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“India’s first expansive park, sprawling across 80 acres and often likened to India’s Disneyland, can be found in close proximity to Mumbai on the Sangdewadi Pali Khopoli road (Off Mumbai Pune Expressway). Adlabs Imagica, which is one of the premier and largest amusement theme parks in our tourism sector, was inaugurated on the 18th of April, 2013. Operated by Adlabs Entertainment Limited, this theme park is segmented into 6 distinct sections, known as Zones and Continents: Jumbo Africa, Asiana, Viva Europa, Arabia, and Americana. It surpasses the size of Yazoo Park at Virar (which is now permanently closed), as well as Della Adventures in Lonavala and Essel World in Borivali, a suburb of Mumbai. For more comprehensive information regarding entry fees, ticket prices, zones and attractions, accommodations, dining options such as restaurants and hotels, park hours, contact information including postal address, and directions, please continue reading…”

Adlabs Imagica Park Map
Adlabs Imagica Park Map

Imagica Park Rides and Attractions

Adlabs Imagica has 6 Zones which are also referred as continents as listed below with total of 25 thrilling and adventurous rides for all age (Kids and Adults). Zone India as 5 rides, Europa Continent has 10, Arabia has 2, Americana has 4 thrills, Asiana has 2 virtual dome rides (Space and Under water) and Africa has Safari kind 2 rides.

India Zone Rides

I For India Ride : Feel like flying all around India and see the most attractive places of country. Yes, this ride takes you India tour with its wide and high 90 feet screen. Complete film shooting took about 3 years with a camera fixed on Helicopter riding around the best part, cultures and attractions of India to be captured and shown at only Adlabs Imagica’s I for India ride. The only requirement to enjoy this thrill is your height which should be minimum 4 feet.

Wrath Of The God : A live theatre experience of those oldest / ancient undiscovered temples with special multimedia effects and soundtracks. This zone takes you to ancient Indian temples detailing lots of things never seen before. Height required 4.58 for adults and 3 feet for children.

Curse Of Salimgarh Dangerous Ride : To get into this India zone and enjoy the ride you need to have height of 4 Feet and Kids height being 2.67 Feet minimum. Its a dangerous heart shaking ride where once you enter the Salimgarh, you will encounter sudden traps, dark rooms and can see princess trapped etc.

The Imagica Capital : Not a ride, These are 2 different restaurant inside Adlabs called ‘Imagica Capital’. With multi-cuisine option like Indian and Italian, these 2 buffet restaurants gives to fun of eating in this newly created amusement park with family friends and kids.

Famous Mr. India Ride : Remember the Happy Mogambo of the Famous Indian Movie ‘Mr. India’ starring Anil Kapoor and Sridevi ? Yes, the thrilling experience my Mr.India team is back. Mr. India is a car ride is a riding adventure which has motion simulation technology which make you feel the up’s and down’s inside the car while watching the live movie. Be a Mr. India and you need to help Seema (Sridevi), Calender and kids fight the evil traps being inside the fun car. Minimum height needed 4.67 Feet.

Viva Europa Zone Rides

Riding Arrmada Tapas Bar : Sail on the wooden deck restaurant which has Spanish ambiance, A perfect leisure section of adlabs imagica to enjoy those cool breeze with your cup of coffee relaxing on wooden bar with scenic watch around imagica. Its an ancient looking ship with those 2 huge flag clothes tied with ropes and you being seating enjoying your leisure time.

Robertos Food Coaster Ride : Yet another food court / restaurant. The speciality being the style of serving cuisine (Indian, Italian Pan Asian and Mexican). Order your meal and check out the food been delivered in that circus style roller coaster fun way. So its like having circus kind fun and enjoying your meal. Roberto’s food is a real coaster which kids will surely enjoy along with family.

Ride at Imagica Village : A colourful and well decorated book store which has wide range of books, especially those liked by kids who will jump in here and their to check their own favourite cartoon character or that bed time store fairy tale character.

Bump it Boats Ride : Ever had bumped you car ride into others ? Yet this is different and the difference being that this time you need to pick you favourite motored raft and sail that car to bump and race because its a water car, A brand new experience Mumbai didn’t had till date. Height limit of 3.67 feet for adults and 3.33 for kids is required.

Ride and Save the Pirate : With the Height required limit of 4 Feet for adults and 3.17 for kids, One needs to rescue you pirate friend by rush your boat to go straight up as fast possible and save. Its a kind of race between other riders, if you reach the top first you are the winner and pirate saver.

Splash Ahoy Ride : If getting yourself wet is an adventure you like, then Splash ahoy is just for you. Select you boat, ride in it and save yourself from getting wet from those opponent pirate boat riders as they have carried with them those water guns which they use to get you completely wet. Not just that, the bystanders do have those guns and can make you wet. Feels like playing holi, ha .. ?. Height limit 4 and 3.17 Feet.

Loch Ness Explorers : Have you experienced a cute monster ? Then Loch ness explorer is the one you will when you are enjoying your boat ride at imagica. It will suddenly appear and make you wet to make your water sail adventurous. This is can say will be one of the wonderful attractions for kids here in adlabs.

Imagica Stores : Children loves to be in their own fantasy and fairytale world, Imagica stores is all about the same. Their are many varieties of colourful story books and merchandise for sale, The love feeling that they felt meeting all those wonderful things inside Imagica park can be all purchased / collected as a lifetime memory and taken home.

Bandits of Robin Hood : Remember that one dare devil robin hood ? Yes the one hero for many kids. If you are a dare devil, this kids and adult ride will challenge you to ride and enjoy the junior roller coaster ride at imagica. Height limits 4.58 for adults and Kids 3.33 feet respectively.

Tubbby Take Off Ride : Not very sure about this ride, Yet its a cute elephant ride is related to some flying, might be a roller coaster, giant wheel or some other fun, If you been their and enjoyed those rides, let me know you experience with your comments and feedback.

Arabia Continent Rides

The Magic Carousel Ride : Feel like in Arab country, those luxurious looking castle, Enjoy the soothing and tickling Arabic music when walking into this castle of Carousel continent of Imagica. The carousel is beautifully decorated with lights on those colourful artefacts. To enjoy the ride their are elephants, horses, camels all with look and feel of rich arabs style. sit and enjoy the circular motion of this ride in open breeze of this Arabia castle.

Alibaba aur Chalis Chor (40 Thieves) : Play a live version of famous alibaba chalis chor video game, yes you get a ride to get inside the city of Gulabad to help Alibaba save his wealth from those 40 thieves hidden inside all around who will gradually pop up and you need to shoot them one by one with the laser gun. A fun game of hunting thieves and collecting points, feeling proud to save ali baba in the dark ride.

Americana Continent Rides

Gold Rush Express : Its a roller coaster ride, Of course a up and down, zigzagging at a speed of 65 Kilometre Per Hour with some of the areas reaching at the height of 66 Feet, Wow that really something high. The beauty of this ride being the look and feel around is of old America, The cowboy world with guns and pistols and much more..

D2 Dare Drop Free Fall Ride : Go opposite gravity and get thrown down suddenly, How it feels ? Yes this ride is all about the tickle feeling in your stomach when you get dropped from this 132 feet high free fall twice. Not just that, the upward move is not that simple slow, you get shot up at a speed of 73 KMPH and down twice. Sure a shout load ride at adlabs.

Scream Machine Pendulum Ride : Oh My God, I Believe this is the first of its kind of thrilling ride. A giant about 100 feet long pendulum with seating capacity of about 20 to 30 people in circular manner, moves just like a pendulum almost touching 180 Degrees. Americana ride are full of thrills for those strong hearted person who loves to adventure such rides.

Dinner at Red Bonet : Feel like you are into those golden era of 1960 inside old America, Enjoy the rock and roll music around you when you dine with family and friends with cuisine like Burger, frosty shakes and other fries. Its a wonder world and a great experience to feel like staying back in this era and enjoy that lifestyle of old America.

Asiana Zone and Rides

Deep Space : A virtual space ride inside a huge dome, The only galaxy world by adlabs imagica which is dark, huge with feel of planets around. The ride which is specially designed works on Linear Synchronous Motor magnetic launch which goes rapidly into those virtual dark sky inside the dome and makes you feel like riding galaxy. Height limit is 4.50 (Adults) and 4.33 Feet for kids.

Prince Of Dark Water : Feel the virtual under water adventure inside the beautiful dome which has a huge 3600 Square Feet screen at 360 Degree dome theatre with 6 high-end projectors tuning dark dome into complete new under water world which is colourful, thrilling and a whole new fantasy. Dark around and when the film starts, experience and feel youself like inside a deep blue sea. Spectacular feeling, somewhat like you watched that 3D movie. You can see Neera the mermaid, Vajraaksh, Panja and Shera a cute pink fish. The beautiful song on neera is performed by Shillong Chamber Choir and a beautiful underwater love story.

Jumbo Africa Rides

Rajasaurus River Adventure : A water ride that challenges you to save yourself from the terror attack of Rajasaurus who can get into you way as he needs lunch and hungry. Try to not be a victim and fall prey, Skip his catch and try to reach the destination.

Mambo Chai Chama Crazy Tea Cups : Enjoy a tea party, But not in real. Its a tea cup ride that can make kids crazy by its moves. If you are a dare devil, adventurous rider, then adjust the cup speed and the max limits you can to have more fun.

Park Timings

Since the park recently started, their are some adjustment and final takes when it comes to timings, For now till April End, Park will be open for public between Morning 10 till Night 8Pm, 7:30 Pm being deadline for Rides operations. Similarly after that, till 15th June 2013 the timings will be Morning 11 till Night 9 Pm, 8 Pm being the cutoff time for rides and other attractions.

Note : Request all to refer their official website for further timings if got little late updating it here.

Ticket Booking and Prices

Note : Prices, Offers, Rides and everything else may change from time to time.

Online ticket Booking is available at their website. Approximate ticket cost for Adult is Rs.1200 (Weekdays) and Rs.1500 (Weekends & Holidays), For Children / Kids its is Rs.900 (Weekdays) and Rs.1200(Weekends and Holidays). Charges for Imagica Express are 2200 (for Adults) and Rs.1900 (Children). Family / Group Booking ( 2 Children + 2 Adults) prices are Rs.4200 (Weekdays) and Rs.6000 (Weekends and Public Holidays). Charges may have changed for current year.

Office Address Contacts

  • Booking and Enquiries Contact Number : 91-22-42130405.
  • Postal Address : 30/31, Sangdewadi, Pali Khopoli Road, Off Mumbai Pune Express Way, Khalapur Taluka , District Raigad, Khopoli, Maharashtra 410206, India.
  • Landmark : Mumbai Pune Express Highway.

Reaching Adlabs Imagica Park

  • Road Distance From Mumbai : 72.9 km.
  • Time Taken : 1 Hour 12 Minutes Approximate.
  • Driving Directions : Starting from Mumbai, Head toward Lal Bahadur Shastri Road (14 Minutes), Take the 1st left to Lal Bahadur Shastri Road Pass by Namdev Silicates And Chemicals Pvt Ltd (3.7 Km), Turn left toward Eastern Express Highway (550 meters), Continue straight on Eastern Express Highway for next 1.5 km then, Slight left onto Sumannagar Bridge Pass by KING’S CHEMBUR (on the left in 400 m), Continue onto V N Purav Marg Pass by Petrol Pump (on the left in 1.7 km), Then at the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Yaswanth Rao Chavan Marg Partial toll road Pass by State Bank of India (on the left) at 5.9 km, Then Continue onto Vashi Bridge Toll road Pass by A V Electronics (on the right in 800 meters) at 1.8 km, Continue onto Sion-Panvel Express Highway Partial toll road Pass by Sterling Wockhardt Hospital at 10.1 km, Keep left to continue on Belapur Flyover at 850 meters, Merge onto Sion Panvel Express Highway and Pass by HP petrol pump (on the left in 5.1 km), Continue onto Mumbai Pune Expressway Partial toll road (33.4 km), Take the exit Toll road at 500 meter, Turn right toward Khopoli Pali Road (SH 92) at 550 m, Take the 1st left on towards Khopoli Pali Road and Pass by Mayuri Hotel. You are are Adlabs Imagica now.

Rules and Parking Facilities

  1. Outside food is not allowed (Infants and Expecting Mothers are Exceptions).
  2. Park is open during monsoon seasons also.
  3. Restaurants : Food facilities are available at 5 restaurants with multi-cuisines. Restaurants being Red Bonet American
  4. Diner, Imagica Capital, ZEZE bar and Grill, Roberto’s Food Coaster, Arrmada tapas bar.
  5. Locker facilities are available, We currently don’t have information about locker charges.
  6. Pets are strictly not allowed at this theme park.
  7. Changing rooms and rest rooms are available inside.
  8. First aid and Medical assistance are available at all operation hours.
  9. Special arrangements with leading mobile network service providers done so not problem for connectivity or networ range etc.
  10. Internet and WiFi services are available.
  11. Jewelery and other valuables to be carried on your own risk as limited lockers and highly NOT recommended to carry by park authorities.
  12. Taking pictures and Videos are allowed, Although professional camera’s with detachable lenses etc are not allowed.
  13. Weather conditions of park are according to seasons as like in Mumbai city.
  14. No refund of already sold tickets possible.
  15. Paid Bottled Drinking Water available.
  16. HDFC ATM and ICICI Bank ATM are available for cash withdrawal.
  17. Stroller and Wheel Chair facilities are available on rental basis.

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