S T Minibus From Matheran to Karjat Timetable – Mumbai

“State Transport (S T) Minibus Services are also available between Matheran and Karjat for those who do not want to use local trains, Below are schedules for same with Saturday and Sunday timings..”

ST MiniBus in Mumbai
The Public ST MiniBus ( BEST Buses) in Mumbai

Karjat to Matheran Minibus Timings

5:15 Am 8:45 Am
6:15 Am 2:30 Pm
7:45 Am 4:30 Pm
12:00 Am 6:30 Pm
Saturday and Sunday Timings
5:15 Am 12:00 Pm
7:45 Am 2:30 Pm
5:30 Pm

Matheran to Karjat Timings

6:30 Am 1:15 Pm
7:30 Am 3:45 Pm
9:00 Am 5:45 Pm
10:00 Am 6:45 Pm
Saturday and Sunday Timings
6:30 Am 1:15 Am
9:00 Am 3:45 Pm
5:30 Pm

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Milind Sonar
It was helpful
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mahendra mehta
Give us 2024 bus timing for all rout .remove old time table
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Suneeta Mestry
Good information about all stops. Thank you so much
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Sachin Mistry
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4 Replies to “S T Minibus From Matheran to Karjat Timetable – Mumbai

  1. How much time these buses take from matheran to Karjat ? are they very crowdy ? any advance booking needed ?

    1. Of course, Dasturi Naka on the hills of Matheran is the last point that has parking facilities. One can reach here by Car, Bikes, etc and further can use alternate means like Horse rise, Human pulled cart or the famous Toy train or just walk for an hour oif so.

  2. we are 10 persons. would like to go Karjat Railway Station from Matheran us stand. Can we get mini bus for us? what time will mini bus will take?

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