Women Surname Change Related Documents After Marriage in Mumbai

“Upon Marriage, women world gets connected to his man, and so does the surname in India. It is one of the important change along with other documents that needs the change in Mumbai and globally around India. Below are some important documents and related website for reference for surname change post Marriage..”

Married Women
Married Women

Get Started With Marriage Certificate

Before we begin with list of documents to change, very first and important things after Marriage is to get your Marriage registered. In Mumbai every station has its own office of the registrar of Marriage, In few Mumbai north suburbs you get your certificate at Mahanagarpalika Office by filling simple form along with other identity proof and wedding proofs like wedding pictures, invitation card that needs to be submitted.

The process of getting Marriage certificate varies according to ‘Hindi Marriage Act’ and ‘Special Marriage Act’, more details of same can be found at www.india.gov.in. Approximately it takes 45 to 60 days to get this legal proof of Marriage. If for any other reasons you are changing your name, you need to follow process according to state government official gazette Or alternately do a joint notary affidavit. For more details on same contact your financial planner in Mumbai.

List Of Documents for Surname Change After Marriage

  • PAN (Permanent Account Number) Surname Change : Once you get your legal proof of Marriage in Mumbai, apply for change of surname in your PAN card. The process is similar like applying for a new PAN card and the PAN number will all be the same, You need to submit your Marriage Certificate or Government Gazette Copy of name change for same. Link for same is here.
  • Driving License Name : Being a women and after Marriage, If you already hold your driving license with you, you may need to rework on this one too. Contact your local motor driving training institute and get your surname changed on your driving license too.
  • Surname Change in Bank Accounts : If not more, you must be having saving account in one or more banks in Mumbai. Apply with change of name with your certificate of Marriage filling simple form and get it done. Most important is the change in address after Marriage which is what you need to update too. For same bank will ask some residential proof, photo id of husband too.
  • Surname Change in Passport : Another Important document for residential proof, your passport is one accepted as legal proof everywhere for any work done. To get your name changed here, you need to apply for re-issue of passport along with wedding certificate, old passport, copy of your husband passport and other basic formalities. Here is quick online link for passport name change.
  • Surname Change in Voting Card : Another residential proof and valid legal identity is your Voter’s Identity Card, For Election commission of India related the link (Removed as website down) that will help get you more details on how to change your surname on voting card in Mumbai.
  • Name Change on Loans, Investments, Insurance Documents : Above all, their are this few places to remind yourself of documents change name it can be any of your investments like mutual fund, post office, stocks bonds etc, Or other insurance policies, personal or housing loans related. It is better your get your address and name change on all these important places.
  • Property : Being financially smart is very important, and everyone knows what is the meaning of just a Name on any property related document, being it as a owner or a nominee. Be a smart women and after Marriage or better before only, take care that all the things related to property you own or are nominated in are updated with proper plans. For property related contact your legal adviser, name change related is at local registrar office anywhere in Mumbai where u stay and have property.
  • If Relocating : You might also like to go through list of documents to update when relocating city.

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