Do and Don’t in Mumbai – Dangers Precautions Warnings in City

“The highly vibrant city Mumbai do have some list of things to be noted for safety and precautions. These are some things that one must DO and DON’T to be considered as a helping travel guide and note to keep handy while travelling. To have maximum fun, travel safe and keep away from any dangers by following this precautionary measures listed below as just warnings one must know while commuting. Welcome to the city, Below are things to do and few not to do as recommended by me at the best understanding of my city Mumbai..”

Do Don'ts Dangers
Do Don’ts Dangers

Travel Precautions Dangers and Warnings

While in Local Trains Of Mumbai

The cheapest and fastest means of commuting in Mumbai has its own list of precautions and dangers to be taken care of. Although warning signs are kept around and inside train compartments, Most victims are local travellers who falls prey of these local train travel who do not follow safety instructions, rules and avoid thinking on taking enough precautions.

Standing on foot board is very dangerous. Yes, Mumbai trains don’t have close doors and during peak hours people are seen literally hanging on just few fingers or on foot board on single leg. Its a pity and painful vision i must say. But that’s a fact and people often fall from trains due to this reason. Ladies compartments are not an exception too, in fact looking at those ladies on foot board with belongings almost hanging out of trains in a horrible view. So it is highly recommended for tourists and others who are still new to this local trains, If you can then Travel during non-peak hours (Non Office Hours) Between 11:00 Am and 4:00 Pm.

Wear shoes and not slippers, floaters or any such casual footwear if at all getting in during rush hours, else your foot can get crushed sometimes and no guarantee of when the footwear will slip out and reach on other side of the compartment.

During summer time or otherwise too, Carry enough drinking water when you commute via these trains. Packed (No Guarantee of it being distilled) water bottles are ready available at food stalls on railway platforms. Recommended brands like Bisleri, Aqua can be trusted on purity. Summer season are worst, due to overcrowd people do get unconscious due to heat and suffocation inside compartments.

Pick Pocketer are another danger inside crowded trains. As a precaution keep your wallet and other jewellery inside a safe bag and keep the same on your front side while standing. Money seen inside open upper pockets of shirts are very easy target of these skilful hands of professional smart pick pocketers (Called ‘Chor’ in Hindi).

Keep your eye open on luggages around, 2006 serial train blast was the biggest example and highest sign of danger which got executed. Warnings and announcement are made for same inside train. Precautionary, eyes of thousands of commuters are much more helping at work compared to those few cops who takes care of travel and security of commuters.

Now this might sound funny, But this do happen in Mumbai local and their are hundreds of victims falling dead. DO NOT travel on roof top of any local trains, 25000 to 40000 volt have actually burnt people and remains looks like a charcoal. Some videos on YouTube are the proof.

Since the above points only points out the warnings and dangers about local trains, its just a help and want you to understand that i am detailing these as precautions and so are the points negative. Otherwise you will have fun travelling if it is less or no crowded during non-peak hours, holidays etc.

Few References : Mumbai Local Timetable, About Local Trains.

Precautions When On Bus Taxi and Auto

Alternate to local trains are Bus (Cheapest Road Transport of Mumbai), Auto and Taxi. Just take care of your luggages and Do Not forget or leave behind, else it will be near to impossible to get it back. Lucky are those who got it back as Mumbai do have Samaritans who ride taxis and auto and gets back to you if possible to hand over your belongings. Read about Lost + Found article for taxi and how to get it back. In case you forgot things while travelling in local buses, BEST Bus Lost + Found might help.

Another precaution i suggest about is taking care of you mobile phones, jewellery around neck, Snatchers do have guts to grab it from you while in busy streets and traffic signals.

Eating out and Drinking Water Dangers

Lets start with drinking water, Its not safe out here if you try drinking water from open taps if at all found in working condition by various NGO’s and Other government identities. Carry filter water from home or buy a packed bottle. Eating out in Mumbai is fun if your immune is like a Mumbaikar who digests street food as well as from restaurants and five star hotels in daily haste to and from job. If you are not from one of those, keep a thumb rule Eat Packed Food or Only when it is hot served, Be it a Famous iconic Vada pav or Samosa or Idli Sambhar / Dal vada. Street side sev puri at hygienic locations will be ok too. Just to keep a note that any open food is dangerous and as a precaution packed and hot served is the best.

Road Safety Precautionery tips and Warnings

Mumbai was said very safe for Women travellers and compared to other cities still is, Yet we have some eye opening cases of rape and murder here too. Travel safe, Dont drink and travel alone during late nights, Avoid isolated lanes. Keep handy women helpline numbers. Use various SOS apps for Mumbai like FIR available for Android and iPhones. Dial 100 in case of emergency. Their are Police helplines and Whatsapp group for local trains for women which can help too.

Dangers and Warnings in regards to road driving should be given top priority in Mumbai. Rash driving, Drink and Drive, Accidents are very common here and so are the rules very strict now. Support city traffic police and drive safe home or at your hotels. Here are some guide and articles that will give you more details about Road Signs, Traffic Rules, Penalties etc. Follow road safety guidelines, Parking rules and travel safe.

Few articles that will help you travel like a pro and understanding Mumbai better are Information about currency notes and coins, Common slangs, Tourist attractions.

DO and DON’T in Mumbai

DO when in City

Keep Money Change : Lets talk about small things that make big difference while travelling, DO keep money change (Coins of Rs.1, Rs.2, 5 and 10) with you. If you have big currency notes of Rs.100 and Rs.500 and above, It will be a challenge for you to travel and get the exact change back. Then, Need to Unnecessary spend on some products to get change and go going will be a little hassle.

Do Visit Places : Famous Temples, Mosques and Churches like Siddhivinayak, Mahalaxmi, Mumbadevi, Babulnath, Haji Ali, Mount Mary and its yearly fair should be on your DO VISIT LIST when in Mumbai. Other places to see (Tourist location) is at the link above i just mentioned. See also list of beaches, Shopping Malls, Adventure Options, Picnic Spots, Attractions, Parks and Gardens OR (Refer Complete City Guide)

DO Eat these : If you are in Mumbai for a day or more, few things you should eat which makes Mumbai talk about in news articles etc are famous street side Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji (Visit Juhu Chowpatty or Girgaum Chowpatty beach for same) or other famous food joints in city called ‘Khau Galli’ (MUST SEE VIDEOS ON SIDE PANEL). Try pani puri and sev puri and don’t you ever dare missing on those Dabeli and Chinese bhel / bhajiyas .. lol. Oh i know you might not be used to it right ? But then its ok for a day as its not that unsafe too. See Food and Cuisines of City section

DO Ride these : If you want to feel, visualize and see the real Mumbai, Nothing like a road ride to see the street life and markets, shops around city. I personally recommend an AC / NON AC Bus ride once (Sundays best or before evening 6:00 Pm). I Know it will be little uncomfortable to take a long route but then to understand and feel the crazy city Mumbai on how the shops, markets and real life and streets visual is a bus ride in a Non-Ac bus is must. Best Routes in western suburbs are Bus No. 202, 203, 204 and more few which runs between Mahim, Bandra till Borivali and Dahisar. Speciality of this routes is that the bus goes via S V Road, this is the only road ride which covers major suburbs via main road, markets, street joints and more to get the real feel of Mumbai city. Ride BRTS AC buses for more comfort which takes National Highway route after Bandra and Andheri. See Mumbai Bus Routes for all. Oh i pushed more on bus ride due to the high ride, you can take and auto or cool cab too, But that will put load on your pocket.

Next on the must DO ride list should be Bandra Worli Sea Link, via a bus or a cab anything but just ride and feel it during late sunset hours. Another TO DO ride is the ferry from Gateway of India. Metro train ride should also be on the DO list of yours. Oh have i missed on kids with you ? Here are few rides for them Vanrani Toy Train, Matheran Toy Trains, Essel World Rides, H2O water sports rides at Chowpatty.

Do Keep Handy : Helpline numbers for safety, Station Names, Map (See Left Side Panel), Road Distance Calculator, Movie Timetable for entertainment.

List Of DON’T in Mumbai City

  • Don’t Spit or Litter on Roads and public places, Keep Mumbai Clean.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Follow rules properly.
  • Do Not get into crowded train during peak hours (See above section for details).
  • Do not fall victim or get cheated to thugs of Mumbai, For any reference or details contact police, shops etc. only.
  • Drugs are strictly prohibited, please don’t demand or try any in city.
  • Don’t drive rash and do take care of potholes during monsoon and pedestrians who do walk inside and crosses roads at non zebra crossings, Sad but true.
  • Don’t get involved into street fights with any anti social pigs, you will get dirty with mud and they will like it, Stay smart.
  • Mumbai road and travel are not for speed bikes, Kindly keep away for yours and others safety.
  • Don’t wonder alone without ID proof, You might spend a night inside jail if caught suspicious and without any ID proof.
  • Do Not Spread any article, images, videos related to Mumbai on social media which you are not sure of the reality. This might disturb the peace and harmony of city.
  • Mumbai people are very helpful, Yet sometimes short minded due to the lifestyle (Read Middle Class Job Life) so avoid pranks and such activities as taken as cool and sporty in other countries.

Hey, Do let me know your thoughts and help share with other. Enjoy Mumbai.

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