Lokhandwala Market Residential Complex Andheri West – Mumbai Suburb

Andheri’s Charm, Lokhandwala complex is and has always been a name when it comes to elite shopping and residency. Always in demand for its real estate and rental home by Bollywood and Television celebrities, It has been one best place to spot a Actor, Director, Producer at residential or busy Lokhandwala Market lane. Let us know more about its History, Current up market residency & the famous market and more..”

Lokhandwala Market Morning
Lokhandwala Market Morning

Andheri Lokhandwala Complex History

This location was once a widespread open plot marshland, then known as Oshiwara. Just 3 decades before this Hotspot residency & Market area today in Mumbai suburb hardly had any major township or such huge complexes. Trust me, Getting an auto was very tough initially and BEST bus frequency were very low.

If at all some auto got ready for the very new and not so developed Lokhandwala complex then, they would not go beyond the circle entry or the famous land mark locations like ‘High Point’ restaurant. Shared auto charges then were just Rs.2 from 4 bungalows, which was then the better known location compared to Lokhandwala.

The complex came into existence when Siraj Lokhandwala thought to develop this marshland. Once the complex was ready with the market lane, It has become a famous shopping destination for classy and fashionable clothings not just for Bollywood celebrites, But also for other citizens of Mumbai too.

Lokhandwala Market and Other Attractions

Lokhandwala Diwali Lights
Lokhandwala Diwali Lights

Lokhandwala Market is the prime attraction of this bustling residential complex. It is a beautiful lane with many commercial shops throughout. Every shop has some classy variety of Clothing, Accessories, Shoes and stuff related to fashion and glamour. Major brands can be found in this location.

Chat corners and other eateries are specially visited by many while shopping or just when around as it is fun to be around the market just to feel and enjoy the energy and excitement of shoppers.

The skylines and the luxurious apartments are other attraction of this complex. Spotting a television or Bollywood actor shopping here is very common. The residency is costly and so are the rents. But many struggler share rentals and apartments here in Lokhandwala complex and locations around like Oshiwara, Versova, Four Bungalows etc.

Some attractions around this Posh location are Versova beach, Juhu beach, Iskcon temple to spend some leisure time.

Lokhandwala Near Location
Lokhandwala Near Location

All luxury are at door steps here inside or very near to this complex, be it a shopping mall, food joints, pubs and nightclubs, fitness clubs gyms and joggers park etc. Infinity mall and Mega mall are 2 nearest shopping malls for branded shopping. Famous restaurant brands like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Monsoon the Chaat Corner, Domino’s, Cafe Indigo, BreadKraft, Barista, Cafe Coffee Day, Natural Ice Cream and many are available for a great meal experience.

How to reach Lokhandwala

  1. From Andheri Station : Approximate 5 to 6 km and best options to reach this market area is Auto and also Best bus. Both available at good frequency from Andheri station West.
  2. From Andheri Airport : Approximate road distance is 10 km. Cool Cabs, Taxi, Auto are best options.

Lokhandwala Market During Diwali

As everyone known, Diwali is the festival of light and who will not love if this huge Lokhandwala market road is decorated with colourful lights. Just walk around the lanes or take a bus or auto ride and you will love this place.

Shop owners and businesses get together to en-light ths market for all 7 days of Diwali. Before one or two days of Diwali Ekadashi the decoration is done and stay till Bhau Beej, So this is another reason to visit Lokhandwala market during Diwali.

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