Important Documents For Address Change and Relocating Mumbai City

“If you are changing your city (i.e or are new to city or may be going out of Mumbai), its very important to update your documents and change to latest address. Below are the list of documents to update whenever you change your city..”

Important Documents For Address Change
Important Documents For Address Change

Updates 2017 : With time and days, Government policies changes and so do i request to contact concern authorities or government offices as and when required, Still i keep updating this article about what is the most important document when it comes to being Indian citizen now in 2017 – 2018 and while relocating from one city to other.

Aadhaar Card is on top priority now, One can easily see the difference since 2016. Every other thing is getting linked to your Unique ID Number of Aadhaar card. Even Pan Card is secondary now and is accepted at second proof if at all one do not have a Aadhar card. So get your ID intact and link it to PAN card to make life easier further.

Which Documents and Related Address to Change

  • Banking Related : Healthy finance is the key to happy future, so take care to update address of all banking products in all the banks you have account with. Important Documents related to your saving account, Fixed deposits, Demat and all credit cards should have the latest address, email and contact details. A small change can save major hurdles like getting account alerts, new cheque book, statements etc.
    Various private and public sector banks have different facilities (online and offline) to help you change your address, Best is to contact your customer care to check if that’s possible. Just by verification if that is possible then nothing like that. Else fill up some simple ready form for change of address and submit.
  • Insurance Documents : Contact your insurance agents in Mumbai or any other locations and ask him to change address request that can be reflected on all taken insurance. It can be a Life insurance policy, Home insurance, Car insurance or any other as its not just gonna affect you, but most importantly the nominees for which all the benefits will be forwards if any risk occurs. Mention all policy numbers, nominee names etc properly and submit the form to your agent or the insurance company as rules applies.
  • Various Investments : If you have been investing in various investment products like PPF, Post office, bonds etc. It is very important that you quote your PAN (Permanent Account Number) properly on every required document of change of address. This is because if any investment gets matured and payment is in process, it should not reach your old city address. Or else it get bounce back to the company, and getting it re-returned on your relocated address is very touch sometimes
  • Income Tax Documents : Every employee pay tax and sometimes in case excess tax paid is when you get your excess amount cheque back to your residential address. Now think the tedious process of income tax department sending you your refund money and it goes to your old city address ? It is really hard to get the whole government process done sometimes. The point it to update the PAN card address, Aadhaar address and update your ITR department via the process listed on their website should be part of other changes to Important Documents. Remember, IT department refers the address as listed for your PAN card and not on your returns files.
  • Passport Related Documents : You have more or less any document of residential proof, Passport is considered the best for same. The address written on passport is very important and is considered valid in any/all legal matters. Change it first and it will be easier for you to change other address related documents for any matter. You need to contact local regional passport office like one in worli for Mumbai and fill the required address changing form to do the needful.

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