Lalbaugcha Raja Ganesh (Ganpati) 2017 Parel – Mumbai

“2017 King (‘Raja’ in Hindi)of Mumbai Ganpati ‘LALBAUGCHA RAJA’ is Ganesha idol, famous during Ganpati festival located at Lalbaug at Parel Station (Central  Mumbai), One of the famous Mandals of City. Famous crowd puller Ganesh Idol every year has very high number of devotees with spiritual belief that whatever is asked in front of this idol gets fulfilled. Lets understand some facts about Lalbaug..”

Lalbaugcha Raja Idol
Lalbaugcha Raja Idol

Lalbaugcha Raja Facts

Mumbai’s most talked ganesh utsav and the famous ganapati mandal at Lalbaugcha raja location at parel has somewhere 2 to 3 lakhs (increased to millions recently) devotees visiting for just a small view and touch feet of the idol of lord Ganesha. WHY ? Because people started believing that once you pray in front of Lalbaug Ganpati, He listens and wishes sure comes true… Believe it ? All up to your belief and faith. But, lets pray best for year 2017.

Huge crowd enjoys it just to have a glimpse of Lalbaug Ganesh idol during those 10 days and most on last 10th day of immersion at girgaum chowpatty. Infact the pictures of this God is on high sale too during the festive days. Lalbaugcha Raja is since 77 years now (2011) moving to his 78th Birthday in 2012.

This mandal (the organizers) is their since British ruling days and till about 2007 lalbaug ganesh was not so famous,  until media started writing about the height and hyped up with displaying the total visitors daily and political parties started supporting lalbaugcha raja.

The shops at and around Lalbaug Mandal location are open for 24 hours for these ten days. Shops have things to sell like pictures of lalbaugcha ganesh, Some spiritual threads, colourful powders, CD’s and Videos, and others things like foods and eateries. The once famous location ‘Lalbaug‘ for Mills and industries in Mumbai is quite famous for Ganpati festival now.

10 Days of Lalbaugcha Raja Ganesh Festival

Ganpati festival this mandal enjoys is for complete 10 days and the last day is visarjan (immersion) day of idol. The crowd at lalbaug is to be seen during this days. It was  also in news that in year 2009 about 40,000 mobile handsets were stolen from devotees who visited the site, just do to this huge crowd and thefts taking advantage of it.

Devotees and Donations/Offerings

The Day 1 of ganpati festival started with some couple of crores in donation which goes on and on at lalbaug for all 10 days. Some Devotes Golden Necklace worth Lakhs and Some prefers donating cash. lalbaugcha raja mandal has to start the counting of cash at day one as it is so huge. The volunteers works day and night to help devotees crowd and this year served food beverages to people standing for more than 12 to 15 hours just to have a glimpse of God’s idol from closest place possible and give some offerings. Yes, its true if you think of ‘How Many Hours‘ it takes to reach the Idol, But thats true spirit of Mumbai city.

The trust Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal (LRSGM) who runs this mandal has collected the record breaking donation of Rs.20 crores in cash and gold even when gold price was high (2010 and 2011). Their are some secret donations too, this devotees do not list their names in donation list and give huge money to raja’s charity. Every year the spiritual donations are high and everyone is now have an eye on 2012 donations total.

How to Reach Lalbaug

Parel station is in Central Railway route, and very close to the western railway station called ‘Lower Parel’. You can also take Taxi (Cab) or alternately reach directly from main stations like ‘Dadar’ or ‘Mumbai Central’.

Immersion Video

This is a live Lalbaug Visarjan (Immersion) video that was taken, See how they do the ritual of immersion and jump into water for the final process.

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