Liquor Rules in Mumbai – Alcohol Consumption and Purchase Limits

“Its already 2017 and Liquor rules in Mumbai might have changed, But during 2012, when the 63 years old Bombay (Now Mumbai) Prohibition Act of 1949 has listed rules for liquor consumption rules and limits for individual person in Mumbai. The Act rules on citizen today also and prohibits alcohol purchase and consumption of liquor at permissible daily and weekly limits, which crossed will be punishable with fines and jail up to 6 months..”

IMPORTANT !! : This is an old article and rules might have changed. Still for those who don’t know anything about Liquor rules, Here is some info.

Chilled Beer
Chilled Beer

Liquor Rules For Daily and Weekly Consumption

Mumbai traffic police has been strict when it comes to drink and drive rules, Especially after the accident that took place in Juhu. Now best part is that many citizens don’t know about such rules as in day to day life when it comes to alcohol purchase and consumption, the Bombay prohibition act is not written in details at wine and beer shops, nor do at individual bottles. But now many news media and newspapers have put up this important rules out to public which is very important to be read and understand the permissible limits, else one can be in jail or need to pay fine up to 5000 to 6000, even if individual has permit to drink. Your liquor consumption limits are been decided by government, irrespective of the money and drinking capacity you have, checkout below.

  • Hard Liquor (Whiskey, Vodka etc.) Daily Limit : 214.28 ml (2 units limit)
  • Beer (Any Strong or Mild Beer) Daily Limit : 1.14 liters (2 units limit)
  • Wine Daily Limits : 0.448 Liters (2 units limit)
  • FINE : With or without valid permit, if you cross the above limits (in cocktail, mix and match) you can be punished with fine up to Rs.5000 (About 90 Dollars @ Rs 55) OR/AND jail up to six months.
  • Age Limit : 25 years and above.
  • Nationality : Should be Indian

Remember, on top of this limits one needs a valid permit to drink alcohol in Mumbai, and that even doesn’t mean you can drink and drive.

How Much Liquor One Can Buy Every Week

Not just government Liquor rules on you on consumption, But you are allowed and limited to buy only certain quantity of alcohol with valid drinking license, below are the rules for one person (Individual).

  • Hard Liquor Purchase Limit : 1500 ml
  • Beer Purchase Limit : 8 Liters
  • Wine : 3.4 liters
  • Age Limit : 25 years and above.
  • Nationality : Should be Indian

The age permitted rules also means you need to carry a valid drinking license with a possible extra safety proof like PAN card, etc to prove you are and Indian and above prohibited age to drink liquor. Now before you get prepared, we recommend you also read the drink and drive penalties by Mumbai traffic police and Getting Liquor Drinking License.

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