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“Helping tourists with the Mumbai language involves translating the most common and day-to-day used words and sentences from English to Hindi and Marathi. It doesn’t matter which country you come from, as a newcomer to city, you can explore Mumbai and communicate with people if you know the following day-to-day words and sentences in the local languages of Hindi and Marathi. Here is a translated version of English to Hindi and Marathi for quick reference on topics like money, colors, and other things commonly discussed in Mumbai city…”

Language Help
Language Help

Language Help Format : English Words = Meaning in Hindi / Marathi.

I recommend you go through a small article about Language spoken in city first, Then below reference will be of ease.

Translation of Common Words & Sentences Used Daily

  • Driver asked ‘Where do you want to go’ = ‘Kaha Jana hai / Kuthe Zayche Ahe ?’
  • You ask ‘Will you go to Some XYZ location’ = ‘Bhaiya Chaloge’ / ‘Bhau Zanar ka ?’
  • When Driver says ‘No’ = ‘Nahi Bhai / Naahi Bhai’ (Bhai means Brother)
  • When Driver says ‘Road is not ok and has pot holes etc’ = ‘Road Kharab hai / Road Barobar nahi’
  • When Driver ask ‘Do you have change ?’ = ‘Chutte Hai Kya / Sutte Ahe Kai ?’
  • You ask while paying bills ‘How Much ?’ = ‘Kitna hua / Kiti Zale ?’
  • When in Traffic and you ask ‘What Happened ?’ = ‘Kya Hua / Kai Zale ?’
  • You ask ‘please go faster’ = ‘Bhai zara fast chalo / Bhau fast chala’

Basic Greeting in Hindi and Marathi

  • Thank You = ‘Shukriya / Dhanyawad’
  • See you = ‘Phir Milenge / Parat Bhetuya’
  • Hello = ‘Namaste / Kasa Kai’
  • What is your name ? = ‘Tumhara Naam Kya Hai / Tumche Naav Kai ?’
  • I am Fine = ‘Mein Majeme hu / Me majet’
  • Where are you Going = ‘Kaha Jarahe ho / Kuthe Challat’
  • Good Morning = usually will get same reply ‘Good Morning’
  • Good Evening = use same ‘Good Evening’
  • Good Night = use same ‘Good Night’

Shopping Language Tips

This tips are very handy for reference when you are interacting at vegetable market or talking to any shopkeeper during purchase.

  • I don’t speak Hindi = ‘Mujhe Hindi Nahi Aati / Mala Hindi yet nahi’
  • How much is the cost = ‘Kitna Hua / Kiti Zale’
  • Give me fresh one = ‘Fresh (taza) dena / Changle dya’
  • Weight properly = ‘Barabar Vazan Karo / Barobar maap ghya’
  • When seller ask ‘How much should i give’ = ‘Kitna Du / Kiti Deu’
  • When you ask ‘Where will i get it’ = ‘Kidhar milega ? / Kuthe midel?’
  • Ask for extra bag = ‘Ek Extra bag dena please / ek extra bag dya na please’
  • When seller says ‘Not available’ = ‘Nahi Hai / Nahi Aahe’
  • Never Mind = ‘Koi Baat Nahi / Kahi Nahi OR Chaalel’
  • I don’t Want = ‘Mujhe Nahi Chahiye / Mala Nako’
  • I liked it = ‘Mujhe Accha Laga / Mala Avadle’
  • Its Too Expensive = ‘Bohot Mehenga Hai / Khoop Mahag Aahe’

Money Language and Help

Understanding Mumbai (India) currency and knowing how it is referred locally is always helpful. So below are some examples of how it is when one is interacting about Indian Money.

Just to have a brief idea about Indian Rupees (INR / Rs.) compared to Dollar ($). Also Refer Currency details for detail help.

  • 0.50 rupees = athana (Coin no more in circulation)
  • 1 Rupee (Coin Available) = Ek Rupiya
  • 2 Rupees (Coin Available) = Do Rupiya
  • 3 Rupees (3×1 Rupee Coins) = Teen Rupiya
  • 4 Rupees (4×1 Rupee Coins) = Char Rupiya
  • 5 Rupees (Coin & Note available) = Panch Rupiya
  • 6 Rupees (5 Rupee Coin + 1 Rupee Coin) = Cheh Rupiya
  • 7 Rupees (5 Rupee Coin + 2 Rupee Coin) = Saat Rupiya
  • 8 Rupees (5 Rupee Coin + 3×1 Rupee Coins) = Aath Rupiya
  • 9 Rupees (5 Rupee Coin + 1 Rupee Coin) = Nau Rupiya
  • 10 Rupees (Currency Note & Coin available) = Dus Rupiya
  • 20 Rupees (Currency Note available) = Bees Rupiya
  • 50 Rupees (Currency Note available) = Pachas Rupiya
  • 100 Rupees (Currency Note available) = Sau Rupiya
  • 500 Rupees (Currency Note available) = Pansau Rupiya
  • 1000 Rupees = Not in circulation any more
  • 2000 Rupees

Colour Help – Hindi Language Colour Reference

  • Black = Kala
  • White = Safed
  • Blue = Neela
  • Green = Hara
  • Yellow = Pila
  • Red = Laal
  • Pink = Pink

Since, now you might be little comfortable with the help of above language tips, you can also refer basic Mumbai slangs that are used while talking or to understand what Mumbai buddies are talking all about.

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