Daman Beaches – Devka and Jampore Beach Near Mumbai

“About 181 km from Mumbai towards the north are Devka and Jampore Beach which are 2 famous Daman beaches, a UNION TERRITORY and an old-time Indo-Portuguese town which got its freedom in the 1960s.

Devka and Jampore beaches are white sand beaches about 9 km from Vapi station located in Gujarat state where we need to get down to reach those beaches. ‘Devka’ being the more popular beach is a bit muddy with semi-white sand and a bit a little rocky having great accommodation options as it has many hotels and resorts around.

while a few kilometers distance is ‘Jampore’ which is a comparatively less crowded, cleaner, and much wider beach. Both these beaches have enough shade, trees, eateries options, parking spaces, and adventure options like Para-sailing, Horse and Camel Riding, etc. Let us understand more about these nearest beaches of Mumbai in more detail..”

Daman Beach Sunset
Daman Beach Sunset

Jampore Beach Panoramic View

A Little About Daman

India got its freedom in 1947, while Daman which connects Maharashtra with Gujarat declared as a ‘Union Territory’ and is taken care of by the central government now, was still under Portugal till the 1960s. In those decades people needed permission and visa stuff to enter cities like Mumbai and other states. It was an Indo-Portuguese time when this little village which is surrounded by the famous old fort in Moti Daman was having limited population.

The fort has complete residence within, and Now some government offices too. Today, Daman is known for its two locations ‘MOTI DAMAN’ which is an old one that has this huge famous fort and Jampore beach. While ‘NANI DAMAN’ is the newly developed city and preferred residential location with lots of accommodation options like Hotels, Resorts for tourists along the famous Devka Beach.

Since Daman is a Union Territory, taxes are very less on liquor, Definitely, a reason to attract lots of foreign tourists and local citizens of Mumbai and Gujarat who enjoy beachside drinking freedom and stay. The cost of a Beer in Daman is Rs.60 Compared to Rs.90 to 120 in a regular beer/wine shop in Mumbai, Wow which makes it a great place to eat drinking and sleep away from the hustle and bustle of the city, that too without restrictions of drinking on beaches and all around. One more small attraction place for new tourists I should not miss to mention here, It is a Jetty in Moti Daman quite near to the main market junction, a beautiful evening place to enjoy the cool fresh breeze with fishing boats around, along a small not well maintained old fort to sit enjoy your time, Yes you can have your drinks here below the wide open sky.

Recommended and best time to visit here is between November and January, Holidays and Special festive seasons like Holi celebration, etc. Both these beaches are very crowded throughout the day and late at night.

Devka Beach

Of the 2 Daman Beaches, The old and famous beach is Devka compared to Jamboree, as already said located in Nani Daman which has lots of stay options like Hotels and Resorts connected to the Beach, Few with great sea views to enjoy your leisure time with friends, family, and love. The cost of hotels per day/overnight depends on the Season, Holidays, and off-season time.

The main season is said to be Winter, somewhere around November, December, and January. Devka also attracts many visitors during summer as it’s a famous one-day and overnight picnic spot. Our tourism video below taken on the beachside shows those hotels and resorts connected to the beach.

For kids, there is a small garden connected, Not so well maintained but still good for fun and playtime, Entry fee for the same is Rs.5 per person. Enjoy the little khatta mitha Bore, Green Mango with Salt, and Rose Apple (Jambu) during pre-summer days. There is a small Daman tourism board that helps guide the new tourists on sightseeing options etc.

The crowd seen in the below video is due to the Holi festive day, People especially travel Devka to enjoy and have full fun of this festival of colors day along the beach. For safety during such festive days, beaches are under police observation.

There are tall green coconuts and other trees at the seaside, a great option to enjoy your picnic during summer to sit and play and save yourself from beach heat. Small eateries stalls here are seen selling packed food like biscuits, chips and nuts, coconut water, tea, etc throughout the day because of the famous tourism demand always.

Although safe to dive in and with the good water current, Devka beach water is comparatively muddy with tiny stones seen at shore. This is one of the preferred beaches for Gujarat residents staying at locations like Vapi and Valsad. Ample space for parking is available and it is a safe beach for overnight stays too.

Jampore Beach

Personally, I like this beach more compared to Devka which is at a 2 to 4 km distance. Jampore is not so famous as hardly any Hotels and Resorts around and being in Old Daman, But how does that matter to those who are here for one day picnic, or those staying just a couple of kilometers in hotels at Nani Daman? Nothing.

This is one of the best beaches near Mumbai, very safe when it comes to water currents and swimming inside, I personally saw this beach during low tides when the water was far inside, Surface is flat and safe and not deep and dangerous for a swim. Check out the below video of Jampore Beach and its surroundings which shows picnic groups, families, and friends enjoying horse and camel rides and the very adventurous Para-sailing.

Much cleaner and wider, the complete stretch of this beach is seen at a glance, a beautiful sunset view and nice seating arrangements with shades at the shore at every few distances are what I liked. One of the main attractions of this beach is Para-sailing Adventure, Which takes you as high as those coconut and other trees and you can watch the complete surrounding beach feeling free and flying in the sky enjoying a cool breeze, See the video below.

One without a private vehicle might feel reaching this beach a little tiring as Auto and Taxi are not very frequent here. During non-festive days or on weekdays, Non-Holidays this beach is all vacant and serene, Yet safe for couples and others too who are here for a picnic, etc.

Daman Beaches Hotels Resorts and Its Cost

So you got some idea about Beaches in Daman, Also know that there are plenty of Hotels, Resorts, Villas, and Cottages available near the beach (AC and Non-AC). Below we try to give you a rough idea of rates with hotel names. The video below may help you with a live view of such resorts and hotels. Kindly note that below are approximate costs (in Rupees) for Hotels near Devka Beach and rates may differ with time and season and also during weekends and weekdays.

Hotel Name Approximate Cost (Rs.) Between
Fortune Park Galaxy 3000 to 3500
Lords Resort Silvassa 5000 to 6000
Hotel Gurukripa 2000 to 3000
Hotel Sovereign 2000 to 2500
Hotel Woodland Regency 1000 to 1500
RAS Resorts Above 10,000
Lotus Resorts NA
Budget Inn Palm Regency NA
Hotel Sea Rock Villa NA
Hotel Miramar (Water Park and Resort too) NA
The Gold Beach Resort NA
Cidade Da Daman NA
Silent Resorts (A/C Rooms)
Hotel Jazira NA
Hotel Sea View (Bar and Restaurant) NA

Reaching Devka and Jampore Beaches

By Road: People of Mumbai have 2 options to reach Daman, By Road it is about 181 km from the proper city, taking about 2 and half hours on average to reach here. Take Mumbai Ahmadabad National Highway 8 and follow the signal boards. Remember the VAPI sign board and it’s very easy then. Check out the road distance and map for more details.

By Train: From Dadar or Bandra, Borivali or Virar take the passenger train towards Gujarat which halts at Vapi, Get down in the WEST and there are regular Auto, Taxi Options. Share taxi cost from Vapi station to Daman will be about Rs.20 Per person. A total of 5 people are taken in one taxi to cover the travel cost of Rs.120 for a trip, Which means hiring a private taxi will take somewhere between Rs.100 to Rs.120. If you take a fast train, it takes about 2 hours to travel from Mumbai.

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