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“Mumbai’s one of the most crowded railway stations, Dadar was and still is a very important location in South of city. Maharastrian community pride and Parsi community choice of colony, Dadar has always been a very good place of residence which also has couple of tourist attraction places like ages old Kabutar khana, Chowpatty, Shivaji Park and Markets near Railway station..”

Dadar Beach
Dadar Beach
Dadar Market
Dadar Market
Old Rare Picture Of Dadar Railway Station West
Old Rare Picture Of Dadar Railway Station West
Old Picture Of Dadar Station
Old Picture Of Dadar Station

Dadar Location Tourist Attractions

  • Flower Market : Get the scent of this station just when you get down on west side of Dadar. A Small lane adjacent to road bridge has few 20 shops & equal amount of street hawkers selling fresh marigold, mogra, roses, lilly, jasmin and variety of other flowers that reaches early morning at this special flower market of Dadar which is the first recommended tourist attraction in my list.Unlike other places in Mumbai and Suburban, Flowers are sold in Kilogram weight here and are very cheap compared to your local vendors. Major local vendors reaches Dadar early morning and get the best deals and sells at higher rates at shops near residents around city, That is their daily wage and bread butter.

  • Station Market : Apart from Flowers, This location adjacent to railway station in West is also famous for varieties of other day to day products. These 2 station road lanes are filled with hawkers who sells everything like handbags, clothing, crockeries and more. Fresh fruits and Vegetable arrives here from Vashi APMC market which is Mumbai’s biggest Wholesale market. Late evening around 8:30 , 9 Pm vendors sell the remaining fruits and vegetable at very cheap cost as few of them stay at far locations and need to travel long and so in hurry sell at lowest or no profit and moves away.

    Every tourist when around Dadar must visit this station location to see how crowded it is and think on how and why BMC is allowing such street markets, hawkers since decades now. Crowded Nuisance for few, But sure another tourist attraction for an hour worth spent to get the real taste of Mumbai city. Visit this place between September and November which has festivals like Navratri, Ganapati and Diwali and you will hardly find any comfortable place to walk around. This crowd is another attraction of Mumbai.

    For Foodies, ask anyone for that one small Lassi shop and the Surti farsan shop which has delicious Samosas and other farsan, Both near each Other around N C Kelkar road. Mama Kane restaurant in this market is the oldest and famous for Maharastrian special food dishes which is a must try once.

  • Kabutar Khana : One of the oldest attractions of Dadar West near railway station is this Pigeon house, Famously known as Kabutar khana (Also pronounced with word ‘Kabootar khana’). On heritage structure list of Mumbai, this small circular structure space is home to about 4000 to 6000 pigeons since 1933 at a market junction opposite jain temple, a must visit attraction of Dadar.Many time proposed for a new look with the revamp proposal by BMC this iconic tourist place still falls short on the plans. See the old Dadar station picture on this page and understand what was the population then and this Kabutar khana was never a hurdle to traffic and pedestrians in this location, But now to de-congest the junction and also for security reasons, BMC is trying hard to get the proposal cleared by Heritage body and get the revamp done.

    This same Kabutar khana was also loved by Directors of Bollywood film industry and can be seen in many Bollywood movies like Anil Kapoor starer Parinda and others. The structure is quite old now, But when we see thousands of these feathers flocking together here, it gives a beautiful feeling and gives the very feeling of being in Mumbai city.

    Dadar Kabootar Khana
    Kabootar Khana

    See Complete Details of Kabutar Khana.

  • Dadar Chowpatty : Before technology boomed, People around Mumbai and not just Dadar use to hang around the blessed beaches more frequently then now and Dadar Chowpatty talks about the same history. Ask any old resident and he has many stories and memories about this beach. Chowpatty is still the same, But the feel and charm of spending time with family and friends on such beaches has changed.Visit this attraction place for some fresh cool breeze and that view of Bandra Worli sea link. Plans are on the list of making this place more beautiful with safety tetrapod, seating benches and more.
  • More Places to See : Shivaji Park Ground, Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Portuguese Church, Chaitya Bhoomi (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar), Worli Sea Face, Mahatma Gandhi Olympic Swimming Pool all in West side of station. On East side near station is Swaminarayan Temple and the famous Hindmata shopping location specially for Saree.

Old Famous Residential Attractions of Dadar

  • Shivaji Park : One of the biggest open grounds in South Mumbai which has and is still hosting biggest political rallies and is one of the favourite ground among local residents of Dadar for sports and recreation activities.
  • Hindu Colony : Known as one of the oldest cosmopolitan community located in West. Hindu colony is quite connected to Dadar Chowpatty, Shivaji Park and the Famous Ruia and Potdar Collage towards Matunga, which is an adjacent station in western railway route.
  • Lokmanya Tilak Colony : Quite near to station near East and West connectivity location, This old residential colony of Dadar is famously named by our freedom fighter. A bridge with same name stands strong since 1923 which till date carries thousands of vehicle.
  • Dadar Parsi Colony : Resident to Mumbai’s largest Zoroastrian community, One of the first migrants to city. Parsi Colony at Dadar East has about 10,000 parsi families residing since 1920 (About 75 years) and this colony recently won the case demanding only Parsi Zoroastrian community covenant to be allowed to stay in this colony. More than 35000 parsi resides in Mumbai and this colony has taken special permissions on the major 3 plots of colony for such demands.
  • Shardashram Society : Don’t know how true but at Wikimapia i read that this was the very first housing society of Mumbai, ‘The Dadar Co-Operative Housing Society Ltd’ and so is why the location known since.
  • Khandke Building : Wanna experience on how the old BOMBAY use to look with those chawl style buildings, Checkout Khandke building which resembles Mumbai’s oldest society buildings.

Entertainment Options

When it comes to Entertainment, apart from Chowpatty and few malls like Nakshatra and Atria in Worli, Dadar has its beautiful historic cinema halls some of those are :


Local Travel
3 Major modes of travel and transportation in and Via Dadar are Local Trains, Taxi (Which includes Black & Yellow and Cool Cabs) and BEST Buses. Autos are not allowed here as all locations here and beyond are considered in South Mumbai Zone. Outside the stations their are Bus stops that will take you to any locations we discussed above, But i recommend you to go for a Taxi or Cool Cab if you are visiting for very first timer here.

Interstate Or Other City Travel
Since Dadar is well connected to Eastern and Western Suburbs along with South Mumbai their are many private buses and tours and travel operators for long journey, available in East at 10 minutes walking distance. Private tour and travel operators for cities like Pune, Satara, Ratnagiri, Gujarat starts from here. Checkout Travel Agents at Dadar West and East for reference.

Famous Hotels and Restaurants

Like said before Dadar is also very famous for Maharashtrian food like Batata Vada, Thalipith, Sabudana Vada, Misal Pav, Usal Pav, Puri Bhaji, Piyush (A sweet mango drink) and more. There are many famous eatery joins like Prakash Hotel, Dattataraya Hotel, Aswaad Hotel, Tambe Hotel, and Panshikar for sweets, Surti for Farsan.

One of the best 5 star hotels which has famous open air lounge to enjoy dine and wine with Aerial view of Mumbai called ‘Four Seasons’ is quite near, Located at Worli.

Important Contacts

  • Muncipal Corporation, GN Ward : +91-22-24222621.
  • Fire Station: +91-22-24300178.
  • Police Station: +91-22-24303654

Dadar Location Map

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