The Jaya He T2 Museum at GVK International Airport – Mumbai

“Know the one of its kind T2 Museum, The newly established museum safari, known as JAYA HE, situated at Andheri CSIA, T2 (Terminal 2) of Mumbai international airport, is under the ownership of GVK. The primary objective of this museum is to present a captivating display of Ancient Indian Heritage, Culture, and an array of exquisite artwork, providing passengers with an enriching experience.

The exploration of this splendid T2 Museum departure area typically requires a mere 20 minutes to half an hour. For those interested in delving deeper into the details, let us uncover additional information regarding the museum’s operating hours, admission charges (which are non-existent), and any prerequisites for accessing these sections of the airport…”

T2 Museum Artwork1
Museum Artwork1
T2 Museum Artwork2
Museum Artwork2

JAYA HE museum comprises two distinct sections meticulously designed by renowned Scenographer Rajeev Sethi, who is celebrated not only in India but across Asia for his exceptional talent. His vision for this project extends beyond the boundaries of India, aiming to enhance the airport’s aesthetic appeal. Situated within Andheri’s international airport, this newly established museum proudly stands as India’s largest cultural and artwork display gallery to date.

Positioned on the 3rd and 4th levels of the Departure area, these two sections warmly welcome both departing and arriving passengers. The captivating display includes an array of sculptures and ancient Indian fine art, showcasing a vibrant palette of colors and diverse shapes. These captivating pieces are prominently exhibited, both in front of the viewers and on the walls. Notably, admission to this exquisite section is complimentary for all GVK customers and passengers, offering them an alternative to reading newspapers, listening to music, or spending time at the Lounges .

Embarking on a leisurely 15 to 30-minute stroll, visitors can immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring collection of approximately 7,000 breathtaking artworks. Each piece represents a harmonious blend of India’s rich heritage, encompassing art, history, sculpture, and cultural displays. For those seeking further intrigue, GVK Skyline Airport City is an enticing prospect worth exploring.

T2 Museum Artwork3
Museum Artwork3
T2 Museum Artwork4
Museum Artwork4

One of the two sections that have been designed is accessible at the Airport arrival area. Therefore, for all the inquisitive visitors arriving from other places, particularly the tourists and enthusiasts of Indian heritage, a delightful experience of Indian roots and a glimpse into the century-old lifestyle awaits them before they embark on their exploration of the vibrant city of Mumbai.

The T2 Museum, recently established, will graciously welcome the public without any admission fee, commencing from April 2017. To gain access, individuals are kindly requested to fulfill a concise online form accessible on the museum’s official website.

T2 Museum Artwork5
Museum Artwork5

This addition further enhances the captivating allure of Terminal 2, situated in the heart of Mumbai city at Andheri East, in the Western Suburbs. The international terminal boasts an array of meticulously outlined facilities and services.

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Note : All Pictures credits GVK official website.

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