Parking Facilities and Charges at Mumbai Airports

“Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport (CSIA) located and well connected internally between to major suburbs Andheri (International Airport) and Santacruz (Domestic Terminals) has ample parking facilities which all together can give shade to about 2250 cars / private vehicles. Although Mumbai airports are the only which have Pay Parking facilities at just outside Terminals, Day by Day growing rates are of concern. Yet, lets understand more about parking and charges passengers have to pay and also about the latest hike in rates..”

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Mumbai Airport Parking Facilities

Mumbai Airport Parking Facilities

Parking Capacity
Update July 2015 : Upon Mid-Day reporting the concerns about the security and risk factors to Air Control Tower related to current car & who wheeler parking at Domestic Airport, Airport Authorities have revealed that they have already considered the same and are coming up with Multi-level car parking facilities at terminal 1B. With 2 basement and 5 above ground floors dedicated to car parking, the security issues will be all taken care and facilities will help the visitors too. Must say, That’s a timely reporting by Mid-Day and a great prior move by AAI.

At Domestic Airport Terminal (Santacruz East) their are total of 740 parking slots for 4 wheeler and at International Terminal (Andheri East) their are 4700 of such slots available which is very good and best part being very adjacent to terminals. These facilities are available for 4 wheeler, basically cars and for 2 wheelers 500 such slots are available. With the new design possibly more space allocation will be done for betterment of city passengers.

Domestic Airport Hourly Parking Charges

Parking TimeRates in Rs.(INR)
Upto 30 Minutes110
30 Minutes to 120 Minutes (2 hours)180
120 Minutes (2 Hours) to 180 Minutes (3 Hours)260
180 Minutes (3 Hours) to 240 Minutes (4 Hours)340
Further for Every HourRs.90 Flat

After the parking time limit as mentioned in above table, Every subsequent hour will be charged at Rs.110 extra for next 8 hours. From that 8th hour till 24 hour charges will be Rs.1100.

International Airport Hourly Parking Charges

Parking TimeRates in Rs.(INR)
Rates in Rs.(INR)
Upto 30 Minutes110200
30 Minutes to 120 Minutes (2 hours)180300
120 Minutes (2 Hours) to 180 Minutes (3 Hours)260380
180 Minutes (3 Hours) to 240 Minutes (4 Hours)340460
Further for Every Hour (Till Next 8 hours)Rs.110 FlatRs.120 Flat
That 8th Hour till Total 24 HoursRs.1100 FlatRs.1200 Flat

IMPORTANT NOTE : Monthly Pass Facilities are also available for daily visitors, Information about Pass Charges can be got from Airport Authority (GVK) at airports.

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