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“Since 1948 When MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) started its first bus between Pune and Ahmednagar, the AC and NON-AC bus services by state government has been one of the cheapest modes of transport reaching maximum locations in Mumbai too. Famously known as the ST buses (State Transport), MSRTC has benchmark of 15500 buses running around which includes types of bus services like Simple, City, Semi Comfortable, Mini, Deluxe, Air Conditioned and Midi controlled by 1 central and 6 regional offices around state. Lets understand the routes and other details of their buses operating between Mumbai and Pune city, The Shivneri Deluxe Volvo, Asiad, and the latest Luxurious AC buses flagged running on 1st September 2014..”

Shivneri Volvo Buses
Shivneri Volvo Buses

Pune to Mantralaya (South Mumbai) Luxury AC buses.

IMP UPDATE !!! Since October 2014, All Shivneri AC buses services are stopped due to heavy losses to MSRTC. Among 17,000 buses about 100 were AC luxury sleeper coach buses running between Mantralaya and Pune, Kolhapur and Other routes like Bengaluru, Nagpur etc. Also see the NEW BEST BUSES and ROUTES in city hereBlinkNew.

1st September 2014, Mumbai got its long awaiting MSRTC AC bus (Called ‘MAHABUS‘ starting from Pune city. Its a direct bus with limited stops between both cities. Below are the exact details about same.

Number Of MahaBuses : Total 2 Luxury AC buses will run in a day between Mumbai and Pune.
Total Distance Covered : 180 Km in About 3 Hours and 45 Minutes in normal/regular conditions.
Timings from Pune : 6:00 AM and 2:00 PM
Timings from Mumbai : 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM
Route Details : From Pune, Aundh  Hinjavdi  Wakad  Pune-Mumbai Expressway  Vashi  Dadar  CST  Mantralaya and Similar Route from Mumbai.

Dadar Pune Volvo Shivneri and Asiad Buses

Shivneri Buses

MSRTC Shivneri Volvo Deluxe Buses
MSRTC Shivneri Volvo Deluxe Buses

Shivneri buses are Volvo’s, One of the oldest Deluxe volvo buses operated by MSRTC since decades now. I remember some 15 years back, these volvo by MSRTC were one of the best and fewest giving convenient services between Mumbai and Pune. It was a time when the concept of Volvo operated by private operators was very less, Now their are number of private operators giving their services between this two neighbour city routes, But MSRTC is still the cheapest.

Bus Timings of Shivneri Volvo from Mumbai’s Dadar (East) location are very convenient, Its at every half hour time gap and first bus starts at 5:30 in Morning and Last bus around 11:30 to 00:00 Mid night. It is better to confirm with them for mid-night timings as they have not mentioned it. From Dadar there are 2 routes to reach pune (Via AUNDH and Via CHINCHWAD). Keep a note that only one bus is listed via Chinchwad route which is at 14:15 (i.e 2:15 Pm) from Mumbai, Dadar east. Other all routes from AUNDH. Similarly, all the buses coming from Pune city routes from AUNDH.

Asiad Buses

MSRTC Asiad Buses
MSRTC Asiad Buses

Asiad are the regular buses running between this two cities, It falls under Semi-Luxurious (NON-AC) bus category, Quick and Cheapest buses to reach pune with services every half and hour from Dadar (East), 5 minutes distance from Railway station. Timings of Asiad buses from Dadar are simple, First bus starts at Early Morning 5:00 AM and the Last one at 11:00 PM in the gap of every half hour.

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MSRTC Virar Vasai Buses
MSRTC Regular Red Buses Operated at Virar Vasai Area (Palghar / Thane District)

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