Varieties Of Food Spices Markets (Garam Masala) in Mumbai

“For Indian Food, Varieties of Spice is the Taste of Individual Food and Like Mumbai, Indian food is full of spices. The flavour of food actually comes from these combinations of spices like Red Chillies, Turmeric, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Kabab Chini, Black Pepper, Jeera, Choti Saunf, Saffron, Cloves etc. Along with flavour, this things have good health benefits too, and citizens are very well aware of the best wholesale markets and their locations in Mumbai to purchase all these varieties. Lets have a look at Mumbai’s famous Garam masala (spice) markets at APMC, Lalbaug, Kalbadevi and Crawford market and the varieties it sells with possible available rates that can help you during you next yearly purchase days which falls in April and May months..”

Food Spices in City
Food Spices in City

Wholesale Spices Markets Of Mumbai

Their are 3 major wholesale markets famous for selling food spices and more other food and vegetable products at cheapest possible rates compare to the local Kirana shops from where one purchases generally. In few communities like Gujarati its a practice to buy red chilly powder, jeera, turmeric and other list of Garam masala’s in the month of April and May (Summer season) as these are the perfect days when spices productions are on peak and reaches every corner of city and other part of India at cheaper prices. Also the cost of purchase during this period from such selective markets of city comes cheap compared to one who purchases in small quantity as and when required from local retail shops near home. Below are those 3 main market locations in Mumbai to plan your purchase next time.

APMC Market : The biggest wholesale market of city, located in Navi Mumbai (Vashi) famous for all kind of fruits, vegetable and spices etc. This is the first place where all the products are unloaded daily imported to city from other locations, and so is the cheapest market for any fruits and vegetables if purchased in bulk wholesale quantity (Retail Not Allowed Here). Generally the big suppliers and retailers purchase products from here daily in early morning time, which is available for sale in local markets and hawkers by morning 6:00 Am to 7:00 Am and reaches you at the retail price.

The Masala Gully Section of this market is famous for variety of food spices available in best and cheapest rates. Tons of quantity is purchased by Kirana Stores (Local spice stores near home) as and when required and are stored in Go down (Mass Storage Place) and sold daily to citizens.

Lalbaug Masala Gully : This location of Parel is located in central railway route of Mumbai, Quite connected to DADAR and LOWER PAREL stations in western railway route is another location for cheap prices spices in city. The term Gully refers to a ‘LANE’. Masala gully here is the second famous Bazar to get your required spices in bulk quantity. This is not the market just like APMC where only buy and sell transactions are done, But here and near around the manufacturing also takes places, People in city who are into spice business process from raw spice to ready serving / selling state and personally sell it via lalbaug market. Once inside this location you can smell those varieties of Jeera, Mirch and other masala’s and you might sniff a little because of those chilly powder around. Ask for mixed masala of local or premium quality brand and you can get many varieties of one single spice. Just for example, if you ask for red chillies / powder, The seller will immediately ask in local Hindi language something like ‘Kausa Du’, by which he means Which type of chillies are you looking for PANDI, BEDGI, KASHMIRI or MADRAS chilly powder of whole grain.

Famous Mirch Gully of Kalbadevi : ‘Mirch’ means chillies. This market location is not limited to selling chillies, they have all types of other products an spices too sell too. Located inside the very old and famous location of Mumbai called Kalbadevi Market. This location is famous for lots of things like crockery, clothes, ladies accessories and other miscellaneous things to purchase at comparative cheaper cost. Decades old ‘Mirch Gully’ is the best place to reach if you stay in western railway routes as the nearest station is Charni Road.

Crawford Market Mirchi Galli : The Word Galli (Also Pronounced as ‘Gulli’) are small lanes at busy junctions of Mumbai and Mirchi (Chilli) Galli is one of the oldest wholesale and retail location to get this most important spice we all use if most food. Know more about Crawford market and get inside near Jumma Masjid lane to see all varieties of chilli powers like Sankeshwari, Kashmiri mirchi and about dozens more..

Types of Food Spices Sold

Below are list with Approximate rates in Rupees per KG as of date which might change.

  • Chillies (Mirchi in Hindi) : 4 Major types of Chillies available in above markets are PANDI (Rs.90 Per Kg), MADRAS (Rs.180 Per Kg), BEDGI (Rs.180 Per Kg) and the famous KASHMIRI Mirch (Rs.240 Per Kg). Among all PANDI is the cheapest shiny looking pale red coloured chilly and Kashmiri mirch being the costliest.
  • Saffron (Kesar in Hindi) : Not just Mumbai, Its the most expensive spice of World. Price varies from place to place. Available in city in types like Filaments and Powdered Form.
  • Cloves (Laung / Lavang in Hindi) : Major 3 types of Cloves available (Zanzibar, Ceylon and Indian), among which Indian Cloves are costliest and Zanzibar being the smallest in size is the cheapest.
  • Black Pepper (Kali Miri) : Pure version of Black pepper and the combination with Kabab Chini are ready available at this markets as per need.
  • Turmeric (Haldi) : 3 major types of turmeric one can see in this markets are NIZAM, RAJAPUR and SALEM costing about Rs.160 to Rs.200 per KG, Nizam haldi turmeric being the costliest as said to be of superior quality compared to RAJAPUR and SALEM spice.

Apart from the above listed masala’s which are used in day to day life, their are many more varieties and types which can be seen and purchased at best lower prices from this markets. You might also like to know about Cheap Vegetable Markets and Price Per KG of all such vegetables.

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