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“JAYA HE, as the new museum safari called at Andheri CSIA, T2 (Terminal 2) of Mumbai international airport is owned by GVK. A display art gallery showcasing Ancient Indian Heritage, Culture and various fine artwork is what they want passengers to experience which just takes about 20 minutes to half hour to explore this beautiful T2 Museum departure area. Let’s explore more details about timings, charges (it free) and other requirements to enter this sections of Airport..”

T2 Museum Artwork1
Museum Artwork1

T2 Museum Artwork2
Museum Artwork2

JAYA HE museum has 2 different sections designed by Rajeev Sethi who is, Not just in India but around Asia, Known as one of the best Scenographer wanting to add more to the project and Airport beauty. This new Museum at Andheri’s international airport is now India’s largest cultural and artwork display gallery till date.

Located at 3rd and 4th Level of Departure area of Airport, These 2 sections welcomes departures and arriving passengers with sculptures, Ancient Indian fine art in various colours and shapes (See Pictures) displayed right in front and also wall mounted. This brand new beautiful section has no entry fee (Free entry) for all GVK customers / passengers, who now has some more options except reading newspapers, music or spending time at the Lounges area.

Just pull out 15 to 30 minutes walk to explore about 7 thousand extremely beautiful artwork all the combination of Mixed Indian heritage in the form of Art, Historic, Sculpture, Cultural display. You might be also interested in knowing about the upcoming airport city by GVK.

T2 Museum Artwork3
Museum Artwork3
T2 Museum Artwork4
Museum Artwork4

One of the 2 sections designed is available at Airport arrival area, So for all those curious visitors coming from outside (Specially the tourists and Indian Heritage lovers), A pleasant feel of Indian origin and century old lifestyle is what welcomes you before you can explore actual city Mumbai. As said the brand new T2 Museum will be free and public entry will be permitted from April 2017 onwards. The only requisite will be a small form which can be filled Online via their website.

T2 Museum Artwork5
Museum Artwork5

That said, this is just a addition to the already mesmerising beauty of Terminal 2 right inside the heart of Mumbai city located at Andheri East, Western Suburban of city. Some of the already detailed facilities and services offered by this international terminal are Parking, Connecting Bus Services, Forex and ATM.

Note : All Pictures credits GVK official website.

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