Babucha Vada : Vada Pav, also known as the Indian Burger, was originally sold for just Rupee 1 by the Maharashtrian community. Due to inflation, the price has now increased to Rs.8 and Rs.10. If you’re in Vile Parle near Tilak Vidyalay, make sure to try the popular Babucha Vada Pav, which is always crowded in the evenings.

Vijay Stores : This store is popular among Marathi locals for its variety of snacks, fruit concentrates, and Marathi spices. It offers many items that are known for their authentic Marathi taste and is a favorite spot for the people of Vile Parle.

Maharashtrian Cuisine at Thane

Thane District in central Mumbai is known for its densely populated Maharashtrian community. It is a great place to try out delicious food delicacies like Puneri misal and more at the popular eat out hot spots listed below.

Hotel Malvan at Panchpakhadi : Hotel Malvan is a popular Restaurant and Bar situated in Shreepal Apartments at the renowned Panchpakhadi location in Thane West. It is well-known for its delicious seafood and Tandoori cuisines, with the Malvani Food being its specialty. The restaurant operates from 12 Noon until Midnight, with a break between 4 PM and 7 PM.

Mamledar’s Misal Pav : Mamledar’s office, situated across from Thane Police Station, is famous for its Misal Pav. This spicy dish consists of a flavorful gravy mixed with various ingredients and served with Pav, the Indian version of bread. Mamledar has been serving this delicious dish for over 50 years in Thane and remains busy throughout the day, from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM. Misal is a popular Marathi cuisine, along with Vada Pav, both enjoyed as snacks.

Gokhale Upahar Gruh (Griha) : Known as ‘Ubha Gokhale’ among Thane locals, this cozy snack house on Gokhale Road is renowned for its delicious Misal Pav, fasting delicacies such as Sabudana Vada and Bhajiya, as well as Thalipeeth, Kokum Juice, and Vada Pav. Despite its limited space, this place has gained popularity for its stand-and-eat concept, as people are willing to stand and savor the tasty food and refreshing beverages.

Dadars Famous Marathi Food Restaurants

Dadar station, located in South Mumbai, is a well-connected hub for both Central and Western Mumbai. It is also a popular residential area for the Maharashtrian community. There are a few renowned restaurants near the station and around Kirti College in the West that are famous for their delicious Marathi cuisine.

Tambe Arogya Bhavan : In West, near Dadar station, you can find a hidden Marathi food restaurant on N C Kelkar Road. It’s affordable for everyone, especially the lower middle class, with prices as low as 20 Rupees. Despite its simple ambiance, this age-old restaurant serves delicious Marathi dishes like ThaliPeeth, usal Pav, Loni, Batata vada, Shira, Kanda Bhaji, and more.

Mama Kane’s : One of the oldest eateries in Dadar, ‘Mama Kane’s Swacha Uphargriha’, has been serving delicious Marathi delicacies since 1910. It is famous for introducing Vada Pav to Mumbai and offers a variety of homemade dishes like thalipeeth and Misal.

Panshikar Sweet Food Shop : Panshikar, a renowned sweet shop, is famous for its wide range of sweets, including delicious Marathi delicacies. It has gained popularity not only among locals but also in distant suburbs like Vasai and Virar, as well as central suburbs like Thane in Mumbai. Many people visit Dadar regularly for work, and Panshikar’s sweet shop, situated near Dadar station in the west, is a must-visit. This food shop is well-known for its famous Marathi sweets, which are available all year round and are especially popular during the Diwali festival.

Marathi Cuisine at Girgaum

Girgaum (Also Pronounced as ‘Girgaon‘), located in the south of Mumbai, has seen a significant Marathi population shift to suburbs, central suburb, Navi Mumbai, and far north suburbs over the past few decades. Despite this, some restaurants in Girgaum continue to serve authentic Marathi cuisine such as Thalipeeth, pitush, sabudana vada, Puneri misal, Dana Khichdi, Zunka Chatni, Podi, Bhakri, and more.

Some popular places and brands in Girgaum include Kolhapuri Chivda, Vinay Health Home, and the main office of V P Bedekar and Sons known for their special Marathi pickles and spices. We are looking to list more eateries in the area, so please share your favorite Marathi food spot in south Mumbai or any other part of the city. It could be a small corner, restaurant, store, or shop known for delicious items. Let us know!

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