Celebrating Gudi Padwa Ugadi Festival in Mumbai

“Every year Gudi Padwa festival which is also called ‘Ugadi’ with high significance as beginning of new year for Marathi Language speaking Maharashtrian community in Mumbai and around state is celebrated in high spirit. This day is ‘Mother Earth’s Birthday’ according to Indian tradition. Lets see the details with pictures and videos on how Mumbai celebrate this auspicious festival of Marathi new year (birthday) of beloved mother earth..”

The Gudi Padwa Festival
The Gudi Padwa Festival

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How Mumbai Celebrates Gudi Padwa Festival

Every Maharashtrian Home Host Gudi : Now Lets understand what Gudi means, Its a brahmadhvaj (Dhvaj Means Flag), so it means the honor and winning significance of lord Bramha Flag which is hoisted signifying the win over evil, Here it is for the happiness of Lord rama winning over ravana and returning back home at Ayodjya. And so the gudi (flag) which actually can be seen as bright yellow or green or mixed color zari cloth (brocade) tied on tip of long bamboo along with some more things like sweets (Called ‘Gaohi’), Mango leaves and Neem leaves with Zhendu flower or any other flower garland, and on top of which is a small copper or silver made vessel/pot placed inverted which resembles the winning flag ‘The Gudi’.

Celebration on Doorsteps : Now once the gudi is ready, Decorating the entrance of home, the door is very important. The festival is always been seen at a glance at every Mumbai home doors and windows. With red and yellow flowers on door, Garlands and other decorative materials now available in city market its fun and easy to put up lintel and such things making festival view more beautiful.

Taking an Oil Bath : Every Hindu festival like this one means getting up early, specially if its a new year day and taking bath. But during Gudi padwa day something more happens, bathing with Oil which signifies ‘Abhyangasnan’ in sanskrit which means ablution with oil. Religious belief of ancient time said that with normal bath the raja and tama component decreases and sattva component increases for 3 hours, Yet if you bath with oil it stays long for about 5 hours which is very blessing. So Mumbai people gets up early and first things they do to start the festive ritual is to take this bath.

Rituals, Offerings and Puja : According to Hindi mythological it is said the day should begin with puja (Ritual offering and praying god for health, wealth and prosperity). And specially the new year like gudi padwa is one day to pray to lord of universe creator ‘Lord Bramha’. So havan is done which as all the required offering to be put in fire that says to reach lord and he blesses the home with all evil spirit, cleanses all sins and blesses home with prosperity and blessings.

This is also a day to listen and talk to all positives dates (tithis) which brings prosperity (Dhan laxmi), cures all diseases. It is done via ‘Smarana’ which means chanting various god mantras. Then comes the offering of gudi padwa prasad, which has neem leaves, dal, tender leaves, soaked gram, cummin seeds and honey. Its a kind of sweet stuff for eating, like one gets at various hindu temple around world.

Start Ploughing Soil : With Chanted Mantras this new Gudi padwa year is considered very spiritual for people doing farming activities, With soil ploughing it gets charges up with good spirit called ‘Prajapati frequencies’, Rice are put up with tika on various farming instruments that are used throughout the year. This brings more fertility and growth in farm and plants.

Start Padwa with Good Karma : As everything is done during festival, one needs to build good karma and best of the ways is to donate or help some needy person with money or food. In Mumbai at lots of places one can see temporary stalls put up during this and other similar festivals which distributes free drinking water, cold drinks like rasna etc. Thus a good started day with all good karmas brings happiness and thus a very good celebration occasion.

Gudi Padwa Effects on Mumbai Real Estate

Now the padwa day which is also known as ‘Birthday of Mother Earth’ is one festive day among other 100’s where both customers and property developers are keen and waiting for. Home Buyers does many deals like giving token amount, Booking amount for new flat and for resale as this festival is considered and auspicious time to do investment in Gold and buy home or investment flats and other property not just in Mumbai, But around Maharashtra state. Builders and Developers launches new projects and gets this festive opportunity for sale off the unsold stock by putting up discounts, lowering price advertising in leading newspapers of Mumbai as gudi padwa offers on various properties, major attracting home buyers.

Same way buyers waits a little more for this festival day to put up their hard earned money and expecting such offers, discounts etc. Yet this can be a bonus trigger for property of Mumbai, the experts investors do not rely on just such one festival like this for buying and selling property. Whatever it may me, buyers should always keep in mind that recession and always going up inflation are some of the major factors apart gudi padwa festival in Mumbai.

Gudi Shops in Mumbai

Every year this auspicious occasion of Maharastrian new year brings lots of Gudi Shopping at homes who do not get enough time from job etc to make their own hand made Gudi. Alternate option to same is getting a ready made gudi which can be purchased at major markets of Mumbai. Vashi (Navi Mumbai) APMC is one of the very famous and largest wholesale market for fruits, vegetables and other day to day products which has specially set-up shops selling gudi’s starting a day before padwa festival. All beautifully decorated and colourful cloth used in gudi of various quality and size are used to make this ready made gudi’s. Another locations is Dadar market as its one of the other major market for many things and also large number of Maharashtrian community resides here. Not sure, But Crawford market might have some shops selling for a day before the padwa.

Gudi’s are sold in all such places and shops inside has 3 variety on sale. Small, Medium and Large size of ready gudi’s for which price ranges are Rs.200 to Rs250, Rs.300 to Rs.450 and Between Rs.800 and Rs.1100 around. Rate of Gui’s depends on the material of cloth and other things like artificial Kalash, Color and quality of cloth used, decoration and art work done etc. Their are few shops in Mumbai which are dedicated for this 2 days and also are few which are seasonal sellers. Occasion and festival wise this shops sells products which helps those sellers each better and survive with competition.

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