Liquor Alcohol Purchase and Consumption Age and Rules in Mumbai

“As of year 2020, Purchase & Consumption of liquor has legal rules in Mumbai (Applicable Over Maharashtra). Be the Alcohol level inside is mild or high, A mild beer or Whisky with high level of alcohol, Be it Foreign Liquor or Indian Made Foreign Liquor. Permit is required for hard drinks with some age group and exceptions on mild beer.

Be it a small group home party or a grand one, Home consumption or Drinking at a bar, There are age limits for drinking mild beer and rules are different for other age and alcohols. Below are updated details as of current year..”

Chilled Beer
Chilled Beer

FAQ Style Age, Permit & Liquor & Alcohol Consumption Rules

Q. What is the permissible age limit in Mumbai to consume liquor ?
To get a permit and consume any type of Alcohol, Age 25 years is compulsory. As an exception, One can consume mild beer (without Permit) if between Age 21 to 25.

Q. Is Liquor Permit Compulsory ?
For any type of Consumption, Hard Drinks (High Level of Alcohol) like Whisky, Rum, Vodke, Strong Beer etc, Permit is Compulsory for an individual consumption.

Q. How Much Alcohol / Liquor i can store at my home ?
Maximum of 12 bottles are allowed in possession at home for personal consumption.

Q. What & How Much Exactly i can store at home ?
Below are details of type of liquor & possession permissible limits.
(1000 ml = 1 Unit, For Beer & Wine 2600 = 1 Unit).

  • Country Liquor : 2 Units (1000 ML x 2 Bottles)
  • Spirit : 12 Units (1000 ML x 12 Bottles)
  • Beer : 12 Units (2600 ML x 12 Bottles)
  • Wine : 12 Units (2600 ML x 12 Bottles)

Q. What are the rules on state level alcohol purchase. Can i bring liquor from other states & how much ?
One Cannot bring any type of Alcohol inside maharashtra from any other state. There is no exceptions as different state level rules are applied in India. For example, Alcohol is totally banned in Gujarat state. One cannot travel from Mumbai (Maharashtra) to Gujarat and carry liquor in commercial or any private vehicle. Same applies to Mumbai, It affects the revenue, excise etc.

Q. What are the rules for Purchasing Alcohol from Duty Free Shops inside Maharashtra (Mumbai) ?
It is perfectly ok to purchase and consume liquor from Duty free stores. If bought, it should be for self consumption only. One cannot use the same in any small or big party servings.

Q. What are Rules or Permissions Required for Home Party or a Grand one ?
Celebrating occasions with alcohol party is very common around world and not just in Mumbai city. One just need to understand and obey few rules. If a home party is in small number like few family & friends of 8 to 10 person than no special permission are required (Age, Permits & Other Alcohol Related Rules Applied). If it is a grand party with lots of people, then police permissions are required. Party done at open spaces like terrace, society compound etc also needs police & society related permissions.

Q. What are the Permit Charges for Commercial & Non-Commercial Liquor Party ?
Alcohol Party Permit are given with special permissions (Usually for 1 day only). Charges for a commercial party will be Rs.20,000 (Per day) & For Non-Commercial is Rs.10,000 for a day.

Q. What are Individual Permit Charges (Personal Consumption)?
Individual Permit Cost Rs. 1000 (lifetime) & Rs.100 for 1 year.

Q. Do we need Permit to drink in a Bar, Pub or Lounge ?
Yes, Drinking outside home (Restaurant & Bar etc) WITHOUT Permit is possible to. A temporary permit of 1 Day validity will be given by the Bar owner for below type of consumption.

  • IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) or Foreign Liquor : Rs.5 Per Person (If you going in group, Accordingly)
  • Country Liquor : Rs.2 Per Person.

Q. Who attends complains related to Alcohol Rules.
Complaint for breaking alcohol rules goes to excise department.

Q. Do we need permits to use Alcohol in making other products like Alcohol Chocolate etc?
Using Alcohol for making any food or related stuff at home or anywhere outside needs a permit. For Example, Make Alcohol chocolates at home, One needs permit.

The age permitted rules also means you need to carry a valid drinking license with a possible extra safety proof like PAN card, etc to prove you are and Indian and above prohibited age to drink liquor.

Now before you get prepared, we recommend you also read the drink and drive penalties by Mumbai traffic police and Getting Liquor Drinking License.

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